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emirates desert safari an arabian adventure

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Deserts are the heart of the United Arab Emirates. For all those who have been wishing for their Arabian Night fantasy to come true, must visit the Emirates-Desert Safari. As the name suggests, it is an Arabian Adventure one must experience in their lives. Just as we have seen the golden glistening sand, swift magical carpet, and many dunes in our favourite Aladin cartoons, in reality, the Emirates Desert is as mystical as the deserts that appear in the cartoon.

This blog focuses on the attractions of the Emirates-Desert Safari, profoundly known as the Arabian Adventure. Also, you need to Apply Emirates Visa in order to visit and enjoy Desert Safari. Emirates Visa Online can help you out to get your Emirates Visa in the fastest processing time.

Location of the Arabian Adventures

The Emirates-Desert Safari is located in Dubai at the Dubai Desert Conservative Reserve. The Arabian Adventures have always followed the path of sustainable tourism within the Dubai Desert Conservative Reserve (DDCR). It has been accepted by the UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program) and the IUCN (International Union Conservative and Nature) to be an internationally protected area.

Attractions at the Arabian Adventures

Emirates Desert Safari indulges its guest to experience the actual flavour of the UAE’s desert and Bedouin heritage. Unlike the other desert safari, one has a benefit here; the guests visiting the Arabian Adventures get a hotel pick – up and drop – off in a private 4 – wheel drive vehicle. Additional to the racy car drives in the desert, you also get to visit and halt at the camps situated in the desert.

The activities in the late afternoon-evening might be very appealing to those to wish to live an Arabian Adventure. These activities include a wide range of activities like the exciting dune drive, camel ride to the star – tent camp, a private start – tent campsite, campfire, and a cushioned seating area.

These activities are followed by a delicious three-course barbeque dinner which is served at your table for your convenience. An unlimited course of premium adult beverages and soft drinks are also served. The guests are provided a personal waiter and are expected to relax and enjoy their visit to the Emirates-Desert Safari.

Some notable aspects to consider

Whilst Emirates-Desert Safari, or as it is popularly known as the Arabian Adventures, welcomes its guests with a lot of warmth, there are some considerations which we must look out for.

  • There is no wheelchair accessibility
  • This tour is not advisable for people with back problems
  • This tour is not recommended for pregnant women
  • This tour is not recommended for people with severe heart problems and other serious medical conditions.
  • The Arabian Adventure supports the zero plastic initiative and urges their visitors to do the same
  • The visit to the Emirates Desert requires good weather conditions. The tour may get cancelled in case of poor weather. In case your tour is cancelled you will either be rescheduled or may get the refund amount

A Concluding note 

To have an experience of the UAE’s truest nature and their culture, one must visit The Emirates-Desert Safari. It will not only help you embrace the culture but also will help you explore a variety of activities you wouldn’t be able to perform otherwise. The luxury of start – tent campsites and the delicious delicacy of the country will make you want to visit this attractive place over and over again.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Arabian Adventures is located within the DDCR. The journey into the desert may take around 40 minutes to an hour to reach.

To explore the land of desert and witness all the inclusion activities may take from 6 hours to at least half of the day.

Children who are of the age group of 6 – 11 years and adults who are 12 and above are permitted to witness the desert safari.

There are no particular dress codes as such. But for the sake of your comfort, you can wear lightweight clothes and which baggy. Because of the constant heat, one may feel hot wearing tight-fitting clothes which are of synthetic material. You can wear normal walking shoes as they will support your legs while you are walking and running around the sand.

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