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Dubai Transit Visa Through Emirates In 2024: How Long Will Take To Get Visa?

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Have you applied for your Emirates visa already? How long will it take to get Emirates Transit visa through Emirates Airlines? Is this what you have been wanting to know about? Then all you need to do is know about the status of your Emirates transit visa and it will solve all your worries! If you still don?t know what to do, then you still need not worry as you have Emiratesvisaonline to explain everything and will definitely help you out as well. You will not only get to know about the status and how long it will take for your visa but you will also get to know when is the possible time you can travel to the Emirates by!


  • Checking visa status of Emirates transit visa
  • Requirements for tracking the Emirates transit visa status
  • Stages of visa approval shown as a status
  • FAQs

Checking visa status of Emirates Transit visa:

Getting to know about the visa status of the Emirates transit visa you had previously applied for is not that hard and you can do is with just some of the steps being followed! This being such a simple process has left a lot of people to check the visa status almost daily and you can do this as well. The process to check your visa status for Emirates transit visa that you had previously applied for can be given as follows:

  • Initially, you need to log in to Emiratesvisaonline
  • You will then be able to find the track visa options listed. Press on the tab and then you will be led to the next page.
  • Here on a new page, you will be able to get two boxes where you need to enter details about your Emirates transit visa application number and the passport number you used to apply for that particular visa.
  • Once you enter the details you will be able to get detailed information about your Emirates transit visa. Interpret this and then you will get an estimated date by which the visa will be issued.

Through just following these steps you can get information about your Emirates transit visa status.

Requirements for tracking the Emirates Transit visa status:

If you have been wondering what all do you require in order to get to know about the visa status then there are only two things you need to get to know about it. The two requirements you need to check your Emirates transit visa status can be given as follows:

  • Emirates transit visa application number of the one that you have applied.
  • Passport number of the passport you used in order to apply for an Emirates transit visa.

With just these two requirements you will be eligible for checking the visa status. The application number of you have no idea where o get it from, it can be acquired from the mail through which you had received a confirmation mail about your visa application.

Stages of Emirates visa approval shown as status:

There will be in a total of four stages among which one will be shown as the status. The four stages can be given as follows:

  • Visa application received
  • Verifying documents
  • Visa application approved
  • Visa application denied

Once you get one among the four you will be able o interpret the stage at which your Emirates transit visa has reached.


Frequently Asked Questions

The 48-hour transit visa fee for UAE is USD 70. The transit visa fee with 96 hours validity for the United Arab Emirates is USD 120.

The extension of the UAE transit visa is not possible and is not permitted. If your next flight is delayed due to some circumstances it is best to consult the immigration officer.

Yes, the confirmed final flight tickets for the next destination must be presented if you are transiting through Dubai. Also carry a valid passport, valid UAE transit visa, hotel reservation, and COVID 19 vaccination and test document.

An applicant who has applied for an e-transit visa through Emirates airlines will get a valid visa via email ID. 

Some countries are exempted from visiting UAE temporarily due to the omicron variant. Passengers traveling to Dubai with UAE transit visas will require to submit an RT PCR test report depending on their nationality. The COVID 19 vaccination certificate is also required for UAE transit visa holders.

The processing time of 96 hours transit visa for the UAE is 3 to 4 days. The processing fee of 96 hours transit visa for the UAE is 26.0 USD.

Foreign nationals having another flight from Dubai international airport can apply for a UAE transit visa. You should apply for a transit visa well in advance to enter Dubai. The time Dubai transit visa for 48 hours visa will take is within 5-7 working days.

You need to log in Emirates airlines website. Click on the manage an existing booking option. After that visitors need to click on the link "apply for my UAE visa". The visitor will be directed to the VFS page where they have to give the application ID number. The status of the transit visa for the UAE will be provided to the visitor.

Yes, you can apply for a UAE transit visa through other online services. But you should send applications only to the trustworthy visa website.

Visitors have two options for a Dubai transit visa. The shorter validity transit visa for 48 hours to transit through Dubai. Or visitors can get 96 hours long Dubai transit visa. You should select the option which matches the duration of the stay in Dubai and the next flight time to another destination.

It is recommended that you should check the status of the UAE transit visa for a fast process. Register and log in to Emirates visa online and then click on the track visa option. The next step is to write the application ID number of the transit visa and your passport ID number.

Emirates airlines are the best and popular airline in UAE and other countries too. The time your Dubai transit visa will take can be known by checking the status. Or the other option you have is to contact Emirates airlines for information regarding transit visas. Checking the status means finding the approval or rejection status of a UAE visa or transit visa online.

Yes, foreign nationals transiting through other final destinations from Dubai can obtain transit visas through Emirates airlines. For easy application, it is recommended to apply for a Dubai transit visa from Emirates visa online. The stay can be 48 hours or 96 hours in Dubai according to the transit visa type.

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