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It is no surprise to us the benefits and amenities an Emirates Flight loads its passengers with. The Emirates Boeing 777 First class Suite is a beauty to witness and a journey in itself to experience. The long tiresome flights will no longer prove to be tiring for its passengers who book the first-class suite. The Boeing 777 first-class suite of the Emirates Airlines as magnificent as it seems, caters to all the needs and desires of its passengers.

This blog will provide its readers with an insight into the Emirates Boeing 777 First Class Suite, and help them have a virtual experience alongside informing the readers of the extraordinary benefits and amenities the Emirates Airlines showers their passengers with. After booking a ticket for any air flight, the next step is to issue a Visa for the country you are travelling to. This blog will also guide the readers with the process of a hassle-free Emirates Visa.


  • Emirates Boeing 777 First Class Suite
  • What are the benefits offered by the Emirates Airlines in the Boeing 777 First Class Suite?
  • Boeing 777 First-Class Amenities
  • E- Visa procedure and requirements
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Emirates Boeing 777 First Class Suite

Differing from the Emirates A380 First class suite, The Emirates Boeing 777 features only six suites in the first-class cabin, which are spread across two rows in a 1-1-1 layout. While the Emirates’ previous suites were incredibly private, the new first-class suites feature to cover the floor-to-ceiling walls for an ultimate private experience.

The first-class cabins are very minutely designed by Mercedes – Benz, just to give the passengers a feel of a high-performance sports car. This cabin includes all the luxury and hi-tech features for the comfort of their passengers.

What are the benefits offered by the Emirates Airlines in the Boeing 777 First Class Suite?

The benefits offered by the Emirates Airlines are the same for the Boeing 777 first-class suite and the A380 First Class suite. As we say, flying with Emirates Airlines is itself a benefit as they cater to all our needs and guide us throughout our journey with them. Some of the benefits, offered to the First class passengers are:

  • A Chauffeur Drive: One of the great perks about flying First Class with Emirates Airlines is the complimentary chauffeur-driven airport transfers offered by them. The driver drives you to and from the airport at both ends of your journey. If you need a pick-up or a drop off you’ll need to request for the same up to 48 hours before your flight.
  • Airport Lounge Access: The Emirates First Class Airport lounge is one of the most spacious, unique, and ground-breaking lounges in the world. It offers direct access to most of the gates with multi-level boarding.
  • The palate of food and beverages from all around the world: The First Class lounge consists of its food station, with a variety of food right from light snacks, sandwiches, and sushi, to desserts and cheese spreads. The Lounge also offers both a la carte dining and an extensive buffet from all around the world.
  • Warm hospitality and services: Emirates Airlines are best known for their customer care services. They help their passengers in all of their off-board and onboard experience.
  • Zero-gravity seating: The seat in the cabin provides a zero-gravity seating experience. Its tender leather seats recline into a fully flatbed. The zero-gravity seating is inspired by NASA technology.
  • Virtual windows: For the comfort of the middle row passengers who do not have any access to the windows, Emirates has introduced the concept of a Virtual Window. These virtual windows project the view from the outside of the aircraft, using real-time technology with high-quality cameras.
  • Video call function: The other benefit the passengers have access to is the video call function the cabin offers a tablet, wherein the passengers can easily connect with the cabin crews for the services they require.
  • Service window: Just for the sake of the full privacy of their customers, Emirates offers a separate service window wherein the cabin crew can serve them food and beverages as and when required.
  • Temperature & LED lighting controls: The temperature and LED lighting controls offered by Emirates, make their passenger customize their décor for the limited journey of their flight. This breaks the monotonous tones which are generally observed in other flights.

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Boeing 777 First-Class Amenities

  • Amenity kit: A luxury Amenity kit is provided by Emirates, the moment the passenger enters the aircraft. They are customized kits separate for men and women. These kits are in association with the famous lifestyle brand Bvlgari.
  • Inspiration kit: An inspiration Kit is an addition to the amenity kit. It is located in the cabin itself and can be known as the vanity kit. The inspiration kit consists of cleansing towels, facial toner, eye cream, sleep oil, and a mist spray.
  • Moisturizing sleepwear: Specially designed to prevent skin dehydration, the pyjama’s fabric is made with the use of natural ingredients like Shea Butter and Argan Oil – which are released with every motion, keeping your skin moisturized and protected.
  • Bowers & Wilkins Active Noise Cancelling headphones: These headphones are exclusively designed for the passengers of Emirates Airlines. They cannot be taken with you after your journey, as they only operate with the power of the aircraft.
  • Binoculars: For the passengers to enjoy the view of their aircraft, a binocular is provided.

Booking a ticket for the first class suite

Booking a ticket for an Emirates Boeing 777 First Class Suite is not tough at all. The steps are extremely simple. All you have to do is:

  • Arrive at their home page lookout for the flights as per your requirements.
  • Booking your flight, by filling the form by adding all the required details.
  • At the end of your booking, you’ll be required to pay the desired amount.
  • You will be notified and an E-Ticket will be sent on your number or email ID

Emirates E-Visa procedure and requirements

After booking your flight ticket, the next step is to Apply Emirates Visa. Without a Visa, the foreign country you wish you travel in won't let you enter the country premises, and you may not be allowed to board your flight.

The hassle of obtaining a Visa by standing in long queues no longer exists. All you need to do is:

  • Visit Emirates Visa Online
  • Check the country you are currently based in and the Citizenship Country then click Apply Emirates Visa button.
  • Click on the kind of E-Visa you intend issuing
  • Fill out the Emirates Visa Application form by including the required details asked.
  • Submit the required document
  • Pay the desired amount of the fees of obtaining the E-Visa
  • Receive a notification, wherein the portal notifies you that your application is being processed. They send you your application ID, through which you can track the Emirates Visa Status.

These easy steps take no longer than 10 minutes. Why worry when you can issue your Visa through the most reputed and genuine website Emirates Visa Online all by yourself.


Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of the First-class suites is more than the Business class seat, making it a prime difference. The first-class cabins have more and better amenities than the business class cabins. For a detailed understanding of the features of the different kinds of classes in Emirates Airlines, you can visit their website.

For those who enjoy the luxurious rides from thousands of miles above the ground level, and are easily troubled by long-distance uncomfortable classes, it is worth to fly through the Emirates Boeing 777 first-class suite. They prioritize their passengers over everything else and provide a range of exciting benefits and amenities to witness and experience.

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