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Process to Apply Emirates Visa for Syria Nationals

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This article about Emirates Visa for Syria Nationals provides all the details regarding Emirates Visa that Syria Nationals needs to follow to avail the Emirates Visa. Citizens of Syria can apply online for the visa at Emirates Visa Online and they can avail of the visa in just 3-4 days. Scroll down to find more.


Various sorts of entry permits are available depending on your reason for visiting the UAE. Here are a few examples:
  • Permission of entry for employment
  • Permission to visit relatives in the nation
  • Tourist/transit entrance permit
  • Permission to enter for treatment
  • Permission to enter for mission
  • Attending conferences requires admission permission.
NOTE: In the short entry for tourism, visit, transit, or for work.


  • A colour passport photograph is required as part of the application process.
  • A photocopy of your passport in colour (must be valid for six months)
  • A copy of your Emirates flight ticket or your codeshare partner's travel ticket.
  • The application for a visa.


  1. You can apply from the website of Emirates Visa Online
  2. Once you visit the website the front page will ask you to “select the citizenship country”.
  3. Then select “living country” of the person and click on “apply for Emirate’s visa”
  4. Then, based on your plans, choose one "kind of visa.". Then click on “proceed to apply”
  5. The page will direct you to fill in all your details and upload all the required documents.
  6. Next, choose between "submit and add additional applications" and "submit and pay now."
  7. Then the page will direct you to the payment portal and then pay the fee for the Emirate’s visa.
  8. Then the application will go for approval and you can check the status of your application by visiting our website.
  9. You can visit our website and click on “Emirate’s visa status” and then enter the “application number” and click on “check Emirate’s visa status”.



  1. We have a 100% approval rate for visas, which is the greatest among all travel firms, making us more dependable.
  2. You can apply for an Emirate’s e visa online from our website
  3. We complete all visa applications in approximately 4 business days, resulting in a quick visa service.
  4. We also work on weekends, such as Fridays and Saturdays, when most travel agencies are closed.
  5. You will receive an email notification for each step of the procedure that your visa is going through.
  6. You do not need to have another sponsor if you apply with us. We will act as your sponsor, and you will receive your visa without any problem.
  7. We also provide customer care support for any queries related to visa i.e. (24*7) whether it is on call, email, or chat
  8. we also help to solve your queries if it is related to your documents also.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Syria nationals can select from two types of Emirates transit visas that is 48 hours visa or 96 hours visa. To get 48 hours transit visa for Emirates, Syrian nationals have to pay USD 70.0. The 48 hours transit visa takes around 5 days or one week for processing. The 96-hour transit visa cost around USD 125.0 for Syrian nationals. 

Syrian nationals who want to visit Dubai can apply for 90 days tourist visa on Emirates Visa Online. They can open the website, fill in their nationality (Syria), and living country name. Then they can select 90 days Emirates single entry visa or 90 days multiple entries visa for Dubai. After that, personal details, passport details, email address, contact details, and travel details must have to be provided accurately by Syrian nationals in the Emirates visa application form. After that, they must attest scanned images of the passport, photograph, and other required documents. To get UAE 90 day visa, Syrian nationals have to pay 450.0 USD for a single visit visa and 830.0 for a multiple visit visa. The digital copy of the valid 90 days Emirates visa is sent to the email address of the applicant in PDF form. It would be best if you apply for Emirates 90 day visa in advance. 

To cross UAE borders or to visit UAE, Syrian nationals must have valid tourist visas, which can be obtained online. Syrian nationals visiting UAE must check whether the validity of their passport is there for the next 6 months or not. If their passport validity is less than 6 months, then the immigration officer at entry points will deny their entry. Syrian nationals will also need valid health insurance for Emirates. Confirmed final return tickets from UAE, hotel booking details, travel itinerary, and bank statement for evidence are also required. Syrian nationals should also have to submit COVID 19 negative test results, and a vaccination certificate to enter UAE.

No, even the diplomatic passport holders of Syria are also not eligible for visa-free travel or UAE visas on arrival. Syria nationals have to obtain a pre-approved visa for the United Arab Emirates. Visa on arrival service in Emirates is only provided to certain countries. Syria nationals can get UAE visas by applying online through Emirates visa online.

Indeed, one must submit a valid national passport while applying for the Emirates visa. Syrian nationals must use valid passports only, otherwise, they won't be allowed to enter UAE. If your passport is about to expire, then you should renew it in Syria or residing country only. The validity of your Syrian passport has to be 6 months from the day of arrival in the UAE. You do not have to submit the original passport, you can share scan images. Although travelers from Syria should carry their original valid passport while traveling to UAE.

Entry into Abu Dhabi is dependent on the verification of the documents presented by the Syrian nationals at the entry points. Syria nationals can only enter Abu Dhabi if all the documents, visas, passports, etc are valid. After going through all the documents and verifying the document, the immigration authorities at the airport holds the final decision whether one can enter or have to leave. The valid visa does not confirm the entry of Syrians into the United Arab Emirates. 

