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Desert Rose Safari Abu Dhabi 2024- All You Need to Know Before You Go

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The picturesque desert of Abu Dhabi is home to adrenaline-pumping adventure rides, sandy meandering, and romantic evenings. There's something for everyone, as long as you don't mind the heat.

Things to do at Desert Rose Safari, Abu Dhabi:

1. Drive a 4x4 through the dunes:

Dune bashing is a popular activity at any time of year, but nothing beats an early morning adrenaline rush to get you ready for a long day of sightseeing.

2. Climb aboard a camel:

Throughout history, dromedaries (the one-humped variety) have played an essential role in Arabic culture. In the afternoon heat, go for the classic option for a relaxed tour.

3. Romantic daytime:

If you want to celebrate a special occasion, dessert rose safari is the best option to spend time with your partner. While watching the sunset over the dunes, try some traditional Bedouin cuisine.

4. Smokey evening:

The fact that the desert air is starting to cool doesn't mean you have to. Warm up with an excellent Arabic BBQ, a shisha, and even a belly-dancing display in the open air.

5. Unable to make a decision:

Still undecided on the ideal time to visit the desert? Riding out to an overnight camp for a night of stargazing and a morning of solid coffee and brunch.


Interesting Facts About Dessert Rose Safari:

⦁ Abu Dhabi offers a 6-hour desert camp, activities, and BBQ experience. 

⦁ Enjoy a 4x4 dune-bashing session, sand boarding, camel riding, and other activities.

⦁ Attend a belly dancing performance, wear an Arabic costume, and receive a henna tattoo.

⦁ On a quad bike, race through the sands (additional cost)

⦁ Enjoy a sumptuous BBQ while watching a stunning desert sunset.

⦁ Complimentary sodas, tea, coffee, and water are available.

Documents Required for Emirates Visa:

1. A valid passport whose validity should be left for at least 6 months.

2. A Passport sized coloured photo.

3. Accommodation/staying address where the person is going to stay.

4. Return ticket from Emirates.

5. A passport should have at least 4 blank pages.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Tourists select an overnight Abu Dhabi Desert safari package to relax in the calm desert environment with less disturbance. You can enjoy a dune bash drive on the high dunes in Abu Dhabi. Liwa desert is not at a long distance from Abu Dhabi. The driver will pick up the tourist from their location to Liwa desert. The tour starts at 2:00 PM and continues till noon. BBQ dinner and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks are served at the camp. It is an overnight tour, you can sleep in the comfortable camp under the sky. Light breakfast, soft drinks, Arabic coffee, and overnight stay are included in the itinerary. 

You can enjoy mesmerizing and enthusiastic Hummer dune bashing ride on this tour. The pick-up and drop-off service are in private Hummer jeep from any public hotel, lodge, and malls in Abu Dhabi. The tour begins at 3:30 PM and ends at 9:30 PM. You can pet a camel at the camel farm. You can enjoy phenomenal sunset and then rest at the camp. You will be welcomed and Arabian coffee with dates will be served. You can immerse in the Emirati tradition, you can enjoy henna painting, dress like Bedouin, camel ride, and more. At the end of the tour, you can enjoy a delicious BBQ dinner with an amazing belly dance performance to maintain the fun environment. No alcoholic drink is served to the guest at this tour but tourists can smoke sheesha. 

You should wear adjustable clothes suitable for both warm and cool temperatures. The desert climate in Abu Dhabi is warm in the morning and in the evening the temperature can go down. Those who have booked a morning safari tour can wear light cotton clothes. You can take a jacket or cardigan to use when the temperature remains slightly cool before sunrise. Carry sunscreen, sunglasses, etc to protect yourself from harsh desert sunlight. For evening tour or overnight safari tour. You can wear jeans top and keep warm clothes. You can wear a jacket, or hoodie when the temperature cools down during the evening. You can wear flats or sandals in the morning time. Do not wear high-heeled sandals or boots. 

Abu Dhabi desert safari is more affordable as compared to Dubai desert safari. Desert safari in the United Arab Emirates is the main attraction for extreme sports lovers who want to perform Dune Bashing. Or even for families, children, and couples who want to enjoy the beauty of the desert with light fun activities. The food, entertainment, activities, and drinks offered at the Abu Dhabi safari tour are more extravagant Dubai desert safari tours. You will et get a drop-off as well as pick-up facility on a 4*4 vehicle. You can enjoy the best desert safari tour in Abu Dhabi without spending lots of money. The quality and experience of dune bashing activity, quad biking, camel riding, and sand surfing are better in Abu Dhabi as compared to Dubai. As the dunes in Abu Dhabi are large the quad biking adventure is more intense and adventurous. The Abu Dhabi safari tours are more luxurious and sophisticated as compared to Dubai. 

You can explore, and enjoy different activities at Abu Dhabi rose safari tour including sand boarding, sand Safari tour, and more. Tourists can enjoy 6 hours long half-day desert safari in Abu Dhabi. Including the Dune Bashing session, visiting Arabian Bedouin camp, sunset, and you will go back with wonderful memories. A morning desert safari tour where tourists can start the desert safari tour with a lovely sunrise. The stillness and peace one can get in a morning safari tour is incomparable. Morning quad bike adventure tour for thrilling off-road activity. People who are interested in camel riding can book a camel trekking safari tour. You can ride and enjoy the beauty of the desert while traveling on the back of a camel. You will not get a full meal on a camel trekking safari tour. Quad bike safari tour with BBQ dinner. Private Liwa desert safari tour, Arabian overnight safari tour, and Hummer desert safari.

Desert Rose Safari is located at the Muroor Road, Al Dhafrah in Abu Dhabi. Those who want to book a safari tour package offline can contact at +971-2-446-6346 for final booking. Charges one has to pay to vary according to the safari tour package and customer demand. 

Desert Rose Tourism in Abu Dhabi arranges various types of events, tours, as well as safari tours. It is a tour operator organization in Abu Dhabi. You can enjoy the traditional culture of the UAE as the guides and team members have a thorough knowledge of the local culture. Desert Rose Tourism is considered one of the most popular and best safari tour operators in Abu Dhabi. You can choose from different packages and buy a safari tour package according to your choice. Tourists do not have to worry about food expenses. Tourists can register for their desirable selected safari tour package either online or offline.

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