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Now a Zimbabwe citizen can travel to the Emirates with the help of just applying for an Emirates visa from Zimbabwe. This visa that you might need to go to the Emirates will be available for you if you wish to apply for one. Thinking about your options as to what you need to apply of how can you apply for an Emirates visa, then Emirates Visa Online can help you get that Emirates visa information that you need to know before you apply for your Emirates visa and before you travel to the Emirates. You can also get to know how to apply one for yourself without having to ask for much help once you get to know about the visas.


Frequently Asked Questions

When traveling from Zimbabwe to Emirates seems impossible, all you need is a click on applying for an Emirates visa for Zimbabwe citizens. With just this click being done you can travel to the Emirates and enjoy your stay in the Emirates.

Yes right from tourist visas to business visas, a citizen can have a variety of Emirates visa type options to choose from. This selection of visas can be done all based on your purpose of visit to the Emirates and you can also select the length of stay you want to stay in the Emirates for.

There is no such thing as an Emirates visit visa for first-timers from Zimbabwe. You can apply for any visa that you need if it is your first time traveling to the Emirates

Yes, if you have an Emirates visa that is valid for both the entry and the exit even if it through the airport or the seaport you can have the same visa used.

If your visa is for about 3 months or less you can apply for an Emirates 3 month visa which is a business visa type and that will allow you to take part in the internship. You can also apply for a student visa with the internship category being applied. This will be for as long as you wish to stay in the Emirates.

No use of an identity card is only eligible for those citizens who belong to the GCC countries while the others cannot use an identity card to apply for an Emirates visa. You will need a valid Zimbabwe passport to be eligible to apply for an Emirates visa.

An extension of about 30 days can be made available when you apply for an extension for an Emirates visa after your Emirates visa that you applied for from Zimbabwe has expired.

Yes if you have a resident visa and you are a Zimbabwe citizen then you can apply for an Emirates ID.

Now even a Zimbabwe citizen can travel just by applying for an Emirates visa from Zimbabwe

All citizens of Zimbabwe who are visiting the United Arab Emirates must apply for an Emirates visa. Zimbabwe nationals can stay and enjoy their vacation in UAE after obtaining an Emirates visa. UAE government provide Emirates tourist visa mainly for purpose of tourism to the citizen of Zimbabwe.

Recently, the UAE government have passed new entry restrictions for a citizen of Zimbabwe visiting the UAE. Due to the spread of the new dangerous omicron variant seven African countries including Zimbabwe are not allowed to enter the UAE. The ban on ordinary passport holders or tourists from Zimbabwe is suspended temporarily. The travel for Zimbabwe national will start soon after some time.

First of all the most basic requirement for Zimbabwe nationals is to fulfill the requirements for a UAE visa. Citizens of Zimbabwe will need dully complete the UAE visa application form. If Zimbabwe nationals are visiting UAE for short period then their passport must have six months validity. If you are traveling to UAE from Zimbabwe for a longer visit then make sure your passport has a validity of more than 180 days or until your stay in UAE. The other basic requirement for a UAE visa is the passport size photograph of the applicant from Zimbabwe. Last three months' bank statement required to present evidence of positive financial status. Other travel basic requirement for UAE is a copy of travel itinerary, Visa travel insurance, civil status evidence, flight tickets, and accommodation details.

Tourists who follow other religions than Islam are allowed to take an alcoholic drink at restaurants, hotels, and bars. Muslims are strictly prohibited even as tourists from taking alcoholic drinks at bars or restaurants. Additionally, tourists are not permitted to buy alcohol from general stores and markets in UAE.

Zimbabwe citizens are eligible for UAE tourist visas if they are visiting the country for sightseeing, leisure, and tourism. If you are visiting UAE from Zimbabwe for meeting friends, attend functions or ceremonies, attending events, or shopping. Applicants under 18 years must travel with parents or adults otherwise they cannot apply for an Emirates tourist visa. It is mandatory to fulfill the requirement of a three-month bank statement. If you are visiting a relative in UAE, an invitation letter from the host is required. 

Yes, a UAE transit visa can be obtained by Zimbabwe national for a very short duration or visit to UAE. The UAE transit type of visa is issued to the citizen of Zimbabwe who is traveling to another destination from the UAE.

