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Luxury is what defines Emirates, and with all those tall buildings, beautiful beaches, desserts, cute cafes and restaurants, UAE should be on your travel destinations list. If you have doubts about UAE visa application policy, or other things, read this article till the end. also if you have wanted to know all about Emirates visa for Azerbaijan nationals then you can now get all the information you ever wanted through Emirates Visa Online.

When you are in the United Arab Emirates you can never fall short of things to do. There are unlimited possibilities to have fun and enjoyment to the core. 


When thinking about reasons to visit the UAE, there is no shortage of reasons. Each of the seven emirates offers unique experiences for the tourists to make their trip to this beautiful country even merrier.

Let’s look at them one by one:


This is the capital of UAE, and also the major contributor in the country’s economic and tourism factors.

When in Abu Dhabi, you can visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque, which is one of the most beautiful mosques in the world. If you want to click great pictures for your feed, this place could be the right place. You can also visit the Yas Viceroy Hotel, if you are a formula 1 fan, you can see the race tracks there and also enjoy the view of some super cars.

For fun activities you can visit the Ferrari world which is an themed outdoor amusement park on the world class Ferrari.

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Dubai needs no introduction, it is a city which is known to everyone for all the facilities it offers to its tourists, and this is the reasons why a lot of tourists from all over the world visit this place.

The list of places to visit in Dubai is long, you can visit the Burj Khalifa, enjoy the panoramic view of the skyline from the top of the building. You can also visit the souks, known for its spices and gold.

If you want to immerse yourself in the essence of traditional and modern society at the same time, Dubai is the place! 


Sharjah lies to the north of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. One of the popular reasons why visitors visit Sharjah is because of the Sharjah National History Museum, where you can educate yourself about the natural flora and fauna of the Arabian dessert.

You can experience the history of UAE here, and remind yourself that although the country is now immersed with tall building and luxury, once it was a dessert. The transformation from dessert to a modern hi tech country is commendable.

You can also visit the blue souks when in Sharjah, and buy something traditional for your friends and family.

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The only place in the whole of UAE where you can take breath taking pictures of the nature. This is an ideal place for those visitors who love enjoying sea green beaches and snorkeling, its crystal clear beaches are so beautiful and serene.

To reach here, you just need to complete an hour and a half drive from Dubai.

You can head back to your hotel in Dubai after you have completed watching the serenity of this place. 


The UAE favorite gateway, Ras Al Khaimah is the perfect place to book a resort and enjoy your very own beach front and swimming pools.

To add to the chills, you can visit the Jazirat AL-Hamrah, also called ghost town, which is now an abandoned town left by the residents who believed that it was haunted.

If you are into archaeological things, UAE is full of ruins. You can visit the Dayah Fort to look at some historical ruins.

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These two emirates may not be as famous as their counterparts, but there are plenty reasons to visit them too. Ajman has its share on some of the beautiful beaches and also history and culture. You can visit the Ajman museum and take a look on the history of UAE more clearly.

Umm Al-Quwain is the home to Dreamland Aqua Park, which is one of the world’s largest water park. If you are need of the adrenaline rush, do visit this water park. 


Azerbaijan is also called the land of fire, located in neither Europe nor Asia, there are several contradictions related to this country. Although, it is a new nation which has undergone crazy transformation after the war.

You can reach the Emirates from Azerbaijan by Flight, Bus, and driving.

The cheapest way to get from Baku (Azerbaijan) to UAE (Dubai) is by road which costs around USD130-USD215. You can drive from Baku to Dubai; the distance is 3025 kilometers and takes almost 34 hours to reach.

The quickest way to reach Dubai is by flight which would cost around USD200-USD500; the time taken for the entire flight journey is almost 3 hours.

The airlines operating between the two places are offered by FlyDubai and Kuwait airways.

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Azerbaijan passport holders are not entitled to visa on arrival in the UAE, and hence you will be needed to apply for one beforehand. You can apply for UAE visa online at Emirates Visa Online.

