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Food of UAE: 12 Mouth-Watering Emirati Dishes To Try in 2023

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Healthy and delicious recipes are essential for a healthy lifestyle. When living in the UAE, it is important to incorporate a healthy and delicious diet into your daily routine. In this article, we will provide you with some delicious and healthy recipes that you can try in the UAE.

Despite the risks involved with diving in order to score pearls, divers have been diving as deep as 40 meters since ancient times.

With the advent of global oil and industry, pearling became less and less profitable, but many customs from Dubai's unique culture remain as markers of its heritage. Since then, Dubai has transformed into a business hub with a burgeoning tourism industry. With a rich history that shows through food, architecture, and customs, Dubai's eateries still taste like the iconic place they were in the past.

Dubai is a travelling hotspot with its food selection. There are many things you must experience when you travel to Dubai, but those of us not able to go there don't have that option. This is a list of seven dishes that people will recommend for Dubai to try and experience because these are some of the most famous foods in Dubai!



Stuffed CamelThe "Stuffed Camel" is the world's largest food you can eat, and it is named in the Guinness World Book. It is also considered to be a luxury and celebratory food in Dubai, where it is cooked over an open flame. Cooked inside a camel, it can have chicken, eggs, fish, sheep or other ingredients stuffed inside.

It is considered an extravagant, traditional dish in Dubai, eaten only when there is a special occasion such as Ramadan, Eid, or other culturally important events. If you want to taste some stuffed camels during your trip, set aside time accordingly.

1. Shawarma

Shawarma's popularity in the Middle East has meant that it can now be found in other cuisines. Shawarma originates from the Arab region but is served in many ways, including as sandwiches and fritters. It can be incorporated with various ingredients like vegetables, fries, tomatoes, and pickles.

The world has a lot to offer, and eating in Dubai is a great way to get a taste of different foods. Dubai is known for its shawarmas.

2. Al Harees

With ingredients that are remarkably simple, a lump of eel and wheat is mixed with salt until the result makes for an easy-to-digest meal. 

The mixture is then baked slowly for several hours, creating a rich and delicious dish in the land of decadent spices.


3. Mehalabiya

This pudding tastes like a refreshing oasis with rosewater and delicate pistachios in every bite while being sugar-free and easy to make at home.

4. Ghuzi

Ghuzi is a popular dish that is made from a whole lamb or mutton and is served with vegetables and hazelnuts on a bed of rice. Traditionally, Ghuzi was an entirely lightly cooked meal in itself, but now it's also the official national dish of the United Arab Emirates. You can't visit Dubai without trying this dish.

5. Match bonus 

Matchbous is a stew made with dried limes and salt, spiced up with cinnamon, clove, and cardamom. With unique flavours like sharp and spicy, match bonus has an enticing depth of flavour that will have you salivating after just one taste.

6. Esh Hasarya

One of the most popular desserts from all over Dubai, Esh Hasarya is a bakery item with a creamy and rich taste. Its texture resembles cheesecake, which is why it's so sweet.

Dubai is a foodie's paradise, and these tours offer you the opportunity to try some of the city's best dishes. If you want to get an insider experience of dining in Dubai, check out these top food tours in Dubai.

Few places in the world have a flavour as distinct from other cities as Dubai. Dubai promises an unforgettable experience and taste for those who want to travel there next. From camel to rosewater, Dubai offers a taste unlike any other city.


There are many healthy and delicious recipes to try in the UAE

1. Grilled Chicken With Garlic Rice 

This dish is simple and easy to make, and it tastes great. You can grill your chicken or use a pre-made garlic rice package. The combination of grilled chicken and garlic rice makes for a very flavourful and healthy meal.

2. Quinoa Tabouli Bowl

This dish is also easy to make, but it looks very impressive. In this bowl, quinoa is mixed with bulgur wheat, tomatoes, green onions, and mint yoghurt dressing. It's a healthy snack.

3. Healthy Falafel Bowl

Falafel is a classic Middle Eastern food that can be made in many different ways. In this bowl, falafel is mixed with roasted vegetables, tahini sauce, hummus, and pita bread. It's simple and healthy but very delicious and filling.


4. Kale And Quinoa Salad 

Kale is a very nutritious vegetable that works well in a variety of dishes. In this bowl, kale is mixed with sautéed tofu and quinoa. Kalenite makes this dish easy to make at home, but you can also buy it ready-made in the store.

5. Healthy Chickpea Curry

Curry has been enjoyed for thousands of years across all cultures, so it's not surprising that there are many different types of curry recipes out there. In this recipe, chickpeas are cooked with coconut milk and veggies in a spicy curry sauce with raisins, jalapeños, and cilantro.

6. Garlic-Infused Roasted Cauliflower

Cauliflower is one of the most versatile vegetables, and it can be used in a variety of dishes. In this recipe, cauliflower is roasted with garlic and a mixture of spices to create a dish that tastes great on its own or as part of a larger meal.

7. Butternut Squash Quinoa Bake

This quinoa bake contains plenty of healthy ingredients and tastes delicious too! It's made with black beans, butternut squash, pumpkin seeds and quinoa cooked in coconut milk, cinnamon, onion and cloves.

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If you're looking for some delicious and nutritious recipes to try in the UAE, this list is perfect for you! From main course recipes to snacks, there's something for everyone. Plus, all of these recipes are dairy-free, gluten-free, and Paleo-friendly, so they're good for those with dietary restrictions too.

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