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An Ultimate Guide to the Dubai Green Planet In 2024

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Why not develop a rainforest if you can build a ski slope in the desert? The Green Planet is a tropical indoor haven designed to "edutain" visitors about biodiversity, the natural world, and sustainability. Its lush canopy houses over 3000 creatures and plants, including birds, butterflies, frogs, spiders, and snakes. The fourth floor has a bat cave, the most recent addition.

Dubai is the priciest city in the world and offers every luxury imaginable. It is the United Arab Emirates heartland (UAE). Dubai offers everything a traveller may want, from large palaces to street shops. The city can capture your heart and leave you wanting longer after your visit. There are many locations to see and activities to enjoy in Dubai, such as a dhow cruise and desert safari. Although this location is well recognised for its modern design, it also enjoys a tranquil green environment. Every site offers a unique sense of education, enjoyment, and excitement. However, you need help if you are in Dubai and must catch up on this.

Dubai's Green Planet Highlights

  • Explore the magnificent green canopy towers above the dome and recreates a natural habitat where 3000 species can live.
  • Enjoy the 35-meter-tall, giant artificial tree that can retain life.
  • While exploring the displays and exhibitions urging you to explore further into the environment, you can catch unforgettable glimpses of the flora and wildlife.
  • Through the teaching facility, you can discover intriguing mysteries of tropical rainforests.
  • Enjoy the four exquisite layers that have been painstakingly recreated in the dome: the flooded rainforest, the forest floor, the mid-story, and the canopy.
  • Learn about unusual and endangered animals like Burmese pythons, squirrel monkeys, and sugar gliders while having fun and going on an adventure.

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Dubai's Points of Interest for the Green Planet

1. Take a Wild Australian Walkabout Tour

Australian Walkabout gives you a decent chance to learn about the unique multi-species exhibitions. Among the inhabitants are Australian Carpet Pythons, turtles, wallabies, and goanna lizards.

2. Finding a bug

The Green Planet Dubai has scheduled a 20-minute interaction session with some fascinating bugs in their kingdom at 4:30 pm. Among the fascinating creatures in this area are tarantulas, roaches, worms, and millipedes.

Meet some of the spookiest reptiles of Green Planet Dubai at precisely 12:30 pm and spend roughly 20 minutes interacting with them. For some exciting experiences, there are snakes, chameleons, lizards, geckos, and turtles.

3. A Sugar Glider Experience

Visit the Sugar Gliders at Green Planet Dubai to learn about these nocturnal mammals. You can attentively watch the sugar gliders glide from one tree to another during the 20 to 30 minutes of your engagement with them.


4. Strong Bat Cave

Have you ever tried to imagine what a natural bat cave looks like? With this unique Bat Cave Experience, you may see the fantastic sight of bats hanging upside down. Every day at precisely 13:00, this event is arranged, and to participate, you must alert the gate guards.

5. Join the Lonely Loris in a hop.

For all your small ones, the summer camp at Green Planet Dubai is a fun-filled adventure. Kids will enjoy participating in arts and crafts, folk dancing, special movie screenings, and learning about animal behaviour and lifestyle.

6. Summer Camp

Do you know that real-life piranha can bark? So, if you're interested in hearing it, go to Green Planet Dubai, and find out for yourself. Here, you can find both vegetarian and carnivorous kinds of piranha.

7. Teen Camp

Held four days a week, Teen Camp is a 20-hour programme. Participants in the programme must be between the ages of 12 and 18. All participants benefit significantly from the zoological experience, which zoologists with a background in the field primarily oversee. Teens are given fascinating educational assignments during each 5-hour session, gaining a foundational understanding of animal husbandry, nutrition, hygiene, training, and other aspects of their care.

On the Bio-Dome website, interested parties can reserve their slots. The teen camp's average ticket cost is AED 950, and its hours are from 1 pm to 6 pm (Sunday to Wednesday).

8. Bird Sighting

During this interactive Bird Encounter event, learn about the threatened species of toucans. Your appointment will start at precisely 11:30 am and last about 20 minutes.

Summing Up

Green Planet Dubai houses the biggest tropical indoor rainforest in Dubai. By visiting this lush oasis, which is home to 3000 diverse floral and animal species, you can learn more about the importance of tropical forests. With millions of visitors worldwide visiting each year, Green Planet Dubai is among the top international tourist spots.

The midstory, the canopy, the floodplain forest, and the forest floor are the four separate forest layers comprising the bio-dome, a specially designed contained habitat. Here, you can investigate the flora and wildlife of many habitats, including piranhas, frightening reptiles, creepy sloths, and snakes. The Australian Walkabout, Sugar Glider Encounter, Reptile Encounter, Piranhas, Bird Encounter, Sloth Encounter, Bat Cave, and other attractions are available for your enjoyment.

With complete attention, Green Planet Dubai strives to offer the best educational services possible. Participating in their interactive sessions will increase your understanding of exotic species and their environments.



In conclusion, Green Planet Dubai is the ideal location for you to experience the thickest tropical trees in the middle of the desert. It offers sufficient education on animals, birds, life cycles, and habitats and is more than just a tourist attraction.

Anyone interested in a career in the forest or animal conservation can benefit from the camps and programs of Green Planet Dubai. At Green Planet Dubai, knowledgeable biologists will instruct you on everything necessary, like a guide in a landmark. Overall, Green Planet Dubai is one of the best tourist attractions in Dubai. 

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