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More than just a city, this place is more of a brand representative, a luxury place, and a place which has one of the most incredible combinations of desert and cities all side by side. With such a combination right in front of you and missing out on this is totally a loss. And hence to get you away from this loss here is Emirates Visa Online to provide Emirates visa for Armenia passport holders and all your needs to be fulfilled on your request. No matter how big of a request you have all of it will be solved and given to you. Be assured and take rest while we do all the work for you.


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Emirates visit visa online

Emirates visit visa is required for all those countries that cannot enter the country without having a visa. This visa can be of the following categories: 

  • 30 days visit visa
  • 14 days visit visa
  • 90 days visit visa

The main difference between the tourist and visit visa that is issued to the tourists is that the tourist visa can have a different number of entries dependent on the customers’ requirements while the visit visa will only allow a single entry for all the tourists and cannot be extended. This visa once it has reached the expiration date, you will have to exit the country and you will have to re-enter if needed only on a new visa that has been issued. Usage of the same visa will not let you enter the country. It is also important that you get to know whether you really need to have a visit visa or not. There are chances that a person might not need one and will still take one. However, if you are needed to take one you can do that anytime and can apply for an Emirates visit visa online without having to go through any trouble.

The tourism industry in Emirates

It is a known fact that the tourism industry in the Emirates is the most flourished industry and acts as one of the main sources of economy in the Emirates. This industry is growing at the utmost rapid rate and this tourism industry also involves the travel of tourists from one country to another. Being one of the top industries in the Emirates it also has a lot of support form the government in enhancing the overall experience for the tourists. It is also found that the most number of tourists are a part of the desert safari or cruise dining and play a very significant role in flourishing the industry in Emirates. There are also continuous developments taking place in the tours and travel sectors which has also given more push to the Emirates tourism industry.


Frequently Asked Questions

Armenia nationals do require visas to enter the United Arab Emirates. But the process is rather simple if you apply for an Emirates tourist visa with an Emirates visa online. Select the Emirates visa type you need to visit UAE from Armenia. Carefully fill in the personal details, passport details the same as your Armenian national passport, and travel details in the Emirates visa application. Upload the bio page image and passport size image for Emirates visa. The online transaction needs to be done by Armenia nationals for Emirates visa fees. The visa is sent to Armenia citizens via email.

You do not have to visit the UAE embassy in Armenia for an Emirates visa. Nationals of Armenia can apply for the visa at Emirates visa online. The application process is comparatively fast with no unwanted travel to UAE embassies.

The cost of 14 days Emirates visa for Armenia nationals is USD 130.0.

No, a tourist visa or visit visa for UAE is only required for foreign nationals intending to enter the country. UAE residents do not need a visit visa to enter Dubai. If they are expatriates residing inside UAE they may need to show a residency visa and Emirates ID.

Armenia nationals can use the 30 days Emirates visa for one month of travel or stay inside the United Arab Emirates. The visa validity is for 60 days and you should leave before 30 days. The stay is permitted up to three months on 90 days Emirates visa for Armenia nationals. Visa validity after the issued date remains for 180 days.

If you have decided to visit the United Arab Emirates for tourism then you should select a visa wisely and accordingly. If the tour to Dubai is for less than 14 days. Then you can get a single entry Emirates visa for Dubai which is a valid 14-day stay. The tour of a visit to Dubai is for a one-month-long period. Then Armenia national should get 30 days Emirates visa. Which can be further divided into two categories: single entry and multiple entries. If you have planned a long tour and want to stay in UAE for more than 90 days. Then just go for 90 days Emirates visa for a single visit or multiple visits.

The fee foreign nationals need to pay for 30 days Emirates visa just for a single visit is USD 140.0. The multiple visit visa for 30 days from Armenia will cost USD 405.0. Armenian nationals need to pay a processing fee of 26.0 USD too.

Yes, the pre-approved visa is required by every visitor from Armenia visiting Dubai. The Emirates pre-approved visa for Armenia is the electronic permit issued used to enter the country for travel purposes and visit purposes. 

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