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i have applied for abu dhabi visa is this visa valued to visit all 7 emirates

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I have applied for Abu Dhabi visa, is this visa valued to visit all 7 Emirates? Applying for a visa to one of the Emirates and having a doubt whether you can travel to the other Emirates with the same visa is quite a common doubt but don’t worry as you will soon have your answer in your hand with the help of Emirates Visa Online services that will help you not only to get an answer but will also help you under the visa type and how you will be eligible to use a visa. 


  1. Abu Dhabi visa
  2. Validity of the visa applied
  3. Travelling from one emirate to another
  4. Process of renewal of the visa
  5. FAQs

Abu Dhabi visa

An Abu Dhabi visa is like any other Emirates visa that you apply for. So basically all that you apply as an Emirates visa can also be claimed as the Emirates or any other state inside Emirates visa. So no matter where you take your visa to travel to or which emirate you apply for your visa from, this visa will let you travel to all of the seven Emirates with just one of the visa being applied for. 

Validity of the visa applied

While the visa that you applied for can take you to all the seven Emirates, the visa will have validity after which you will have to apply for either a new one or you will have to get it renewed. If both are not possible then all you can do is exit the country. This visa can be valid only if the passport that you hold is valid as well. 

Travelling from one emirate to another

While a lot of people think that there is a lot of processes that are involved in getting from one emirate to another, the truth is that as long as you have all the valid documents you need not worry about the visa while travelling. All you will have to do if you are a foreign traveller is that you need to show all the valid documents that the officers ask for and also make sure that you pay the toll fees without which you cannot cross the emirate. The documents that you need to show to the officers while you cross the border of Emirates can be given as follows:

  • A valid passport that will have a validity of six months after you have entered the Emirates
  • A visa that has been either stamped on your passport or a visa that you have a hard copy of. This visa should be inside the validity dates as mentioned. 

These two documents should be shown necessarily and you must also show any other documents that they ask for. 

Process of renewal of the visa

You will have to renew your visa if you plan on staying for a long time even after the visa has expired. This can be done by either reaching out to the nearest centre where a visa is being processed or you can also apply for one through Emiratesvisaonline where you can get 30 days worth of extension being made available. 


Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can not use the three-month valid passport for a UAE visa application. For a UAE visa, the applicant's passport must have validity for the next 6 months.

You can stay in Abu Dhabi according to the validity of your UAE visa. You can get 14 days valid Abu Dhabi visa, 30 days Abu Dhabi visa, and 90 days Abu Dhabi visa.

You will get your Abu Dhabi visa in 3-4 days. Tourists will receive it online via email ID given by them in the application. The processing fee is 26.0 USD which must be paid while submitting an online visa application for Abu Dhabi.

All foreign nationals visiting Abu Dhabi for tourism, business, or visit purposes need an Abu Dhabi visa. The only exemption is provided to the countries that are citizens of GCC nations. Follow all the steps for an Abu Dhabi visa and submit the online visa application.


If you are looking for proper security then you can visit Emirates visa online. Applicants can get a UAE visa permit for multiple entries and single entry on Emirates Visa Online.

If you are not eligible for a visa on arrival for UAE. Then it is best to obtain a UAE visa before entering the country. The most convenient and fast way to get a UAE visa is through an online process. In the online process, applicants do not need to visit anywhere or get sponsored by someone.

Yes, you can travel from Dubai international airport to Abu Dhabi with a valid visa and passport. Make sure that you follow entry rules and complete the process of visa application for UAE before arriving at the airport.

The UAE visa issued for 30 days will be valid for every Emirates in the United Arab Emirates. You can stay or any tourist place inside the United Arab Emirates.

Yes, you can enter Dubai with an Abu Dhabi visa. The visa issued for Dubai is the UAE visa. Abu Dhabi and Dubai both are Emirates located inside the country. Therefore you can enter both the Emirates with an Abu Dhabi visa.

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