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Flying with Emirates Airlines will always be a pleasure no matter how many times you travel to the Emirates. However, getting a confirmed emirates airline booking done can be quite tough if you are not too familiar with the process. Hence to help you in this matter, Emirates Visa Online brings you the information on how you can have your Emirates airlines online booking done without having to wait for too long and without having to spend much. This means you can get a chance to have your travel booked with cheap flights and that too right on your travel schedule. 


  • Emirates visa and passport requirements 
  • Travel insurance importance 
  • Emirates Airlines booking 
  • Emirates Airline Flight Status
  • Baggage restrictions for Emirates Airlines 
  • FAQs

Emirates visa and passport requirements: 

Even before starting with the airline booking, the first thing that one must know about is the confirmation of an Emirates visa and passport validity. While there are varied options when it comes to the application of an Emirates visa, one can choose the visa that will be the right match for the trip type. Due to different travel purposes, there are the availability of various visa types as well. Having a visa booked beforehand is of utmost importance as there will be checking before and after you enter the flight and even after you reach your destination. There will also be checking for the passport validity, as a passport without a validity period will not be accepted. Hence this will also affect your travel. So, it is important to make sure your passport is of more than 6 months’ validity and the visa applied for is also valid within the travel period. 

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Travel insurance importance: 

While traveling to a foreign country is fine, having a travel insurance is also of big importance. Most of the companies make sure you have the travel insurance compulsorily applied without which a visa or flight ticket won’t be issued. With different plans being made available depending on the travel plans, one can easily choose a travel insurance that best fits the travel to the Emirates. Emirates Visa Online will also help you in this matter without having to search through various places. 

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Emirates Airlines booking: 

As far as the airline booking is considered, one is supposed to apply for the flight tickets at least before 70 days of your planned travel. However, as there is a change every day in the flight charges it will always be best to take a look at the ranges and then apply when the time is right. You can also have the help given by Emirates Online for better and efficient flight ticket bookings. Moreover, you will not be needed to submit a lot of documents and at a low service charge, one can easily get a confirmed flight ticket. 

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Emirates Airline Flight Status: 

One of the additional facilities that you get is that once you book your flight tickets from the Emirates Online site, you will be able to keep a tab on your Emirates airline flight status without having to call or message anyone. This tracking can be done anywhere and at any time and hence it is quite easy to handle rather than other tracking procedures, where you need to give your application ID, your passport number, and your flight number for which you have applied the flight ticket for. 

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Baggage restrictions for Emirates Airlines: 

There are baggage restrictions being imposed by Emirates Airlines for its passengers which is ought to be known by anyone who will be traveling via Emirates Airlines. The following is the allowed baggage one can carry based on the classes: 

  • Economy class allowance: a single person can carry up to 23 kg single piece of luggage. However one can also apply for special baggage services by paying the prices to get an additional baggage option. 
  • Business Class allowance: a single person can carry up to two pieces with 32 kg each.
  • First-class allowance: here also one can carry two-piece baggage with 32 kg each. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Depends on how early you are booking the flight tickets. If you are applying for the flight tickets at least about 70 days before the flight schedule then you can easily get some of the good offers on Emirates flights as well. 

The Emirates visa booking cannot proceed until and unless you produce a valid Emirates flight booking which has been confirmed. Once you get the confirmed ticket you can apply for the visa. 

Yes, one can use real-time fee payment for online booking of any flights which will only be allowed till about 2 hours before the flight departs. 

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