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events to visit in sharjah

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Sharjah is the capital of the arts of the United Arab Emirates, which in 1998 has been awarded by UNESCO as the Capital Cultural of the Arab World by Sharjah for its efforts to preserve the heritage of the region. In this article, we have jotted down some great Events to Visit in Sharjah. Sharjah is packed with great sightseeing opportunities for museums and art lovers. The famous Sharjah Islamic Civilization Museum and the Art Museum are the main tourist attractions of Sharjah, while the Heritage Area is full of interesting historic buildings.

This is also a beautifully family-friendly destination with plenty of things for children, like the butterfly house of Al Noor Island, to explore the underwater world in the aquarium. 

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization

A decent spot to delve into the deep roots of Arab and Islamic history is Sharjah Museums of Islamic Civilization. There are many scientific and religious manuscripts and a collection of Islamic arts and crafts dated from the 7th to the 19th century. Particular features include the display of clay, pottery, and glass, and metal arts inlaid with silver, gold, metal, and astrolabe set.

The Museum contains objects dating back to the Abbasid and Umayyad periods, including a coin set of silver dinars and dirhams, and also retraces the exhibits of Mughal and Ottoman handicrafts from a far-reaching tentacle of Islamic history.


Sharjah Arts Museum

This state-of-the-art facility opened in 1997 and included a permanent collection and a program of temporary exhibitions, as one of the largest art museums in the United Arab Emirates. Including precious art from the Sheik Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qassimi's collections. There are 72 works of Arab artists from the Arab world, distributed over three floors. The works are on this site.

Other works are painters from the 18th century who visited the Middle East and were fascinated by nature, architecture, and culture. The gallery of Ali Darwish includes Sharjah aquarelles. More than 300 works of local, Arab or international artists are part of this contemporary portion. This is one of the top places to visit if you're an art lover at a Dubai weekend stop.

Sharjah Heritage Area

The Sharjah Heritage Area combines several museums, which include the Museum of Sharjah Heritage with exhibits covering the many aspects of traditional Emirates' life, the Museum of calligraphy, and the type of art of Arab art and Bait Al Naboodah, once the home of the Al Shamsi family, a refined traditional family home. They are a great place to explore the traditional Emirati culture a little deeper and to learn how it was before oil was discovered.

There are also many traditional zones like Souk Al Arsah that have been revived. Renovated in its traditional style, this large open courtyard has many stores, including silver and wooden handicrafts, jewelry, traditional clothing, and beautiful items.

Sharjah Fort

In a square, on the corner of Heritage District, is the Fort of Sharjah (called Al Hisn in Arabic). It was constructed 200 years ago and was both the protective residence for the city and the traditional home of the ruling Sharjah family.

The rooms contain themes from the history of Sharjah and the role of the city as part of the trade networks in the Gulf. The careful refurbishment of the building in the late 20th century can be found in one exhibit. There is excellent views over the Heritage District and the sea from the roof.

A half-day tour to explore Sharjah's sights like Sharjah fort, the Sharjah Museum of the Heritage, and the Souk Al Arsah is offered by the Sharjah City Highlights. The guide will customize the journey to your tastes so that you can join the Islamic Civilization Museum or Art Museum on trips or wander around the Central Market as you wish. Transport from Dubai hotels included, including the pickup and drop-off.

Central Market

The city's most prominent landmark is Sharjah's, Central Market. The complex blue tile on the outside has given it the Blue Souk surname. There are over 600 shops where shoppers find gold and jewelry, perfume, clothes, food, electronics, and gift stuffs.

On the top floor, you can find authentic Arabic bases, with vendors selling antiques, tapestries, jewelry from Omani and Yemen, and all kinds of exotic souvenirs. The market is also home to several cafés for downtime after shopping.

Al Noor Island

The public park in Lagoon Khalid, accessed from Corniche Street via a bridge, is Sharjah's top destination for a peaceful rest from shopping and visiting the Museum. The island integrates art with nature and features contemporary objects and art installations designed by some of the most renowned artists of the world.

The main attraction is the butterfly house in Al Noor Island, which can be seen in some 500 different species of butterflies.

Sharjah Aquarium & Maritime Museum

Sharjah, a town that always has strong links with water, highlights the role of the sea in the growth of the town. The Aquarium and the Maritime Museum The aquarium is the biggest attraction for kids and is home to some 150 species of marine life.

Interesting exhibits on traditional wooden dhows and Perl collection and fisheries are kept here at the associated maritime Museum. The highlights include the collection of glitzy pearls (including the oldest ever gathered pearl in the world) and the pretty wooden dhow outside the Museum.