Syrian nationals must have to pay the Visa charges which depend on the visa type, and whether it is a single entry or multiple entry permit. Syrian nationals applying for 14 days Emirates tourist visa have to pay USD 150.0 using a valid debit card or credit card. For 30 days single-entry Emirates visa, Syrian nationals should pay USD 160.0. In order to acquire multiple entries, 30-day visas for Emirates USD 500.0 are charged. The 90 days single visit visa fee is USD 450.0 for Syrian nationals. The visa fee of 90 days multiple entries Emirates visas is USD 830.0 only. Syrian nationals wanting to apply for 5 years tourist visa for Emirates should pay USD 850.0. 

Syrian nationals should apply for the Emirates visa well in advance before boarding the flight. The processing time for the short-term visa like 14-day Emirates tourist visa, 30-day Emirates tourist visa, or 90-day UAE tourist visa is up to 3 days or 4 days for Syrian nationals. Syrian nationals who are planning to apply for a 5-year Emirates visa should apply in advance. As the processing time is more than a week, it can take 13 to 15 days. It is best to apply for an Emirates visa one to two weeks before your travel.

Citizens of Syria traveling to the UAE are permitted to stay until their visa stay validity ends. The stay duration for Syrian nationals in the United Arab Emirates is determined by the type of visa they have. Syria nationals can stay for two weeks in Dubai with 14 days Emirates tourist visa. 30 days stay in Dubai is also possible if one has 30 days Emirates visa. There are many tourist places and Destinations in UAE, to explore more Syrian nationals can apply for long-term visas. Syria nationals can stay in Dubai for 90 days or even 180 days without leaving the country.

Syrian nationals can apply for a different type of Emirates tourist visa. Based on their preferences, which might differ significantly and it can be determined by the number of weeks or months individuals would like to reside in the United Arab Emirates. The number of entries individuals would like to have, the purpose of their travels, and their travel plans. Single-visit tourist visas for Syrians are best for those individuals who want to enter only once and have no long-term plans to enter again. Syria passport can also apply for multiple visit visas for gaining more than one entry. Syria nationals can get 14 days single entry Emirates tourist visa. UAE government also grants 30 days Emirates visas to Syrian nationals which can be single visit visas or multiple visit visas. They can also get 90 days Emirates tourist visa (single entry/multiple entries) and 5 years Emirates tourist visa (multiple entry visa).

Syrian citizens must upload all the documents in order to acquire a visa to visit UAE. They should provide the clear scanned 1st page of their Syria valid passport, as well as the last page. Valid Email ID of the applicant and valid debit or credit card is required. Send the digital copy of your passport size photograph.

No, there is no need for sponsorship for travelers visiting the United Arab Emirates just for fun, enjoyment, and travel reasons. A tourist visa can be acquired easily without going through a long process or sponsorship. Tourist can sponsor their 5-year tourist visa by themselves and can stay in UAE for 90 days.

Syrian citizens can register for Emirates travel visas on the Emirates visa online website without having to go through a lengthy process. Citizens of Syria can even apply for the Emirates transit visa online through the Emirates visa website. Applicants from Syria should have a proper internet connection while filling out the online Emirates visa application. You can get an Emirates tourist visa or Emirates transit visa according to the purpose of your visit. After completing the form, double-check the details, and provide the necessary digital copies of the documents required for the Emirates visa. Syria nationals also have to pay for their Emirates visa either with a credit or debit card. Submit the visa application only after ensuring that all the documents are attached with the correct details. It is possible to add an Emirates visa application for your family member, spouse, friend, relatives, or child.

No, Syrian nationals are not allowed to enter the United Arab Emirates without a valid visa. Syria is not a UAE visa exempted country. Syria nationals planning to visit UAE even for a short time period should get an Emirates visa. 

Unless they come from one of the visa-exempt countries or one of the countries whose residents are eligible for visa on arrival, visitors to the United Arab Emirates must get a visa prior to departure. All travelers to the UAE must have a passport that is valid for at least six months.

Obtain a tourist visa for the United Arab Emirates from Syria. To obtain a tourist visa for the UAE, contact one of the UAE-based airlines, a tour operator, or a hotel (where you plan to stay) in the UAE, who will apply for the visa on your behalf to the UAE's official visa-issuing authorities.

The processing time for a visa is about 3 to 4 business days. For admission into the UAE, you'll need to get approval from the immigration department.

You can track the status by visiting the website of Emirates Visa Online. Then you can type either your application ID or passport number and then you can click on “check UAE visa status”

The number, which can be seven or more characters long, is printed next to Entrance Permit No. on new entry permits and next to "File" on your passport's visa sticker.

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