You should apply for a UAE transit visa before 4 to 5 days to receive confirmation before entering the country. You should use a UAE transit visa before the end of the validity period that is 30 days. You should exit UAE before 48 hours or 96 hours according to the visa selection.

If the applicant is obtaining a UAE transit visa from Zimbabwe then the charges on Emirates Visa Online for 48 hours validity is 70.0 USD. Applicant sending UAE transit visa application for 96 hours validity needs to pay 125.0 USD.

Zimbabwe national will still need a 6-month valid passport even for a UAE transit visa. A recent photograph matching the size requirement of UAE visa for transit type of visa. And the most important requirement for a UAE transit visa is the confirmed ticket of the visiting country or next destination. 

The government of UAE is very strict against visitors overstaying any kind of visa including UAE transit visa. You must avoid staying more than 48 hours or 96 hours otherwise overstaying fine is imposed.

Yes, you may get a UAE transit visa within a day through airlines. But you need to pay the fee for a fast service that is AED 100.

The best time to travel to UAE from Zimbabwe is between November to March. If you are traveling to UAE between July to September, then no visa fee is required for minors.

If you want to explore some beautiful destination or travel to the United Arab Emirates for sightseeing. Then Zimbabwe nationals should apply for UAE tourist visas. Apply for a UAE tourist visa well before your travel to the United Arab Emirates. Carefully select UAE visa type according to the duration you want to stay in UAE. Make sure that your budget matches and cover your basic requirement, hotel accommodation, and visa fee for UAE.

UAE tourist visa for Zimbabwe national is the online or electronic provided to every eligible visitor entering the country for tourism and leisure reason. The UAE tourist visa is a short-term or long-term nonimmigrant visa for Zimbabweans.

The UAE tourist visa processing time is almost the same for every foreign country. Zimbabwe nationals will get UAE tourist visas within three to four days. But, five years UAE tourist visa will take 5-7 days for Zimbabwe nationals. 

Zimbabwe nationals can apply for UAE visas online on Emirates Visa Online. Zimbabwe national just needs to select UAE visa type for tourist purposes. After selecting the visa type, applicants holding Zimbabwe passports need to fill UAE visa application form carefully. All the travel documents and UAE visa documents must be submitted by uploading the digital image of a scanned image. The next step is to pay the UAE visa fee using a proper online mode of payment which can be debit or credit card.

Yes, even residents staying in Zimbabwe can apply for UAE visas online. They just need to pay a visa fee which may vary according to the nationality. They should use the valid passport of their country.

Yes, Zimbabweans can apply for UAE working visa. It is mandatory to have a proper job and offer letter to obtain UAE working visa for Zimbabweans. The hiring person will also sponsor the applicant applying from Zimbabwe. Sponsorship and offer letter are important requirements for a UAE employment visa.

No, Zimbabweans should not work or even attend a business meeting if they are traveling to UAE with a transit visa. You will be allowed to stay in a hotel in UAE but avoid visiting tourist places. As time is limited not more than 96 hours. 

Yes, Zimbabwe nationals can easily get or apply for both multiple entries and single entry UAE tourist visa types. A single entry visa for 14 days from Zimbabwe. Additionally, 30 days, and 90 days UAE visas both single or multiple visits from Zimbabwe can be obtained online within 3-4 working days.

The best option for getting a UAE visa for visiting or even tourism purposes from Zimbabwe is the online method. If you are planning a three-week visit to the United Arab Emirates, then you can send an application on Emirates Visa Online. Zimbabwe national should apply for 30 days Emirates tourist visa for three weeks visit. As the stay validity of this Emirates visa is 30 days. It will cover the duration of your stay in the UAE. The fee you need to pay is USD 140. But, if you want to get multiple visit UAE visa from Zimbabwe then the fee is USD 405.

No, the UAE embassy does not provide 14 days Emirates visa specifically. Foreign nationals visit the UAE embassy to obtain long-term or residence visas for UAE. Zimbabweans can apply for UAE 14 days visa by paying a fee of USD 130 on Emirates Visa Online.

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