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Emirates Literary Festival also popularly referred to as the Airline Festival of Literature is one of the prestigious sets of events ever organized by the Emirates. Its initiative is traced back to the year 2009 and has noticed a successful journey in its ever-growing popularity to date. The world’s greatest authors, thinkers, and doers share their time with all the interests of the fans held at its heart. This place where all of the talented gathers together in one single room is a sight to behold and is sure something that should be personally viewed and can be done with the help of Emirates Visa Online where you can have your own Dubai visa booked without high rates.


  • What is the Airline festival of Literature all about?
  • Founded by and director?
  • Awards received…?
  • Location and details? 
  • How one might encounter it as an influential fest? 
  • What are the reasons for it's till date success?
  • In the end, why is it so appealing?

What is the Airline festival of Literature all about?

As and when we get introduced to literature with different dimensions, this festival has to make a great contribution to the same. It's a fest annually held in march since 2009. It is a platform that enables the exchange of thoughts, stories, ideas via the authors and their vibrant books. Nearly more than 200 authors from different countries participate in this fest. 

Founded by and director?

The patronage of this fest is His Highness  Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Isobel Abulhoul OBE is the CEO and Trustee of the Emirates Literature Foundation. Ahlam Bolooki is another major contributor who runs this festival with all her interests and passion. 

Awards received…?

The fest has been honored with respective awards:-

  •   Middle East Event Awards.
  •   Best Festival Award three times, in 2013, 2014, and 2015.
  •   Best Family-Friendly Day Out Award
  •   Favorite Festival award, 2016

 Location and details? 

InterContinental Hotel, Dubai Festival City

The literature festival 2020 was held in partnership with Emirates and the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority, the Emirates' authority for culture, arts, and heritage. 

How one might encounter it as an influential fest? 

  • The festival firstly has got a big base offering the best it can produce or create out of the opportunities it gets. A non-profit organization that always plays a crucial role in looking for sponsorship has a mere goal of providing a platform where even a nonreader starts reading!
  • This is not just an influential platform but also involves getting together of all the people, greatest authors, and ideas.   
  • Talking about educational benefits, it includes more than 250 sessions, unique gatherings, speeches, discussions, etc. More than 44,000 visitors invest their time and money at this festival.
  • It also comes up with fun, a tinge of inspiration, and mind-blowing classes, workshops, etc. Different languages are also given a huge welcoming sight. People of varying ages get an auspicious chance to explore!
  • With every other detail included, the authors receive a great warmth from the fans all over the world. On the other hand, the fans too are enthusiastic to often meet their hero behind the books they have been reading and worshipping so far at the literature festival

What are the reasons for it's till date success?

The very aim of this festival makes it one of its kind. It simply ends up making aiming at giving people the fun and enthusiasm one might get from reading. From the book worms to the ones who hate reading become a part of this fest. Nothing makes it more successful than receiving more and more audience. It’s awe-inspiring if we look at the journey they have made so far and the baseline was to interest everyone in reading. The genres might differ, the ideas might contradict, the fans might belong to a group of diverse range but yet it still can bring the audience together, united, just on the belief of the 'love one shows towards reading'. Moreover, it involves overwhelming interaction between the authors and their fans! 

In the end, why is it so appealing?

If we look to the depths, every person has got a hidden reader in himself which he might have encountered or yet hasn't. This fest hunts the hidden reader out and provides a big stage to get into the world of fantasies, romance, action, thrill, etc. all via one thing and that is the culture of literature it has been enhancing since 2009. It fosters love among the people towards writing and reading. On the academic front, many educational institutions give a brief visit during the fest. Students, elders, older people, and every single book lover gets a mind-blowing moment and exposure. It will be the 13th fest in the year 2021 and more yet to come with the same amount of energy and wealth of authors, readers, and extravagant fandom.

Entertainment, education, and help in research or fetching ideas can be successfully achieved from this fest. Surely Emirates literary festival is one of its kind which cannot be missed out.

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