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If you are now going to travel to just visit the United Arab Emirates then you might need an Emirates visitor visa. Apply for Emirates visitor visa online at Emirates Visa Online as we carefully review your visa application and documentation to ensure that it has the maximum chances of getting approved by the respective government/immigration department. We are known for our exceptional customer service and properly process application directly upon receiving it from the client. This visitor visa is given to people who would like to visit the United Arab Emirates. It is one sort of tourist visa. This means you can use this visa even as a tourist visa. Now with the help of Emirates visa information, you can also get to know about the visitor visa and how you can apply for it through Emirates Visa Online. The process even though you might think is hard is actually easy for a foreigner to apply for an Emirates visa.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can definitely get an Emirates visitor visa even though you want to get it through an Emirates visa on arrival facility. This, however, will need a person to carry all the documents required for Emirates visa. This facility being limited to only quite a number of countries cant be made available by all.

Yes being an unmarried an unemployed single girl doesn’t disqualify you from getting a visitor visa. You can definitely get your visa applied for and go on a job search to the Emirates.

You can still travel to the Emirates even if you haven’t been able to travel to the Emirates during the 90 days period. This is because even if it states that you have 90 days visa stay validity, the actual validity that the visa has is for 180 days. Hence you can travel anytime during this period which also indicates that you need not apply for a new visa.

No, you will have to apply for a new passport or you will have to extend the validity of your passport because the criteria clearly state that in order to travel to the Emirates you will have to have a passport worth of 6 months or more. Without fulfilling this Emirates visa requirement you cannot travel even if you have a valid visitor visa.

No, even if they are children they need to have a valid visa, and hence for this, you will have to apply for an Emirates visa for children which will let them travel to the Emirates along with you.

If you find the status of your Emirates visa as waiting for approval then it means that your visa has passed the document verification part and is waiting to get approval from the officials. This however will not mean that the visa will take another week, you will get your visa on time. While if there are some complications then the visa can be delayed as well. So do keep a check on your Emirates visa status online.

Thus you can apply for your Emirates visitor visa now just by following some of the simplest steps.

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