It is important to look at the visa types before you apply for one, and also the requirements required before filling out the application. Let’s take a look at the different types of visa options available:

  1. 30 days single/multiple entry tourist visa with a validity of 60 days.
  2. 90 days long term single/multiple entry tourist visa with a validity of 180 days.
  3. 14 days service visa single entry.
  4. 48 hours/96 hours transit visa.

Visa requirements are mentioned below:

  1. Azerbaijan passport which has a validity of at least 6 months.
  2. Passport size photograph, clicked on white background.
  3. Confirmed flight bookings.
  4. A cover letter and your reasons for traveling.
  5. Proof of funds in your bank account.


Frequently Asked Questions

The basic entry requirement due to pandemics for Azerbaijan is that they should take an RT PCR antigen test before boarding the plane. Azerbaijan nationals need to show the negative RT PCR test results to the UAE immigration authorities. You do need to show a vaccination certificate against COVID, health certificate, and health insurance to the UAE immigration authorities.

No doubt UAE is a safe place for Azerbaijan nationals and other visitors too. Almost more than half of the population of the United Arab Emirates are foreigners and expatriates. UAE is a relatively safe country, and Azerbaijan can visit some famous historical sites. Before traveling to UAE, you should just collect little information about Emirati culture and dressing rules which may differ from your native country. 

Yes UAE government does not permit foreign visitors from any country to visit Abu Dhabi which is a part of the UAE without health insurance. Following COVID rules, the UAE government has strengthened the requirements for tourists from Azerbaijan to have proper valid health insurance. Health insurance can cover the expenses and high hospitality costs in Dubai for visitors from Azerbaijan. 

Emirates transit visa must be taken by Azerbaijan nationals only if they are not planning to stay in UAE for long. If Azerbaijan nationals have the next flight for the final destination within 8 hours, then they should not apply for an Emirates transit visa. Azerbaijan nationals who have to leave the airport or transit visa zone are required to apply for the Emirates transit visa. For transit visas, Azerbaijan nationals have to fulfill basic requirements like passport, filled application, photograph, e-mail ID, and Debit or credit card. The confirmed ticket for the last destination from UAE should be shown to the authority at the UAE airport. It is also mandatory to book a hotel or reserve proper accommodation in the United Arab Emirates to enter with a transit visa. 

A person staying in UAE who has entered the country with a transit visa. Then they have to exit the country before the expiry of their transit visa for the next connecting flight from the UAE. The 48 hours transit visa stays valid for just 2 days, you should have left before the limited time as the extension is not applicable. The 96 hours transit visa allows the holder to stay and visit anywhere in the country but the stay should not exceed more than 4 days. 

Before getting ready to finally schedule your amazing tour to Dubai. Azerbaijan nationals must check out the validity of their passport. Azerbaijan nationals need to send the scanned image of the first page and last page of their national passport. At the time of entering the United Arab Emirates through Dubai international airport, they must show 6 months Azerbaijan valid and original passport. Azerbaijan should also check they have confirmed flight tickets for UAE and also have purchased return tickets. Valid Emirates visa which can be a tourist visa, visit visa, business visa, employment visa, residency visa, etc. Azerbaijan should have a valid email to get an Emirates visa after approval. Show the general outline of your travel plan or purpose of visit to UAE to the immigration officer. Bank statement, COVID vaccination certificate, COVID RT PCR test certificate, and hotel accommodation details.

No, Azerbaijan nationals who hold ordinary passports can not acquire a 30 days visa after arriving at the Dubai international airport. Azerbaijan should get the advance visa and make other entry arrangements in advance to enter through the immigration points of Dubai international airport. To get 30 days Emirates visa, Azerbaijan nationals can visit Emirates visa online to fill out the application will just take a few minutes. After acquiring 30 days Emirates visa Azerbaijan nationals can stay in Dubai for 30 days. However, if you are holding a diplomatic Azerbaijan passport or Azerbaijan service passport then you are eligible for a UAE visa on arrival entry. 

