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Holding a Jamaican passport and wondering whether you are eligible to travel to the Emirates right now? Then the answer to your question is yes you can now apply for an Emirates visa from Jamaica and travel to the Emirates. You can also stay for a given period of time as that mentioned on your Emirates visa once you enter the Emirates. This means now you can take a look at the large palm island right in front of you while having leisure time at the Dubai shopping malls and buying all that you have ever wished for. One thing that you must not miss is a look at the Emirati tradition and how it has enhanced over time. This will all now be possible if you have Emirates Visa Online to provide you, your own choice of visa now by just some of the simple steps!


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes even if you are a 60-year-old Jamaican applying for an Emirate visa, you can get it and you can also get discounts based on the festive seasons. If you wish to stay for about 30 days then all you need to do is apply for an Emirates 30 days visa that will let you stay for the said time period.

In this case, the best visa option that a Jamaican can apply for is an Emirates 30 days multiple entry visa. This visa will let you go in and out of the Emirates for multiple times. This means that if you have the trip to London and back all being covered in this 30 days time period then you can apply for this option. If the time period is longer than the said then you can apply for a multiple entry visa that allows more days time.

No, Jamaican cannot apply for an Emirates visa on arrival after entering the Emirates, this is because Jamaica has not been included in the Emirates visa on arrival list as stated in the Emirates visa policy.

If you are a Jamaican waiting for a flight change at one of the Emirates airports you might as well have to apply for an Emirates transit visa if you have this going on for about more than 8 hours.

No, you will not be required to apply for another Emirates visa to travel to the Emirates if your visa has 3 months validity and your passport has a validity of about 6 months or more.

Working along with the ministry of home affairs to get your visa issued, Emirates Visa Online is one of the reliable sites you can totally trust.

With this now a Jamaican can apply for an Emirates visa from Jamaica and have a trip to the Emirates.

No, Jamaica nationals are not permitted to enter the United Arab Emirates without a tourist visa. The Emirates tourist visa is issued to Jamaica nationals when they are traveling to UAE for vacation or tourism-related reasons. Jamaica nationals traveling to UAE should check the entry requirements before visiting the United Arab Emirates.

Yes, Jamaica nationals must obtain an Emirates visa before entering the country. Emirates does provide visas on arrival to a few countries, but Jamaica is not eligible for a UAE visa on arrival. Jamaica nationals should apply for a pre-approved visa for the United Arab Emirates. 

If you are applying for UAE tourist from Jamaica. Then you can visit the Emirates visa online website for the UAE e-Visa service. Jamaicans can also get a UAE tourist visa from the embassy. But it is recommended to choose the UAE e-Visa service to avoid unnecessary travel. Jamaican applicants can start by selecting the relevant tourist visa type for UAE. Jamaican need to complete all the details additionally all the documents for the UAE visa application form. Fees must be submitted by proper online mode of payment by Jamaican for UAE visa. Valid visa for UAE is sent on the Email ID of Jamaican national.

It would be best if you apply for a UAE visa online before one week of your journey to the United Arab Emirates. So, there will be enough time for Jamaican applicants for UAE visa applications. Even if the UAE visa is rejected due to certain misinformation or mistake. You will have enough time to re-apply for a UAE visa from Jamaica.

Jamaican nationals must select UAE visa type according to the journey. If they are traveling to UAE for one time short duration visit. Then UAE provides single entry short-term visas to foreign nationals. If Jamaican have plans to revisit UAE. Then Jamaican nationals should get multiple visit long-term visas for UAE. 

Jamaican nationals can get 30 days visa for UAE for both single entry and multiple entries. 14 days visa for UAE which is available only for a single entry. Jamaican nationals can also get 90 days long 5 years visas for UAE. 

No, Dubai is located inside the United Arab Emirates and Jamaica is not a visa-free country. Therefore, Jamaican nationals can not enter the Emirate of Dubai without a visa.

The UAE immigration department has agreed that diplomatic and official passport holders of Jamaica do not need to apply for UAE visas. 

Jamaicans will need to follow five simple steps for UAE visa application. Jamaican nationals can easily monitor the UAE visa application status online. Documents for UAE visas are submitted electronically additionally Jamaica receives UAE e-visa online. Processing time of UAE visa is just 3-4 days for Jamaican nationals.

National of Jamaica is not eligible for a UAE visa on arrival. They need to obtain it before arriving at UAE Airport or border.

Yes, you need to apply for a UAE visa for my 5-year-old child if they are traveling to UAE. Parents need to submit their national passport and child passport at the time of entry to the UAE immigration point.

Jamaican nationals are recommended to take travel insurance to visit UAE from Jamaica. UAE travel insurance has become a mandatory requirement as it also covers medical insurance and flight delay charges. It is best to take your valid travel insurance while visiting UAE. 

Yes, UAE is a pretty safe place and the crime rate is lower. Citizens of UAE follow Emirati culture and are friendly toward visitors and tourists.

The 14 day UAE visas from Jamaica will cost USD 130. If Jamaican nationals are planning to stay in UAE for 30 days then it will cost USD 140 (single entry visa) and USD 405 (multiple entries visa). A 90 days UAE visa from Jamaica will cost USD 400 if you are applying for a single visit visa. The UAE 90 days visa cost for multiple visit visas from Jamaica will cost USD 830.

Yes, Jamaicans can get UAE five years tourist visa online. They can obtain it by sending applications on Emirates Visa Online. This multiple visit visa for UAE stays valid for 5 years. Jamaican nationals can stay in any part of the UAE for 90 days. This visa is easily extendable for the other 90 days in UAE. Jamaican need to pay USD 850 for five years UAE tourist visa. 

You must not use an invalid national passport while visiting UAE. The government of UAE has established a few rules for passport validity which must be maintained by every visitor. Jamaican nationals visiting UAE must use at least a 6-month valid passport to enter the country.

Yes, a UAE visit visa is provided to the citizen of Jamaica. The UAE visit visa allow Jamaica national to conduct business, attend meeting, conference, visit UAE or explore tourist places in UAE.

Yes, the government of UAE has passed strict rules for every visitor entering UAE need to have proper health insurance. After COVID UAE government has tightened the requirement of health insurance for visitors. Thus, citizens of Jamaica also need health insurance to visit UAE.

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