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Here we are only going to see about the Emirates booking and destinations they travel to. Emirates airlines are also considered as the rapid airline industry in the whole world. They have the largest set of connections in between the countries. They cover almost every part of the world.  They have a wide range of flights provided to many countries. The Emirates has the largest set of Boeing wide-body flights. They have their relations of networking with Asia, Africa, Middle-eastern countries, and the European countries. Their service and networks are almost available on six continents of the world. They provide the best customer satisfies service for the passengers traveling through emirates.

Procedure to book Emirates flights:

As the technology is developing every day even the methodology adopted by the Emirates is developing. From applying for a visa to booking the hotels everything done through the online method. Even the Emirates ticket booking is available online. The Emirates flight ticket rates range from cheap to maximum according to the customer needs. 
The first step is opening the Emirates website. Then type the details of the class of travel and dates of travel. Mention the destinations of from and too involved in travelling.  Then you can opt for Emirates seat booking and choose your seat. Later you can add the extra features like food during travel, and hotels to stay. You can even avail the renting cars for visiting places during the travel. After entering all the details you can choose the package that satisfies your budget for travel. Then do the payment for the tickets in the secured online system used by the Emirates. You can do payments by debit or credit cards. Then an email from Emirates sent regarding details of travel and ticket copies. Then you can plan your travel and check for the reference of booking online. Before all this process the important thing you need is to apply for an Emirates visa online. Only for getting an Emirates visa, you can book the flights. There is an option for customers for applying for an Emirates visa online


Emirates skywards members:

There is another easy option for passengers who open travel to countries using Emirate flights. They can follow an even more simple process than going through the above-mentioned process every time. They can join as the applicant of the skywards program. This makes the process for the applicants easy and rapid. After becoming the applicant all you need to do is just follow the mentioned steps. You can save the personal details and it’s used every time directly when you book flights. There is an option for viewing the upcoming travel. You can even view the search that’s done recently. You can gain the points for skyward and tier miles and use them for your next flight bookings. 


Emirates flights:

Emirates have flights travelling all across the world. They have lots of availability of flights for the passengers to travel to any country easily. Those who feel safe and secure with the Emirates flights will use only them for travelling. Let us see how many flights that’s available for every country.  For African countries, they have flights for about twenty-two ( 22) destinations. Like Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa, Morocco, Sudan, Zambia, Kenya, Mauritius, etc. 
The flights of Asian and pacific related countries are about forty-seven (47) places. From India, they have places included like Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. They include few more places like China, Australia, China, Pakistan, Maldives, Japan, etc. 
The flight that’s allotted for European countries also includes lots of places. They are Greece, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Switzerland, Cyprus, etc.  The few more are Russia, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, etc. There are emirates flights for about forty-two places. 
After Europe, Asia, African countries the next comes the American and the middle-eastern countries. First, we will see about the American places. The places include the United States of America, Mexico, Brazil, and Canada. They have flights for about fifteen (15) places. The final one will be the middle -eastern countries. They have flights for about thirteen (13) places. They include Jordan, Oman, Iraq, Bahrain, Lebanon, UAE, Kuwait, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. So in total Emirates airlines serve about eighty-five (85) countries which include a hundred and sixty-one (161) places. 



Every detail about the destination and the flight booking is elaborated in detail. Not only these features that's mentioned. They also include services like TV shows, songs, games, movies, etc. They provide all these as per the passenger's request and will. They even have the option of a WIFI facility for the customer who travels through the Emirates. All these are the added advantages for the passengers who wish to travel in Emirates airlines

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Frequently Asked Questions

The boarding passes are not different, the exact boarding pass with the seat assigned and flight details are provided whether you check-in at our airport counters or online.
When the Online Check-in is completed, there will be an option to print the boarding pass or have it sent to you via email. Specific and chosen airports around the world accept boarding passes saved on mobile devices. Due to this, the passengers can download the boarding pass any time before the departure date and present it at the Bag Drop counter if the checking of baggage is done or proceed to the boarding gate.
For airports that don’t accept mobile boarding passes, the hard copy should be kept, for being on the safer side.

