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all you should know about emirates parents visa renewal in 2024

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For expats who want to carry their father and mother to Dubai, here is a guide to securing your parents' Emirates visas. In this article, we have also discussed Emirates Parents Visa Renewal.

Qualification for Getting Parents Visa

In order to apply for Parents Visa, you must fulfill the below-listed conditions:

  1. 20,000 AED minimum wage
  2. Minimum Apartment 2 bedrooms (Sponsor's Tenancy Contract)

These capabilities allow you to develop that you can support the parent in the UAE financially.


Requirements for Parents Visa

You must have to submit the following documents to avail parents visa:

  • Application Form 
  • Sponsor Tenancy Contract 
  • Sponsor Emirates ID 
  •  Sponsor Salary Certificate 
  • Letter from the Consulate 
  • Bank Statement with stamp 
  • DEWA Bill
  • IBAN number
  • Passport Copy of Parent
  • Passport Copy & Visa Page of Sponsor 
  • Passport Photo of Parent

Steps for Applying for Parents Visa

  1. Go to the Typing Center to have all the documentation required: If there are no criteria, the staff will let you know what sort of documentation you may need to protect. 
  2. Charge the residency visa application fee: You will be charged the submission fee basically because much of this was completed at the Typing Center. 
  3. Waiting for a DNRD SMS: This text will inform you of the status of the submission and whether there are any other conditions, such as a security deposit. 
  4. You are normally sent an entry permit through Empost within 48 hours, or you can collect it from the counter within a few minutes if you have applied for a pressing visa.

Rules for Women for Sponsoring Parents Visa

  1. In Dubai, if the monthly income exceeds Dh 10,000, a woman can get permission to sponsor her family. There is also a need for a special permit from the Dubai Department for naturalization and residence.
  2. A single mother should support her baby. However, the authority can request paperwork to be provided for stepchildren identical to those listed in this report.
  3. But the rules in Abu Dhabi are different: if a woman has residency permits with a teacher, doctor, nurse, or any other occupation in the medical field, a woman can sponsor her husband and children, and their monthly income is not less than Dh. 10000, or Dh. 8000 plus accomodation.

Emirates Parents Visa Renewal

The residence permits of the family are attached to the sponsor's residence permit. Thus, if the residency permit of the sponsor is revoked, the visa of the employees must be canceled.

The dependents allowed the new residency permit to be given a 30-day grace period from the day of their visa expiry. If the sponsor fails, so he or she has not been deemed an unlawful citizen and is responsible for civil fines and fails to renew or revoke his dependent visas.

For Emirates Parents Visa Renewal, you must have to submit some essential documents and follow some procedures to renew them properly.


Documents Required for Parents Renewal

  1. Parent's original passport (s).
  2. Initial Parent Medical Certificate (s).
  3. Card/certificate of the parent Medical Insurance (s).
  4. Emirates ID
  5. Emirates Passport Sponsor ID.
  6. Sponsor's IBAN
  7. First EJARI Electricity Certificate. The municipality has confirmed the tenancy contract and the electricity bill if you live from Dubai. In the name of the claimant or partner, 
  8. Labor Agreement
  9. Certificate of Original Salary (free zone / semi-government / public staff)
  10. Affidavit from the Consulate that you are responsible for the wellbeing of the supported parents. The old copy you made before you applied for a parent's visa can be attached (s). We must scan this declaration once according to the latest GRDRFA Vision software. It will be immediately seen next year as the renewal takes place.

Steps for Emirates Parents Visa Renewal

  1. The application with visa renewal form for Emirates ID is to be added. Application type for Medical & ID and go to Medical first before fingerprinting (if necessary) at the EIDA Center close to the Medical Clinic (Al Baraha, Sonapur, Al Qouze). You don't need a date.
  2. If the medical report has been received, apply for a visa stamping via the Typing Centre.
  3. You get an approved response & Airway Bill Number via SMS within 48 hours after submission of your online application.
  4. Taken along with the original ZaJEL Messager's passport at the Deira Main Post Office, behind MAX, Hamriya. Write Airway Bill Number to Submit Receipt. Two days from the same office, you will pick the visa stamped passport.

Some Important Points About Emirates Parents Visa

  1. The visa is not known as a "Parent Visa" but is only referred to on the sticker as a "residence visa".
  2. Be sure you have met the specifications so that the government employees will present anything. If you have both conditions, it is much easier for them to accept the visa.
  3. Our research revealed that, although requirements may vary, the procedure is identical to that for residents supporting a family member (child, parent).
  4. Your mother or father's sponsorship visa is only valid for one year. This is the time for parents to sponsor.

Final Words

So this is all the information about Emirates Parents Visa Renewal that you need to know about. If you have any more queries, you can contact the customer support of Emirates Visa Online, and they will help you with it.

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