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If you are now going to travel to just visit the United Arab Emirates then you might need an Emirates visitor visa. Apply for Emirates visitor visa online at Emirates Visa Online as we carefully review your visa application and documentation to ensure that it has the maximum chances of getting approved by the respective government/immigration department. We are known for our exceptional customer service and properly process application directly upon receiving it from the client. This visitor visa is given to people who would like to visit the United Arab Emirates. It is one sort of tourist visa. This means you can use this visa even as a tourist visa. Now with the help of Emirates visa information, you can also get to know about the visitor visa and how you can apply for it through Emirates Visa Online. The process even though you might think is hard is actually easy for a foreigner to apply for an Emirates visa.


Frequently Asked Questions

 The validity of 48 hours transit visa for the UAE is one month. The stay in UAE can not last more than 48 hours.

The UAE Visitor five-year visa is a long-term multiple entries visa. Foreign nationals entering UAE even on a short visit visa must show bank documents for sufficient proof of funds. It is mandatory to fulfill financial criteria for 5 years Visitor visa the amount should be at least $4,000.

UAE visitor visas can only be used for multiple visits to the country if you have applied for multiple visit visas. There is three option for foreign national i.e; 30 days, 90 days, and 5 years.

 You can extend your UAE visitor visa two times in UAE. The extension of a visitor visa can only be done for a maximum of 60 days in the UAE.

Renewing your visitor visa for UAE simply means extending the validity of your permit and staying in the United Arab Emirates. Foreign nationals can renew UAE Visitor visas from the immigration department or office. Only 500 AED is collected for extension of visit visa from UAE immigration office. If you are in Dubai you can visit the DNRD office for a visa extension. Another way is visa run and visa flight method for easy UAE visa extension. Visitors can also complete all the steps online for a UAE visa extension. Student visas, residence visas, and medical visas for UAE can also be extended by this method.

Foreign nationals need to provide all the details about the hotel reservation in UAE. If they are staying at a relative place or resort. Then all the information about accommodation must need to be submitted. A flight reservation ticket is also required under the itinerary section to enter UAE.

The service fee of 14 days UAE visit visa is USD 130.

 If you have no plan for a long stay in UAE. You are only planning a short tour of one to two weeks in the United Arab Emirates. Then, the 14 days visitor visa for UAE is the most suitable option. The visitor visa for 14 days stays valid for 58 days. It is a short UAE visit visa, ex-pats should leave the country before 14 days. 

 Yes, if you are planning to stay in the United Arab Emirates for more than or less than 30 days. You should apply for an Emirates visitor visa to stay in the country legally. Foreign nationals can get a 3-month long visitor visa for the United Arab Emirates to stay longer. The most preferred option is obtaining it before entering the UAE to avoid a last-minute rush. The other benefit you will receive on 90 days Emirates visitor visa is that it can be issued for a single visit or multiple visits.

The validity of your Emirates visitor visa for a "30 days visa" will be 60 days. It means you can use your visa to enter UAE for 60 days to gain entry but your stay must not be exceeded more than 30 days. The number of entries you will be allowed to enter the United Arab Emirates will depend on the type of 30 days issues Emirates visitor visa. 

Yes, foreign nationals willing to convert their Emirates visitor visa into a long-term visa can convert it by following some steps. Emirates Visitor visa can be converted into a residence visa or work permit for UAE. 

Emirates tourist visa and Emirates Visitor visa are almost the same but have some differences. If foreign nationals apply for an Emirates tourist visa then they are only allowed to spend a vacation, visit tourist places, and for leisure purposes in the country. Emirates visitor visas can be used for business purposes, attending meetings, attending seminars, and attending conferences in UAE. Additionally, foreign nationals can also use Emirates visitor visas for tourism, visiting relatives, and leisure purposes.

No, all foreign nationals are not restricted to obtaining visitor or tourist visa first to enter the United Arab Emirates. All the GCC countries and a few UAE visa-free countries are not obliged to take a Visitor visa to enter UAE for a few days. The visitor visa-free stay in UAE is between 14 days to 90 days according to the nationality of the person. A visitor traveling to UAE who is not from visa exempted countries is obliged to receive a UAE visa first before entering the country. 

Emirates visitor visa is the non-immigrant type of visa issued to foreign nationals for visiting relatives, friends, or visiting UAE for tourism. Foreign nationals can enter the United Arab Emirates for a maximum of 90 days short duration on a valid Emirates visitor visa.

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