Yes, the airline does provide a mobile boarding pass. The mobile boarding pass can be received on Emirates flight on your web-enabled phone or mobile device. 
In order to use a mobile boarding pass, an active internet connection is required on your mobile device. A link to your mobile will be received of the boarding pass either via email or SMS.
Lately, due to the advancement of technology, mobile boarding passes can be issued for most flights from specific airports around the world.

Emirates immigration department states that the Electronic Travel Authorization is an entry requirement for visa-exempt foreign nationals traveling to Canada by air.
If traveling to Canada, an eTA is required to board the flight for the categories listed below:

  • Not a resident,
  • If no visa is required,
  • and not otherwise exempt.
  • The eTA is electronically linked to the passport and valid for up to five years, or until the passport expires.

Children aged between 5 and 11 who are flying alone can be accompanied by the selected staff. The service also applies to kids under eight years old who are flying on air in a different cabin class to their parent or guardian.

Unfortunately, Emirates Airline does not allow passengers under the age of 16 and traveling without an adult to do online checking. They must proceed to the airport for normal check-in at the Emirates desk.

The Emirates airlines immigration authorities of certain countries require all the airlines to provide passenger passport information before departure of any inbound or outbound flights to ensure safety and security. 
Currently, these countries include: Australia, Germany, New Zealand, Austria, India, Qatar, Bahrain, Indonesia, South Africa, Bangladesh, Ireland, Spain, Brazil, Italy, Sri Lanka, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, China, Korea, United Kingdom, Cyprus, Malta, United States, Czech Republic, Netherlands.

For security reasons, a random eye screening is been conducted by the Immigration Authorities at Dubai International Airport.
The visitors of The United Arab Emirates are asked to proceed for eye screening, they are asked to present a hard copy of their visa. A printed version of the visa number confirmation page can also be shown. If not, a charge of AED 30 per copy is applied. The amount should be paid in UAE Dirhams itself.

Every visitor to Singapore should provide their personal information, trip details, and health declaration by completing the online form within three days of their arrival. For more details about the SG Arrival Card visit the ICA website or the Emirates website.

If it is an Australian, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, USA, Singapore, and South Korea citizen entering the UK with a short-term student visa, it is essential to carry the documents related to education, finances, and accommodation. Before leaving airport passport control, ensure a border force officer has put a date stamp on the passport.

Customers visiting Canada have the choice of primary inspection kiosks at Toronto Pearson International Airport to confirm their identity before entering the country. All users including Canadian citizens have the choice to scan their travel documents, take a picture and make an on-screen declaration to enter the country.
If required it is possible to complete the declaration in advance by downloading the CanBorder eDeclaration mobile app and scan the quick response (QR) code at a kiosk upon arrival.
The reason for Primary inspection kiosks is that the border security and waiting times will be reduced at Canada's airports. To know more about this system, please do visit the Canada Border Services Agency on Emirates Airline page.


If more than one valid passport is carried by the user, then the one they intend to carry frequently on travels should be carried to make the reservation.

Many countries have specific requirements for passport and visa validity, and often require passports to be valid significantly longer than the length of your trip, this can completely depend on your country of origin, as well as other important factors.
For more information visit the passport and visa requirements for all countries you’ll be visiting on your journey, ensure that the passport has appropriate validity to cover your whole trip.

All Indian passengers holding round trip tickets to Gulf Cooperation Council and traveling out of India on passports with Emigration Check Not Required (ECNR), no longer require an OK TO BOARD (OTB) when traveling on Emirates. Note that the users from India can now select their type of passport between Emigration Check Required (ECR) and Emigration Check Not Required (ECNR) accordingly.

In the USA there are about 12 places where the service of Emirate airlines that’s provided. They are Chicago, Seattle, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Washington, Orlando, Los Angeles, Newark, San Francisco, etc. 

The answer to this question is yes. The Emirates provides the best amenities and service possible. There are few cheap flights available in the Emirates. According to the increase in prices, the services will be better every time.

The Seat Selection tool can be used, which is available through Manage a Booking to select, view the cost, and pay for the chosen seat. Or else, the passengers have also got the option to wait until online check-in opens. That is, 48 hours before the flight, and then choose any particular seat and is free of cost.

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