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How to Check Emirates ID Fines in UAE In 2024?

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For an individual, for example, because of criminal crimes, unpaid loans, violation of immigration law, or family affairs, the UAE travel ban may be enforced. The financial implications of such a ban can be drastic and terrifying for the individual in question. This article aims to give readers a clear insight into the UAE travel ban, the grounds and procedures for imposing and deleting travel ban, how they can check whether the traveler is prohibited, and other related matters. We have also given information about How to Check Emirates ID Fines.

Travel Ban

The prohibition on travel to or from the UAE is a prohibition of entering the UAE or a prohibition of leaving the country before conditions are met, i.e., the reason(s) for which the prohibition ceases. Travel prohibition presupposes that the UAE officials order all border crossings of the State to prevent the person from entering the country or leaving it.

Travel Ban Vs. Labor Ban

The UAE prohibition of labor is another form of ban, often confused with travel prohibition. Both kinds are different; there are no travel restrictions in relation to the UAE labor prohibition. It relates only in compliance with the UAE Labor Law and the applicable decrees issued by the ministry of labor relations regulated by the Ministry for Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE, formerly - Ministerial für Arbeit).

Whether for six months, a year, or permanent, the individual with a labor ban is still allowed to enter the UAE but is barred from getting a labor permit from MOHRE until the time for the prohibition on labor expires. For example, such an individual may come as a visitor, student, investor, or family member to the country. An employee who does not need a labor permit from the MOHRE can also get work in the UAE and work for a free zone business or government agency.

However, those who have a travel ban (migrant) cannot enter the UAE for work, tourism, or any other purpose for any purpose.

Travel Ban Vs. Arrest Warrant

People are often puzzled by an arrest warrant and its reference to a United Arab Emirates travel ban.

An order given by the competent authority to hold the UAE arrest warrant is:

  • Persons convicted by article 45-46 of the UAE Criminal Procedures Act of committing criminal offenses;
  • Debtors who have refrained from performing a final judgment under the UAE Civil Procedures Code articles 324-328.

In case of criminal offenses, where there is ample proof of his/her involvement in crimes, a public prosecutor shall order an arrest warrant against the accused person present at the scene of the incident. If an arrest warrant has been released against the suspect who has not been present on the crime scene by the member of the public prosecution, then the order should be enforced by one of the authorities.

In the case of civil procedure, on request of the party to whom the decision has been given, a detention order can be issued by the execution judge so that the debtor refrains from paying and debt is not inferior to AED ten thousand (unless it is a fine, prescribed alimony or a work remuneration).

There is also a different purpose of the arrest warrant to that of the travel ban. The latter aims to prevent a person from entering or leaving the country solely for the sake of protecting the public or private interests, in other words, to impress or execute the civil court judgment on a criminal investigation or execution.

Imposing a travel restriction does not simply mean that the ban is kept and imprisoned. There is no arrest warrant if the ground for prohibiting travel does not commit a crime; thus, it is only forbidden for the banned person to cross the UAE border without his arrest.

If a person is suspected but is not arrested until a warrant is released as part of the criminal investigation proceedings, they are auto-banned from journeying.

In short, a warrant is an instant travel ban, but not the other way round.

Check Travel Ban

In the UAE, the whole of travel ban checking services are not supported by official online portals or websites. However, Dubai Police recently launched an online free service to check whether you are barred from traveling due to financial cases reported at the Emirates of Dubai police stations. Although such an initiative represents an important move forward, the service has some strict constraints (see How to check financial police cases in Dubai below).

If you are not sure if you can apply a travel ban for a bounced cheque in Dubai, the status of the prohibition must be thoroughly reviewed by the Police department through a personal visit. You may search your name for a travel ban on any UAE police station in person; if you have an arrest warrant; however, there is a chance that you will be detained on your visit to the police station.

The best way to verify a travel ban by an attorney is thus. To do this, you must provide your lawyer with the relevant authorization and a copy of your passport. Furthermore, it is usually the only way for an Attorney to search if you are currently outside the UAE.

How to Check Emirates ID Fines

To verify if you are in breach of your Emirates ID, Download the Abu Dhabi Police Smart application. The App gives details about violations of your Emirates ID.

It can be used even if you are not a resident of Abu Dhabi and have a visa from some other UAE emirate.

Steps to Use App

  • 1.The Abu Dhabi Police App can be downloaded.
  • Use your Emirates ID to register with the App. On the registered mobile number, you will receive an OTP.
  • Pick the right inquiry and 'Emirates ID survey (Personal Fines)'
  • Enter the ID of the Emirates.
  • The App will then notify you if the fines for COVID-19 or others are applicable.

So this is all the information regarding How to Check Violation/Fine on Emirates ID that you need to know about.

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