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Wishing to travel to the Emirates will stay a dream as long as you do not start your application for an Emirates visa booking online. This means if you are a Sri Lankan who is applying for an Emirates visa and if you have no idea whether you are eligible for the visa, then here is what you might want to her! Being a Sri Lankan you are eligible to apply for an Emirates visa from Sri Lanka. Now that you know you are eligible for an Emirates visa you might as well get some Emirates visa information for your trip to the United Arab Emirates that is brought to you by Emirates Visa Online.


Q. What does an Emirates visa for a Sri Lankan mean?

When any of the foreign country citizens travel to your country they need to show some of the entry documents. In a similar way, even you as a Sri Lankan when you travel to another foreign country you need to show some for the entry documents. This document when you travel to emirate will be called as an Emirates visa.

Q. Can I travel to all the seven Emirates when getting an Emirates visa applied for as a Sri Lankan?

Yes, you can travel to all the seven Emirates when you apply for an emirate visa. You can also get to know about the Emirati traditions in-depth while traveling through the seven Emirates as well.

Q. Can a Sri Lankan get a 3 month Emirates visa applied for through Emirates Visa Online, if yes, what do I need to apply for it?

Yes, being a Sri Lankan citizen you can apply for a 3 month Emirates visa. This visa will let you stay for about 90 days in the Emirates. This 90 days Emirates visa that you get will have a total validity of 180 days. You will however need some of the Emirates visa requirements to be kept ready which will help you apply for an Emirates visa as a Sri Lankan citizen.

Q. I am from Sri Lanka and I will have a transit through the Emirates soon and I wish to have a 3 days visa to stay in the Emirates, can I get it, and if yes will I be able to get out of the airport?

Yes getting a 3 days Emirates visa is possible if you are a Sri Lankan applying for an emirate visa during your transit. Also, you can get out of the airport and stay at one of the hotels by registering yourself or you can also stay at one of your sponsor’s house.

Q. Is the United Arab Emirates safe and if yes can single girls travel to Emirates alone?

Yes, United Arab Emirates is one of the safest places you can be at. Also with the girls free to roam around in the Emirates, single girls can definitely travel to Emirates alone but will have to follow some rules to do so.

Q. I am a Sri Lankan who is in the Emirates on a 30 days Emirates visa and my visa is about to expire in about the next week, can I get an extension without leaving the country?

Yes, you can get an extension without leaving the country. You can get this 30 days extension through Emirates Visa Online.

Q. Is checking of the Emirates visa possible if I apply through Emirates Visa Online?

Yes, it is possible to check the status of your Emirates visa unlike when you apply for one through an embassy where you might not get information about the visa processing.

Hence now you can apply for an Emirates visa from Sri Lanka without having any trouble coming your way.

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