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Global Village Dubai - All You Need to Know Before You Go

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Global Village Dubai is one of the most visited places in Dubai that one should definitely visit in Dubai. In this article, we present you with the Guide to Global Village Dubai. So read and find out all details about this amazing place. Emirates Visa Online will help you to get the Emirates Visa and reach the destination without any hassle.

New Rules to Visit Global Village Dubai 

  • During their stay, both visitors and children must wear masks.
  • Before entering the venue, you will need to undergo thermal scanning.
  • There are more than 600 hand sanitary stations for visitors to use.
  • Social distance in the venue must always be preserved.
  • Carnival activities and games are reduced in capacity and sanitary after each trip
  • Prime Hospital Clinic with specialized staff will be included in the location
  • If the venue reaches its regular potential, guests will be informed via social media and mobile app

It's exactly how the Global Village looks. Global Village brings the whole world together, as no other event can, in an absolutely lavish event with food, attractions, shopping streets, and much more. Global Village attracts over 5 million visitors per annum, which is described as being the largest travel, leisure, shopping, and entertainment project in the world. It has 27 pavilions that represent more than 75 countries with various cultures. This particular great thing is Global Village Dubai.

This global phenomenon opens up on 25 October 2020 for its Silver Jubilee and is open until 18 April 2021. And now is the ideal moment for getting your Global Village Dubai tickets; if you are planning a visit to Dubai, trust us if we say so. Tickets will quickly sell!

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Global Village Dubai 2020-21

Global Village started out in a small site along Dubai Creek in 1996. Back then as well, the concept behind the festival was to highlight what the world has to offer. The site had small kiosks that represented various countries, as it was only the beginning. And without fanfare, during its first year, the event attracted more than 500000 visitors! Global Village Dubai hasn't been stopped since that time. In 2004, the event attracted more than 5.20 million visitors and 38 participating countries!

The 25th anniversary of Global Village Dubai! It is expected to be between 25 October 2020 and 18 April 2021 for 2020-21. With brand-new pavilions, numerous new shops and more surprises, the festival will be more and better than ever! Global Village is offering visitors some 40000 events and entertainment opportunities this year. The 'Dubai Assured Stamp' was also awarded, highlighting their dedication to stringent public security standards and initiatives in the region.

Pavilions of Global Village Dubai 


The MENA pavilion as a whole is the warming image of culture and, most important, of the people of the region with pavilions from the Middle East and North Africa region. The pavilion consists of the following areas:

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2. Far East

The Far East Pavilion offers Japan, South Korean, Indonesia, and the Philippines goods and attractions. This year the pavilion will host an entirely new cultural area where you can participate and learn about the different cultures of the Far East.

3. Europe

Ready for the wonders awaiting you in Europe's charming continent? The Europe Pavilion helps you to collect all of your clothing, perfumes, and memorable European themes!

4. Africa

The pavilion in Africa covers over 15 countries: Rwanda, Madagascar, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Senegal, Ghana, Ethiopia, Mauritania, Angola, Zimbabwe, Sudan, and Nigeria. The majority of these countries show their authentic goods and the architecture, wealth, and customs of their respective countries.

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5. The Americas

The pavilion in North, Central, and South America offers a wide variety of interesting items. The pavilion enables the 48 countries in North and South America to test their way of life and taste.

6. South Asia

Southern Asia's pavilion is the first time in the Global Village that brings views, history, gastronomy, and products from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal. The following are the returns from previous years:


Things that You Buy At Global Village Dubai

While at Global Village Dubai, you can buy thousands of unique and exotic items; some are rare and easily missed, given the scale of the case. Here's a handy list of items to purchase from Global Village Dubai definitely:

  • Argan Oil from Morocco
  • Spices from Nigeria
  • Honey from Yemen
  • Antiques like wooden chests, glasswork furniture from India
  • Scarves from Egypt
  • Shea Butter & African Black soap from Africa
  • Saffron from Iran
  • Rose perfume, Coffee, Turkish delight & Vintage skirts from Turkey

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Handy Tips For Your Global Village Dubai Visit

Dubai's global village is huge, and we really mean it when we say big. The case covers an area of 17200000 sq. ft. While there is no humanly conceivable way for you to cover it all, by preparing your visit in advance, you can still make the most of your time here. Figure out which pavilion of the country you're interested in and then prepare for it.

While you can enjoy a fireworks show on Fridays and Saturdays, you can enjoy better deals and discounts over the weekend. It's weeks if you're willing to face the crowd. Make sure everybody stays together when you visit the park with your family. It's very likely to be separated because of the scale of the case.

The location is reached as soon as possible to prevent excessive queues and crowding. When you arrive, you can save a lot of time by waiting for your turn. As soon as you enter, take a Global Village Dubai Map. This helps you to navigate the enormous area and ensures that the location you want to visit is not wasteful.

Ensure that on the day of your visit, you search the Website for shows and activities. You can squeeze your shopping excursion into a regional extravagance. If there are no lines and queues, get a VIP on the official Website to access a whole series of discount coupons and benefits. You are supposed to dress modestly, according to event guidelines, so keep that in mind when you decide for the day. Also, during the summer, Dubai gets very hot, and Global Village includes many walks, so dress comfortably.


Final Words

So this was all in the Guide to Global Village Dubai. So Apply Emirates Visa from Emirates Visa Online and visit this amazing place.

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