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Emirates Government introduces the policy of Emirates visa free countries in which citizens of some countries who came under this visa-free country policy can enter emirates without a visa. Well, guess what now even you can travel to the Emirates without a visa! Well, now that’s free. But this is only for those who belong to the Emirates visa free countries. Those citizens belonging to the countries can travel without having to apply for Emirates visa. But for this, getting to know more about how to travel and what to do once you are there is more important. Hence Emirates Visa Online will let you know about the information you might want to get before you plan your travel.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the immigration officer has the right to refuse the entry of foreign nationals from GCC countries. If they find any error, due to certain reasons and if no valid passport or national ID is presented.

Yes, Emirates visa exempted nation requires a valid passport to enter the United Arab Emirates.

No, Emirates visa-free countries do not have to obtain ICA approval before entering the United Arab Emirates. Some residents or foreign nationals traveling to UAE need to obtain ICA approval or GDRFA approval if visiting Dubai. 

Yes, GCC nationals can apply for UAE five years tourist visa. They can visit the embassy or apply online on Emirates Visa Online. GCC nationals must send an application for five years UAE tourist visa with all the documents fastened for verification. GCC nationals can enter UAE multiple times with valid UAE five years tourist visas.

Yes, GCC nationals staying in UAE are also obliged to follow rules, restrictions, and laws. GCC nationals who have overstayed in the United Arab Emirates without a visa must clear a fine before leaving the country.

If you have already stayed in UAE without a visa on visa-free travel. Then, you should apply for a new UAE visa or long-term visa to reside in the country for a longer period. If you have plans to work, live, or study in the United Arab Emirates. Then it is recommended to apply for a residence visa, student visa, or employment visa in UAE.

The CoVID 19 entry requirements are necessary criteria that must be known and followed by every visitor willing to enter UAE. To enjoy visa-free travel in UAE, visitors must know about the protocol and requirements of entry during a pandemic. The pandemic has affected the tourism sector and entry to UAE. Emirates visa-free nations are suggested to carry negative PCR COVID test results with them. COVID 19 Vaccination certificate (fully vaccinated) to be presented at entry points for Emirates visa-free travel.

No, nationals of Oman do not have to obtain a Dubai visa to enter the country or who are willing to attend the 2020 Dubai expo.

The stay validity of a visa-free visit to the United Arab Emirates depends on the nationality of the foreign national. GCC countries are allowed to stay in UAE for 180 days or 90 days according to nationality without any need to obtain a UAE visa. Few other visa exempted nations by UAE are allowed to stay in the country for either 30 days or 90 days.

No, visa exempted countries for UAE are not allowed to stay in the country permanently without a visa. You should apply for a UAE residence visa if you have any plans regarding a long stay or for a permanent stay.

The visitor holding nationality of one of the Emirates visa exempted nations are allowed to travel anywhere inside the country. Traveler must have 6 months valid national passport in a good condition for visa-free travel inside the United Arab Emirates.

Kuwait is a part of the GCC countries and visa exempted nation by UAE. Therefore, no visa requirement for UAE is required to be fulfilled by the citizen of Kuwait. Other documents which are required to visit UAE for Kuwait national is passport (6 months validity). The national ID of Kuwait nationals traveling to UAE. Provide evidence for sufficient proof of funds, hotel reservation details, and flight tickets details too.

Yes, GCC nationals can visit UAE for tourism and business purposes without visas. Transit visas are also not required for GCC nationals entering UAE. 

No, you can not work in UAE without a work permit even if you are a national of GCC Country. Work permit in UAE is issued to those foreign nationals who are willing to invest, conduct business, or get employed in the country. GCC nationals must obtain a valid work permit to work legally in UAE.

The stay validity of a visa-free visit to the United Arab Emirates depends on the nationality of the foreign national. GCC countries are allowed to stay in UAE for 180 days or 90 days according to nationality without any need to obtain a UAE visa. Few other visa exempted nations by UAE are allowed to stay in the country for either 30 days or 90 days.

There is no need of obtaining prearranged UAE visa for nationals of the United States arriving for a short duration. The nationals of the United States can visit UAE and get their visa on arrival for transit, tourism, leisure, and business purposes. The UAE national will be allowed to receive 30 days stay visa for UAE without any cost.

No, the United Arab Emirates is not a visa-free nation for Indian nationals. If a traveler holding an Indian passport intends to cross UAE borders then must apply for the pre-approved visa. It is mandatory to follow entry restrictions and all the procedures of a UAE visa. Now the process of obtaining a UAE visa for Indian national have become easy after the introduction of the UAE online visa. Indian national holding residence visa or permit of the United States can also apply for UAE visa on arrival for 14 days. The free-of-cost visa on travel to UAE for Indians is only allowed for a short duration. 

No, travelers from visa exempted nations by UAE do not need any sponsor to enter the country. Tourists can stay in UAE for a limited duration.

If we will talk about the countries that are specifically recognized as visa exempted nations by the UAE government. Then all the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries are Emirates visa-free countries. All the nationals of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and Muscat are free to cross the border of the UAE without any need to receive a visa. All the nationals of Bahrain, Oman, and Doha are Emirates visa-free nations. Citizens and residents of Kuwait are also free to visit UAE without short-term visas.

The Emirates visa-free countries are the countries exempted from the mandatory visa process. Those countries who have an agreement with the UAE government can enter the country without any visa for a short visit. 

Emirates visa-free travel means visiting inside the United Arab Emirates without a visa. Visa-free travel to the United Arab Emirates allows foreign nationals to visit and stay in the country without following or completing the lengthy procedure of obtaining a visa. The Emirates visa-free travel is permitted to only those foreign nationals if both the countries have signed the contract for no-visa entry. 

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