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No more worries for those traveling to the Emirates from Kuwait as you no longer need to apply for an Emirates visa from Kuwait. Wait now this means that you can travel to the Emirates even without an Emirates visa. Hence those citizens belonging to Kuwait can now travel to and from the Emirates for as long as they wish and can decide when to travel and when not to travel. This however might need some other documents even if it is not a visa to be able to travel to the Emirates. This information will be provided to you now by Emirates Visa Online

Frequently Asked Questions

No, a Kuwaiti who will be traveling to the Emirates need not apply for a visa beforehand to travel.

In order to be eligible to travel to the Emirates, you need to have a valid Emirates id which has been registered under your name. Similarly, if your family is accompanying you for the trip then they also need to show the Emirates ID to get an entry.

Being a Kuwaiti who is from Kuwait that belongs to one of the GCC countries you are eligible to travel to the Emirates for as many times as you want and you can yourself decide for how long you want to stay there. This was decided during the treaty that was conducted between the Emirates and the GCC countries that allowed free entries and stay.

No there won’t be any complications if you are a Kuwaiti who has traveled to Israel before entering the Emirates. However, you will be asked to show your passport to check the record of your travels before you enter the Emirates. This is done for security reasons for both the traveler and other tourists.

You either need to produce a valid passport that has been issued under your name or you will have to present an Emirates ID that will be valid and under your name. A visa however will not be needed due to free entry being available. You might, however, have to show your travel itinerary if asked for. Hotel bookings, if you have done any, will also be asked to be submitted as proof.

Yes, you can travel to the Emirates without having to take a visa. This however will only be possible if you have an Emirates ID card or if you have a Kuwait passport being issued under your name. Without any of these documents, you won’t be able to prove your citizenship and hence you won't be able to travel to the Emirates in this case.

Yes being a Kuwaiti citizen you are both eligible for visa-free travel to the Emirates provided you both have a passport or an Emirates identity card.

Hence now a Kuwaiti can travel without having to apply for an Emirates visa from Kuwait and can just travel with just having a single document.

No, Kuwait nationals do not need an Emirates visa for a short visit. Kuwait national is one of the GCC national and all the national of GCC do not require Emirates visas. The entry permit or visa is the travel document issued to foreign nationals who are not eligible for visa-free entry to the United Arab Emirates.

Yes, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates are situated nearby. Both Kuwait and UAE have Arabic backgrounds and Islamic history. Both nations are Middle Eastern countries. The airline distance between Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates is around 881.63 km. 

Yes, Kuwait nationals can enter the United Arab Emirates more than one time without a visa. Their stay in Kuwait can stay in UAE for as long they want. Foreign nationals holding citizenship of Kuwait thus do not require to apply for visas or fulfill Emirates visa requirements.

If you hold Citizenship of Kuwait planning to stay in the United Arab Emirates for two weeks for vacation. Then there is no need to obtain an Emirates visa. Generally, most of the foreign nationals visiting UAE even for a duration short as three weeks need to obtain an Emirates tourist visa.

Kuwait national needs to present 6 months valid national passport at UAE immigration point. Other related documents according to the purpose of the visit to UAE must be presented by Kuwaiti nationals at immigration points. GCC nationals including Kuwait nationals can also present civil ID or national ID for UAE visa-free entry.

Yes, German nationals staying in Kuwait must apply for a UAE visa before entering the country. German nationals will need UAE visas for all kinds of reasons including tourism, business, work, and medical purposes. 

Yes, all the Kuwait nationals willing to work in UAE private areas must obtain a valid work permit first. GCC nationals including citizens of Kuwait do not require to obtain a residency visa for the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, Kuwait nationals can continue working in the United Arab Emirates without applying for a residence visa.

Yes, Kuwait nationals must take CoVID 19 test and present pre-travel test results at UAE immigration point. The test is required for Kuwaiti nationals irrespective of the country (including Kuwait) they are traveling to the United Arab Emirates. The report must be either in English or in the Arabic language taken before 73 hours of travel to UAE.

No children under 14 years of age do not have to mandatorily take the COVID 19 RT PCR test.

Kuwait nationals traveling to the third destination from the United Arab Emirates do not need an Emirates transit visa. UAE issues a transit visa for 48 hours and 96 hours to foreign nationals.

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