So these were some of the great Events to Visit in Sharjah that you must visit on your trip to Sharjah. So get your Emirates Visa and visit the beautiful nation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Sharjah is the perfect tourist destination in the United Arab Emirates with few crime rates against foreigners. Sharjah is a safe destination but visitors should stay careful in crowded tourist places.

Tourists should dress modestly and wear dresses that are longer than knee length and cover the shoulder area. You should avoid wearing dresses that are too short, mini skirts, and shorts at public places in Sharjah. Visitor entering mosque and worship places are recommended to cover their head with a scarf.

It is recommended to foreign nationals visit Sharjah between November to May for tourism and vacation. From November to May, the climate remains moderate, cool, and pleasant.

Tourists wanting to do adventurous activities in Sharjah do not need to worry as it is the best place for outdoor sports activities and a safari tour. Tourists must visit Al Badayer to enjoy outdoor sports activities in Sharjah. Tourists can try sandboarding on the red dunes in Al Bayer. Tourists looking for a thrilling experience can try dune bashing, an extreme sport. Tourists can go hiking in one of the best-hiking destinations Wadi Lasal in Sharjah. Wadi Lasal is the best suitable place for mountain bikers. Kayaking, which is fun water sports practice in Sharjah. Tourists can enjoy kayaking adventures at Al Khan beach or the mangroves of Khor kalba. Tourists can try a thrilling activities like scuba diving and snorkeling at Al Khorfakkan.

The best location in Sharjah where tourists can travel with family is Al Noor Island. Children can see the variety of butterflies in the butterfly house of Al Noor Island. Landscape garden, cultural and natural spot in Al Noor Island. Al Montazah Park is a water park and a popular family destination in Sharjah. Inside Al Montazah Park you can enjoy your day in a water park or visit an adventure and amusement park. You can take a ride on galleon, ranger, swim in Wadi pool, fun falaj, etc. With family, tourists can travel to Al Noor mosque, which is an ottoman architecture located in Khalid Lagoon. Sharjah heritage museum and Sharjah museum of Islamic civilization where you can get the idea of Emirati and Islamic history. Sharjah art foundation is surrounded by much old architecture and new buildings where tourists can know about the cultural history of Sharjah. Visit Sharjah art museum where you can see permanent as well as temporary display or exhibition of artwork.

Tourists or visitors are willing to explore beautiful tourist destinations after sunset in Sharjah. Tourists can proceed towards the Al Majaj waterfront which is the iconic destination with marvelous architecture design and landscape. At Al Majaj waterfront tourists can enjoy a fountain show with the setting sun and enjoy their dinner in the nearby restaurant. At night tourists can watch the sunset at Al Noor Island where you can relax. Travel to Sharjah aquarium, do an underwater journey, and discover about aquatic animals. Tourists can play some exciting fun games at Al Montazah Park. For dinner, tourists can visit Sharjah national park for enjoying a variety of dishes and barbeque. At Al Qasba, tourists can play soccer on soccer 5 fields with all precautions. You can try playing golf, and archery in golf and shooting club in Sharjah.

One of the most go places in Sharjah is Al Noor Island. Tourists visiting Sharjah with family must visit Al Noor Island. This island is a beautiful natural island that is known for its tropical biosphere. In Al Noor Island tourists can explore the literature pavilion, art sculpture, and butterfly house which is the center of attraction for tourists. You can travel to Sharjah desert park to know in detail about the flora and fauna of the United Arab Emirates. This park is divided into a natural museum, a children's farm (especially for kids), and an Arabian wildlife park. Sharjah is the perfect destination for tourists looking to know more about history and enjoy a vacation away from huge shopping malls. Tourists should travel to Al Noor mosque, the heart of Sharjah, the Sharjah archeological museum, and another famous site.

Tourists planning to visit Sharjah in UAE can get it from Emirates visa online. Tourists should open the website and can apply for an Emirates visa in just 15 minutes. You will need a passport, photograph (recent), and Debit or credit card for the online application of Emirates visa for tourists. A fully completed application form for an Emirates visa should be submitted by tourists willing to enter Sharjah. Documents needed to be properly attached and the Emirates visa fee should be submitted. You will get the tourist visa for Emirate on the email ID.

Yes, foreign should obtain Emirates visa who are planning to enter Sharjah Emirate. All the visitors from visa exempted nations by the United Arab Emirates do not need to obtain visas to enter Sharjah for a short duration. 

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