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Getting an Emirates visa from South Africa is a dream of many citizens of South Africa but this visa can be obtained only by few. Do you know the reason behind it? This is because of a lack of awareness. South Africa passport holders need to apply for Emirates visa in order to Enter Emirates and the same for the people living in South Africa can apply for Emirates visa from South Africa as Emirates Visa Online provides the facility to Apply for Emirates Visa from the comfort of your home.

If you are living in South Africa and have a South African passport then you can travel to more than 100 countries without a visa. In other words, you have visa-free access to more than 100 countries. For visiting some countries, you may require a visa and for visiting some countries you may require to register yourself. But when it comes to visiting emirates you have to get a visa because without it you can not enter the country. If you are interested in visiting Emirates then you should fill emirates visa application south Africa.

Visa from South Africa to the United Arab Emirates can be obtained only if you follow a specific procedure which is explained below.

Step 1 - Check your eligibility criteria as it is very important to know whether you can visit Emirates and if you visit the country then what are the circumstances through which you have to undergo. Which conditions you have to follow for getting a visa. This is only possible if you have a complete understanding of the Emirates visa policy.

Step 2 - Select the most suitable visa for yourself for your trip to the United Arab emirates.

Step 3 - Fill an application form with complete accuracy. So that you don't have to apply for your visa again and your money is not wasted.

Step 4 - Upload all your Documents for the United Arab Emirates as per the guidelines.

Step 5 - Pay the fees for your visa by using internet banking services


Apply for an Emirates visa from South Africa now and visit your dream destination. We aim to provide the most reasonable and fast services to our customers too with complete transparency. You don't have to worry about anything now because we will handle the whole process.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you submit the application form it will take approximately 3 to 4 days for the processing of your visa if you are a citizen of South Africa.

All the visas for the United Arab Emirates are valid for 90 days from the date of issue. We recommend that you confirm your plans for Your trip and that you can spend the maximum time in the country and the validity of your visa does not expire.

The fees for the citizens of South Africa if they want to get the visa for the Emirates is given below:

Types Of Visa Visa Fees
14 Days Tourist Visa 154 USD
30 Days Single Entry Tourist Visa 164 USD
30 Days Multiple Entry Tourist Visa 310 USD
90 Days Single Entry Tourist Visa 500 USD
90 Days Multiple Entry Tourist Visa 800 USD
30 Days Extension Tourist Visa 500 USD
48 Hour Transit Visa 50 USD
96 Hour Transit Visa 130 USD

No, the citizens of South Africa are not allowed to get a visa on arrival for the United Arab Emirates. But if you want to visit Emirates you can apply for an e-visa. Select the most suitable tourist visa as per your choice.

So, the best suitable visa for you is a multiple entry tourist visa for Emirates. There are different types of Multiple entry tourist visas.

30 Days Multiple Entry Tourist Visa - If you want to stay in the country for short period then you should choose 30 days multiple-entry tourist visas as with this visa you can enter in the country multiple times with 30 days

90 Days Multiple Entry Tourist Visa - Most visitors who want to visit Emirates choose a 90 days Multiple entry Tourist visas so that they can enjoy the benefits of entering a country without paying much.


Well if you wish to extend your trip to the United Arab Emirates then you should apply for the extension of your visa. When you apply for the extension of the visa you will have to pay 500 USD and your visa will be extended for 30 days.

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