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the list of top highest salary jobs in emirates

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If you are looking for jobs in Emirates and Dubai in 2020 and also concerned about the salary then there are some popular jobs you can apply for along with some information on how to apply for a visa through Emirates Visa Online. Well, you can also opt for Govt. jobs in Emirates to have a secure life ahead. Apart from public sector you free to opt private sector jobs and here’s a list of top highest salary jobs in Emirates and also the reason why you should choose them. Each job has defined qualification standard for different position at different organization.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

CEO is the person in a company who takes all the important decision in favor of the organization. She/he is responsible for everything that occurs in an organization. No company or organization can run without a CEO and that’s why this position is mostly filled in every MNC’s in UAE. A CEO should be optimistic in business and certain about the future of the company.

Educational Qualification:

Should have a Graduate and Undergraduate Degree, and must possess strong background in finance and leadership.

Salary: 40,000 – 100,000 AED monthly

You can also check Top Companies:

  • Pangolin Group      
  • Frank Porter        
  • Oriental Pearls  

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Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Most of us must got confused once between CEO and CMO but they both are entirely different from one another. A CMO is responsible for marketing and branding of an organization. They usually focus on the strategies to improve the branding of products. Since every organization manufactured thousands od products and to manage the branding of these products, they need a CMO. This is actually considered to be one of the highest paid jobs in the world 2020.

Educational Qualification:

Should have a degree in marketing, sales or any similar of that. Must have strategic thinking, creative planning, strong interpersonal skills and so on. 

Salary: 70,000 to 85,000 AED monthly.

You can also check Top Companies:

  • Allianz International Holdings   
  • Bright Fortune FMS

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IT Managers

IT Managers basically manages the projects. Each and every project goes through 6 stages of Software Development Life Cycle starting from requirement gathering/analysis, designing, coding, testing, maintenance to the final deployment of project. They also collab with other organization. It is considered as the highest salary paid jobs in UAE due to huge IT (Information Technologies) Companies. The future scope of IT is so high now-a -days, more employment is going to be open in this area. 

Educational Qualifications: 

    - Minimum qualification is Graduation with 3 or 4-years degree. 

    - To get paid high, experience more than 5 years is must. 

    -  Should possess leadership skills.

Salary: Initial starting salary is 50,000 – 80,000 monthly and will increase with the experience. Salary can rise up to 195,000 monthlies.

Top IT Companies:

  • Cyber Infrastructure – We make IT possible
  • Red Spider – Web and Art Design
  • Careem – Let’s Go
  • FreeBites – Graphics Resources for Dubai Ad Agencies 

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Actuaries study the statistics and analyze the risk of the firm. Their work is to research and lower the risk in order to increase the outcome of the organization. Insurance companies in UAE requires actuaries for their firm for risk evaluation and hence highest paid employee in UAE is mostly found in these fields.

Educational Qualifications: 

  • To be an actuary requires to clear series of professional examination, and it takes 7 years to work as an actuary.

Salary: 30,000 - 80,000 monthly

Top Companies:

  • Miliman
  • Mercer                                  
  • AIG 

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Not only UAE but almost every country needs lawyers to help them out of difficult situations. Now in the world where there is no limit of crime whether it is cyber-crime or a real crime, we all need more and more lawyers to manage matters. An organization needs a Lawyer to protect them from fraud or any illegal contracts. Lawyers are beneficial for an individual as well. In upcoming time, it will be the highest paid jobs in every country into UAE.

Apart from that they also specialize in copyright law and others law too. 

Educational Qualification: 

  • The candidate should have at least a law degree with legal qualification. 

Salary: 70,000 – 110,000 AED monthly.

Top Law Firms:

  • Al Balooshi Law Firm             
  • Revin legal Translation            
  • Dubai Copyright Office 

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Just like Lawyers every country also need doctors. This is the most required jobs with the varied salary for different specialists. As the work of a doctor is not so easy but they are like god to people because they cure their patients from almost every problem. In UAE, not all doctors get the highest salary paying companies in Dubai and same salary, the salary of the doctors depends upon the area of specialization of each one of them. Like Neurologists, Surgeons, Cardiologists and Psychiatrists get highest paying jobs in Dubai for freshers.

Educational Qualifications: 

  • Must have a medical Degree and must complete the registration and licensing process from respective state council of health. 
  • For specialists, they should have degree as per their specialization. 

Salary: Average salary is 70,000 AED monthly and can increase up to 190,000 AED monthly.

Top Hospital and Firms:

  • Novomed Centers                             
  • Clinic for health and Medical care                     
  • German Neuroscience Center
  • American Spine Center

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Every country provides airport services. Aviation is becoming a vast and fast-growing field. And pilots are the most important part of aviation. You can opt your career as pilot in UAE, Dubai.

Educational Qualifications:

  • Series of exams and trainings, along with the license is must.
  • To be a commercial pilot, candidate requires a license which meta the standards of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
  • On the top of that one has to appear for different written and oral exams and the medical test to be fit in the aviation.

Salary: 30,000 to 45,000 AED monthly

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So, these are a few of the jobs that are considered as highest salary jobs in Emirates, Dubai in 2020. If you possess the matching qualifications then you can choose the best one according for yourself.

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