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emirates visa security deposit 2024: Complete Guide

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Emirates Visa Security Deposit 2024

An Emirates Visa Security Deposit 2024 is an initiative taken by the GDRFA, which helps them combat people who are living in the country illegally. The Emirates comes under the top 5 destinations in the world, where millions of people worldwide from all nationalities apply to either explore the country and its culture, attend business seminars, be a part of the work culture in the emirates, and lastly to settle down in this grand country.

There are many such cases when people enter the country through rightful means but do not rightfully exist. They settle down illegally on the basis of a wrong Visa. Just to reduce and eradicate such practices, the Emirates has taken an initiative which is to pay a certain amount of security deposit which will ensure the rightful exit of any person who is living in the country for a longer time.

A lot of people applying for the Emirates Visa are not commonly aware of the concept of paying a Security Deposit at the issuance of the Visa. This blog will further highlight the aspects and importance of a security deposit. Reading this blog will make it easier for the passengers to understand the concept of Emirates Visa Security Deposit.


  • Emirates Visa Security Deposit
  • Why is it required for people to pay a security deposit on the issuance of the Emirates Visa?
  • Is an Emirates Visa security deposit refundable?
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Emirates Visa Security Deposit

As per the rules of the Emirates GDRFA, it is mandatory to pay a certain amount of security fees while the issuance of your Visa. This security deposit has a major purpose behind it. Considering the Emirates and its cities to be one of the leading destinations, millions of people apply the country through either a Tourist Visa, Visit Visa, Employment Visa, Residence Visa, Dependents’ Visa, etc.

Though the country offers a variety of Visas, there is a major drawback. Out of a lot of people who enter the country, some of them stay back in the Emirates illegally. They may enter the country through one of the above mentioned Visa and wrongfully settle down.

Paying the high rates of the security deposits can certainly be avoided if you are applying for your Visa through a Travel agency or booking your Visa through a portal like Emirates Visa Online.

Applying for your Visa through a travel agency, helps you reduce your cost regarding the trip as well as they provide you with a hassle-free service. Following are the steps one has to perform while applying for a Visa through Emirates Visa Online.

Why is it required for people to pay a security deposit on the issuance of the Emirates Visa?

This is an ongoing business of settling in Emirates through wrongful means that needs to be eradicated. The Emirates opens its doors for anyone who would like to explore, work, or settle, but those who enter and settle wrongfully should be punished in a certain manner.

As a precautionary measure, the GDRFA has come up with an initiative, to pay a certain amount of money as a security deposit while you are applying for a Visa to visit the Emirates. This security deposit will be held by the GDRFA, till the time you are in the country, and shall be released at your exit. Please know that it is absolutely mandatory to pay this Visa Security Deposit as it gives an assurance that the applicant will certainly exit the country after the completion of his or her Visa.

Is an Emirates Visa security deposit refundable?

The Emirates Visa security deposit is refundable. The intention of charging this deposit money is just to make an assurance that the passenger will exit the country as per the expiration of their Visa. Once the passenger leaves the country the security deposit will get refunded into their accounts.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, in this case, Emirates airlines do refund the security deposit fee but the visa charges are not refunded back. After the Emirates visa application is rejected the same amount as the security deposit is returned within 3 to 4 working days. 

Yes, in certain cases some amount can be deducted from the Emirates security deposit fee. Or the whole money is not refunded back by the UAE government. If you overstay or have to pay fine, penalty, or deportation charges. Then the same amount of money is deducted from the Emirates security deposit fee. 

Yes, the GDRFA gives back the money deposited for the Emirates visa security deposit soon after one exits from the country. The main purpose of collecting the security deposit is to ensure that you leave the United Arab Emirates. Soon after your departure, the GDRFA or UAE immigration department will confirm that you have left the country. And then Emirates airlines will send back the security deposit to you. The Emirates security deposit is refunded back to the passenger within 4 working days usually without any delay. Make sure to take an exit stamp on your national valid passport while leaving from Dubai. So you will have evidence that can be presented as proof in the future.

No, if you are traveling through Emirates airlines and have sent an application for an Emirates visa through airlines. Then you mandatorily need to submit a deposit fee to get Visa or enter the flight. The only way to avoid this extra process is to use alternative sources for visas. Like using online services of Emirates or just applying for a visa directly at the airport after reaching if you are from an eligible country.

No, some passengers have to pay the security deposit fee according to their country for assurance. When someone uses online services, apply for an Emirates visa at the airport, or through any travel agency. There is no requirement to pay the Emirates security deposit fee. If you are a citizen of a visa-free country then there is no need to pay an Emirates security deposit fee or even for an Emirates visa.

The sole purpose of collecting security deposits from visitors is only due to security purposes. Many passengers, travelers, and visitors do not have valid visas for the United Arab Emirates. But, continue to reside without paying find or through a wrongful basis. Emirates has now become the center of tourism, business, and travel for the whole world. Even though the visa policies of Emirates are not lengthy and are simple. But GDRFA or immigration department has to look after the illegal residence and entry of visitors in UAE. Due to these reasons, the government of UAE asks for a security deposit or extra charges sometimes. This assures that visitors entering UAE with a tourist visa, business visa, and visit visa will leave after some days. 

Some websites may ask for extra charges and include security deposit fees too. Tourists or visitors from any country applying for an Emirates visa using Emirates visa online services do not have to pay any kind of extra charges or security deposit charges. In this way, you are not obliged to pay Emirates visa security fee and cut off the unnecessary charges. The process is hassle-free you just need to select nationality and living country name and select desirable Emirates visa type. Go to the next to fill up the correct personal details, passport details, and contact details in the Emirates visa application form. Attest documents, pay the relevant fee online and an Emirates visa will be sent after 3 to 4 days 

Whether you have to pay Emirates visa security deposit or not is dependent on your nationality. Not all visitors traveling to the United Arab Emirates have to pay security deposits mandatorily. Only a few selected nationals of the UAE have to pay the security deposit fee. The charges are automatically included in the Emirates visa fee according to your nationality when you will apply for a visa through Emirates airlines. 

The security deposit for the Emirates visa is the refundable deposit. The process of securing a security deposit was started by the government of the United Arab Emirates to stop the illegal entry and stay inside the country. Many tourists staying in UAE on tourist visas do not leave the country after the end of the validity.

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