The cost of 5 years visa for Azerbaijan nationals is USD 850.0. Additionally, it is mandatory to pay a processing fee for 5 years even for Azerbaijan nationals that is USD 550.0. The processing charges of other short validity visas for Azerbaijan is just USD 26.0. The 48 hours transit visa for UAE from Azerbaijan cost around USD 70.0. The transit visa fee for 96 hours for Azerbaijan passport holders is USD 120.0.

Azerbaijan nationals must pay for UAE visas based on visa type and whether it is a single entry or multiple entries visa using a valid mode of payment. You must pay 130.0 USD from Azerbaijan at Emirates visa online for a 14-day Visa to acquire a single entry. The price for 30 days visa for Azerbaijan differs according to the number of entries one can get. The price of 140.0 is required to be paid by Azerbaijan applicants for a single entry and a 30 days Emirates visa. Whereas Azerbaijan national looking forward to the multiple entries should pay USD 405.0 for 30 days stay in UAE. The single entry and a 90 days stay in the United Arab Emirates cost around USD 400.0 for Azerbaijan nationals. Azerbaijan nationals who want to get a three-month visa for multiple visit visas have to pay USD 830.0.

The other important thing visitor traveling from Azerbaijan to UAE worry about is the number of days one will be permitted to stay inside the country. Azerbaijan nationals can stay in the country depending on the stay validity of their Emirates visa. The stay validity of the Emirates for an individual can range between 14 to 180 days in UAE. Azerbaijan who looking forward to more than 90 days or 180 days' stay in the United Arab Emirates should get the 5 years Emirates multiple entries visa. Because its extension is allowed up to 90 days which permit expatriate to stay in UAE for 180 days without any need to leave the country. The stay in UAE can be up to 14 days for Azerbaijan holding 14 days Emirates visa. The visa validity is 58 days, and Azerbaijan nationals have to enter the country within the valid date which is counted from the issued date.

Visitors or tourists from Azerbaijan have to leave the UAE before the end of the visa validity. Sometimes tourists may like to spend some more time in UAE or can't leave due to certain reasons. Then they have the only option to stay legally in UAE by applying for an extension. Azerbaijan nationals wanting to extend their Emirate visa can go to the Emirates visa online website. They can choose what type of UAE visa extension they require. It can be a 30 days extension for Azerbaijan or a 90 days extension of the Emirates visa. Azerbaijan nationals just need to fill in the application, submit the clear images of the required document, pay a fee and then wait for the response for the UAE visa extension. Azerbaijan passport holders have to pay USD 550.0 for the 30 days Emirates tourist visa extension. The cost of increasing the validity of the Emirates visa for 90 days is USD 450.0. 

The budget will depend on the expenses, duration, purpose, accommodation, food, etc. Many factors affect the minimum amount of money that should be carried by one person while visiting Dubai. A minimum bank balance of AED 3,000 for a short-term tourist visa is required. Therefore at the time of getting entry, Azerbaijan nationals may have to show the last few month's bank statement at the airport entry points in UAE. 

The ticket price is dependent on the duration of flight, class, fare, and extra services one chooses. The Emirates minimum flight ticket price from Azerbaijan to the United Arab Emirates in the economy class is EUR 408. The Emirates business class ticket price from Azerbaijan is EUR 1832 which is the lowest price. The price changes frequently and if you want to take a first-class Emirates airlines ticket to visit UAE that is more expensive. The flight duration from Azerbaijan to the Dubai international airport can be 2 hours 50 minutes long.

The Emirates tourist visa for Azerbaijan nationals is the single entry or multiple entries electronic visa issued to them for leisure, spending vacation, and travel purposes. Whereas, the Emirates transit visa is obtained by the Azerbaijan nationals only when they are transiting through UAE and have a plan to visit the final destination from the airport. The Emirates transit visas are only eligible and valid for 2 to 4 days even for Azerbaijan nationals. The tourist visa can be acquired for more than 4 days which provides more stay validity in UAE. Azerbaijan nationals can get transit visas at Emirates airlines for 48 hours or 96 hours. Azerbaijan nationals who are in Dubai or planning to visit can not extend transit visas. On the other side, tourist visas can be extended by Azerbaijan nationals in UAE.

