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Emirates Government introduces the policy of Emirates visa free countries in which citizens of some countries who came under this visa-free country policy can enter emirates without a visa. Well, guess what now even you can travel to the Emirates without a visa! Well, now that’s free. But this is only for those who belong to the Emirates visa free countries. Those citizens belonging to the countries can travel without having to apply for Emirates visa. But for this, getting to know more about how to travel and what to do once you are there is more important. Hence Emirates Visa Online will let you know about the information you might want to get before you plan your travel.


Frequently Asked Questions

Those belonging to the GCC countries need not take a visa to travel to the Emirates. Moreover, those belonging to the following countries need not show a passport to travel to the Emirates:

Bahrain Kuwait Oman
Saudi Arabia    

The citizens belonging to these countries can travel with just their Emirates ID being shown. The citizens also can stay for as long as they wish in the Emirates. This is due to the freedom of movement being allowed.

The following countries can stay depending on the number of days allowed:

  1. Citizens belonging to Mexico can stay for 180 days without taking a visa
  2. Those countries whose citizens need not take a visa for 90 days within any 180 day period:
Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic
Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece
Hungary Italy Ireland Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg
Malta Netherlands Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia
Slovenia Spain Sweden Saint Vincent Switzerland Montenegro
Honduras Norway Iceland Russia Liechtenstein  
  1. Those countries that can stay for 90 days:
Argentina Barbados Brazil Chile Colombia Kiribati
Nauru Paraguay Serbia Solomon Islands Seychelles Uruguay


  1. Those countries that can stay for 30 days without taking a visa:
China Macau Japan

All of the citizens belonging to these countries can stay for the specified amount of days in the Emirates.

A visa on arrival will let you take a visa once you have reached the United Arab Emirates. This is for those that need to take a visa while traveling to or while staying in the United Arab Emirates. While visa-free travel is for those who need not take a visa and can travel with the help of only a passport or an identity card.

If you are a dual citizenship holder of both Bahrain and India then you need not take a visa to travel to the Emirates. As those who are citizens of Bahrain can travel even without a visa and stay for as long as he or she wishes.

The following documents must be shown when you enter the Emirates on a visa-free entry:

  • A passport or a valid Emirates ID card
  • Hotel booking in the Emirates if any
  • Flight booking of both arrival and return to your country.
  • Travel itinerary if you are traveling to the Emirates on a tourist visa.
  • All of these documents must be shown at the border to the immigration officers if you have entered the Emirates on a visa-free entry.

    With this now you can travel via free for those who belong to the Emirates visa-free countries and gain a wonderful experience with the visit here.

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