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The United Arab Emirates has emerged into a major tourist destination for people of all nationalities. This article on Emirates visa for Iran nationals by Emirates Visa Online will give you a clear idea about Emirates, and its visa policy, so you can apply for the same without any doubt in your mind.

Situated in the Middle East, UAE is one of the most glittering countries in the world. The golden dunes, relentless sunshine, and sky high buildings, this country has everything to attract the visitors. Applying for a UAE visa online is very simple; follow this article till the end to clear your doubts about the same.


As a citizen of Iran you have to apply for a visa online either through the embassy or online. Applying for a UAE visa online is a very simple task, it takes just 10 minutes to fill out the form, and there you go!

There are countries that are exempted from visa, namely the GCC countries, Mexico, El Salvador, Switzerland, Japan, China, etc. The passport holders of these nations do not require a visa to travel to the country, they enjoy free movement.

Also, the UAE visa on arrival facility is available to the residents of the countries like Andorra, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Malaysia, etc.


Both the countries have a lot of history together that dates back to pre modernization of the UAE. Their relations are deeply diplomatic, with some clashes. There are a few Iranians residing in the UAE.

Recently, there have been conflicts regarding the three islands, Abu Musa, Lesser Tunb, and greater Tunb. However, both the countries state that they are trying their best to resolve this conflict.

After the 2016 attack on Saudi diplomats in Iran, the government of UAE deeply criticized the country for its failure to protect the diplomats.

Later in 2020, when the Israel-UAE peace agreement was signed, the relation between the two countries suffered to a huge extent. Iran condemned the deal and also said that it was a dangerous stab in the back for Syrian and Palestine citizens, and that UAE will never be forgiven for what it has done. A lot of threats were issued by Iran to UAE regarding the same.

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Emirates are not just about sand dunes and skyscrapers, it's much more than that. And if you are wondering whether to visit this scenic beauty or not, your doubts will be cleared after reading the reasons behind:


Uae connects the world; the location of this country helps it to connect people from east to west and vice versa. Due to this reason, Dubai international airport has been ranked as the busiest airports in the world. People get to enjoy the world class airport that has so much to offer during their layover in the airport.


UAE has some of the world’s best malls offering a number of activities. Due to the country’s heat and humidity, most of the time you would prefer to spend time there and enjoy skiing, watching aquariums and many more. The malls in dubai has the largest skiing slope, with real penguins in that.


Abu Dhabi’s Warner bro’s world is the world’s largest indoor theme park. The themes include Gotham city of Batman, and much more.

Culture freaks will enjoy the Sharjah museum which has so much of history to tell, before UAE became the modern country that it is today. You can visit Fujairah to enjoy some wonderful beaches and soak up the sun. You can also visit the world’s largest mosque in Abu Dhabi, and indulge yourself in the marvelous architecture of the place.

If you enjoy wildlife, you can visit the Sir Bani Yas islands, where if you are lucky, you can spot some giraffes, cheetahs and gazelles.

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Food is one of the best things that you get to taste in UAE. With so many restaurants around the country, you would never run short of options for the perfect place to grab a munch. Some of the renowned international chefs like Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver have opened several restaurants here.


UAE has some of the world’s best architectural buildings. With so many spectacular buildings all around, you might need to take your camera out every time to click pictures.

You can visit Abu Dhabi’s Capital gate which is the world’s most leaning tower at 18 degrees, even more than the leaning tower of pisa.


If you like solo traveling you do not need to worry about your safety, especially if you are a woman. The safety that this country provides is commendable.

Dubai’s Jumeirah Emirates hotel towers hotel and Dukes Dubai dedicate a female only floor with just female staff. So feel ultra safe when you are in the country.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are from Iran and you wish to visit the emirates, you need to apply for an e visa online beforehand. For that purpose you will need certain documents for upload, the uae visa requirements are:

  1. Valid Iran passport with at least 6 months of validity.
  2. Passport size photograph
  3. Confirmed flight tickets.
  4. Proof of hotel bookings.
  5. Proof of funds.
  6. Cover letter stating the reason for your visit.
  7. How do I track my visa after applying for it online?

To find your uae visa status, visit and go to the visa status bar, enter your application number and you will get all the information there itself.

No, you will have to go through the procedure of applying for a visa, either through the embassy or online, the latter being much easier.

The processing time for a tourist visa is generally 5-7 days. You can also opt for express visa service which gets processed in just 48 hours and costs $200.

The Dubai visa fees for different types of visa is mentioned below:

  •         14 days tourist visa: 135$
  •         48 hours transit visa: 160$
  •         96 hours transit visa: 170$
  •         30 days tourist visa: 145$
  •         30 days tourist visa multiple entry: 315$
  •         90 days visa: 460$
  •         90 days tourist visa multiple entry: 760$
  •         E visa extension: 600$

Filling the UAE visa application if you are a citizen if Iran is a simple, comforting and easy task. You just need to sit at your home and give 10 minutes of your time and you will get the visa at your ease.

To experience this magical country go and fill out the Emirates visa for Iran nationals application form now.

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