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Having an Emirates visa applied for especially when you are traveling to the Emirates seems to be a difficult thing! But there are a lot of other people who have already applied theirs and do not find it that hard to get a visa to Emirates. For all those who will be traveling from Afghanistan to Emirates here is a chance for you to get your Emirates visa for Afghanistan passport holders from Emirates Visa Online. You will not only find it quite easy but you will also have a good experience at it.



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Emirates visa types for an Afghanistan passport holder

While it is important that you know how to apply for Emirates visa, it is also important that you find out all the possible options that you get as an Afghanistan passport holder and which one is the best suited for al your travel needs. Here is a list of Emirates visa types that you might want to take interest in if you want to apply for one!

  1.  30 days single entry Emirates visa
  2. 14 days Emirates visa
  3. 30 days multiple entry Emirates visa
  4. 90 days single entry Emirates visa
  5. 90 days multiple entry Emirates visa


All of these visas can be made available all according to the number of days that you will be staying for in the Emirates. Among these visas, you can see that some are of single entry which means that the particular visa will only let you enter Emirates for a single time and the other which indicates multiple entries will let you travel back and forth between two countries for an unlimited number provided the visa is still in the validity period.


Emirates Visa during Urgency

While all of the visas as mentioned above can easily be obtained within just a matter of three to four days, what to do when you are in an urgent condition where you need to travel to Emirates may be due to some urgent business meeting or maybe due to some unfortunate incident that took place? During such times you can now get your Emirates visa in just a matter of two days or even lesser than that with the help of Emirates urgent visa service. While the other normal delivery date which takes about four days will have a variable service charge for each type of visa that you select here you will have to additionally pay an amount of 200.0 US dollars in order to get your visa processed at the earliest possible.



Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum time travel from Afghanistan to UAE by flight is 3 hours which can also extend to 3 hours 20 minutes.

Yes, many foreign nationals, Islamic country citizens, and Afghanis reside and work in the United Arab Emirates. Currently, around 150,000 Afghan residents are living in UAE. 

No, Afghanistan passport holders are not eligible to apply for visas on arrival after reaching any of the airports in the Emirates. Visa on arrival for Emirates can only be obtained by the eligible applicant for 30 days or 90 days.

Passengers from Afghanistan flying to Dubai can take any one flight. Four airlines flight travel to Dubai from Kabul. In a week around 33 flights take off from Kabul for Dubai. You can book a flight ticket through Emirates airlines for Dubai from Kabul.

Every foreign national is eligible for 5 years tourist visa for UAE irrespective of nationality but they need to fulfill special requirements. Afghanistan nationals can obtain 5 years tourist visa but they should fulfill requirements especially financial requirements.

Afghanistan nationals can apply for transit visas and tourist visas for UAE online. Afghanistan is eligible to apply for 48 hours transit visa and 96 hours transit visa for the United Arab Emirates. The nationals of Emirates traveling to UAE for tourism can choose from different types of Emirates tourist visas. Afghanis can get 14 days Emirates visa or 30 days Emirates tourist visa which is a short-term single entry permit. Afghanis can also apply for 30 days multiple tourist visa for Emirates. 90 days Emirates tourist visa can be obtained by Afghanistan for either single entry or multiple entries. 

Citizens of Afghanistan can apply for UAE visas on Emirates Visa Online. Afghanistan nationals have to apply for an Emirates visa with digitally scanned images of passport, national ID, and more. Documents must be uploaded and Afghanis must also pay fees too. After sending the application Afghanistan nationals will get a UAE visa within one week sent to the email address.

Yes, Afghanistan nationals are eligible to apply for an electronic visa for UAE. Due to the current political situation in Afghanistan, many online websites are not currently processing Emirates visas. 

No, DVPC does not provide work permits to foreign nationals. You can only get short term tourist visa, long-term UAE tourist visa, visit visa, and short-term business visa for Emirates through DVPC.

Yes, it is mandatory to fill separate Emirates visa form for the selected visa type. You should fill separate form for every individual traveling to UAE from Afghanistan.

Visitors traveling from Afghanistan to UAE should apply for an Emirates visa before 2-3 weeks of their journey. It would be best if Afghanis apply for Emirates visas well in advance to avoid the last-minute rush.

No, the Emirates visa processing center in Kabul is closed from 16th August 2021. Emirates visa center will open after notice from the UAE government.

Afghan nationals willing to enter the United Arab Emirates can also apply in person by visiting the nearest visa processing center or DVPC. Afghanis should also make sure that they are eligible and fit all the entry requirements for UAE. Afghanis can download the UAE visa application form and fill it carefully. Then they can either send or travel to the visa processing center themselves for UAE visa application submission. They should take documents and UAE visa fees with them to a visa processing center.

Afghanistan nationals applying for an Emirates visa through the Dubai visa processing center can apply for it just after their flight booking. Afghanis also do not need to visit the DVPC center again and again. Afghanis also do not have to look for a local sponsor in Dubai while applying through DVPC. The process is completely secure, assured, and affordable.

DVPC is the Dubai visa processing center for Ahfganis residing in Afghanistan. All the residents or passport holders of Afghanistan can apply for an Emirates visa through DVPC. Afghanistan nationals are only eligible to send applications through DVPC if they are flying to UAE with Emirates airlines.

Yes, Afghan passport holders wanting to visit Dubai or any other Emirate in the United Arab Emirates need to fulfill visa requirements. Citizens of Afghanistan are only permitted to enter or pass through immigration points with a valid Emirates visa. Before traveling to Dubai Afghanistan nationals should check the UAE visa requirements as well as all the details of entry requirements. 

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