Azerbaijan nationals can get an Emirates tourist visa or visit visa depending on the purpose of visit, duration of stay, and especially according to their travel plans. The very first option and Emirates visa type provided to the Azerbaijan passport holders is a simple 14 days Emirates visa. From the name, it is relevant that the stay in UAE be limited to 14 days only additionally this visa can not be used for more than one time. Visitors, as well as tourists from Azerbaijan, can get the 30 days Emirates visa (single or multiple) at the Emirates visa online. The 90 days Emirates visa (available for both single entry and multiple entries) for Azerbaijan nationals is also available if one has to stay longer than the usual 30 days period. The multiple entries UAE visa is also granted to the citizen of Azerbaijan for 5 years. 

The Emirates visa processing time for Azerbaijan nationals is the same as other nationalities and takes around 3-5 days. The time taken for processing the five-year Dubai multiple-entry long-term permit from Azerbaijan may be between 13 to 15 days. The Emirates visa is sent to the Azerbaijan passport holders only after approval via their email ID. The Emirates visa can be printed out to keep it as a record and hard copy if Azerbaijan nationals are traveling to the United Arab Emirates. 

Yes, Azerbaijan nationals wanting to get an Emirates visa have numerous choices. The applicant sending online application for the Emirates visa at Emirates visa online have the freedom to select from different type of visa and with different validity. For acquiring many entrances to the United Arab Emirates without applying for the UAE visa again and again. Acquiring the multiple entries visa for Emirates is the best-preferred option in this case. Azerbaijan nationals are eligible to apply for 5 years multiple entries visa, and a shorter validity 90 days Emirates multiple entries visa, as well as 30 days visa. Only transit visa for Emirates and 14 days Emirates visa is not issued for multiple entries to Azerbaijan nationals. 

Azerbaijan nationals can apply for Emirates from anywhere and anytime using online services. The pre-approved Emirates visa for Azerbaijan nationals is the online travel permit issued to them for temporary stay in the United Arab Emirates. Azerbaijan nationals can go to the Emirates visa online website for sending Emirates visa applications. Azerbaijan needs to select nationality (i.e, Azerbaijan in this case) and then living country. Select the Emirates visa validity, and using your Azerbaijan passport fill out the application form for the United Arab Emirates visa. Fill in the personal details and passport details exactly as the details mentioned in your Azerbaijan national passport. Azerbaijan needs to upload the scanned documents and submit the fee according to Emirates visa validity. 

Azerbaijan nationals are not eligible and are not permitted to acquire Emirates visas from the airport even for emergencies. Only diplomatic and service passport holders enjoy such privilege mostly. To visit the United Arab Emirates for stay, travel, and work. Azerbaijan passport holders have to get a pre-approved Emirates visa. Even after acquiring an Emirates visa, Azerbaijan nationals can only enter after the final decision and admission by the immigration officer at the airport. 

Azerbaijan nationals only need to get an Emirates visa if they want to enter the country for any purpose. Ordinary passport holders in Azerbaijan traveling to the United Arab Emirates should properly check whether they have all the documents especially Emirates visa to get entry or not before boarding their flight. The best time to apply for the Emirates visa from Azerbaijan is 2 to 3 weeks before the departure of your flight. So, enough time is there for approval and to apply for the Emirates visa again in case one faces rejection. The Emirates visa can also be applied for just 3-4 days by Azerbaijan nationals before leaving.

Yes, an Emirates visa is required by every Azerbaijan passport holder who wants to enter the United Arab Emirates through airport, land, or water. The Emirates visa is the entry document or permits required by Azerbaijan nationals. Ordinary passport holders of Azerbaijan nationals are not permitted to enter the United Arab Emirates without a valid and approved visa. Whereas diplomatic and service passport holders of Azerbaijan can get visas after arriving at the airport or can also get visa-free entry to the United Arab Emirates. Azerbaijan nationals must meet the admission requirement in UAE to obtain easy entry.

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