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Unforgettable Dubai Desert Adventures That Are a Must-Try

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Now, it's your time to visit Dubai. Although Dubai is a tourist attraction for many because of its tall buildings, beautiful heritage, shopping centers, luxurious accommodation to stay in 5-star hotels, and whatnot – this city can provide you with everything you could wish for. Besides all the benefits and pleasures tourists get here, Dubai also offers exhilarating, adventurous experiences. For more information and to apply for your visa, visit Emirates Visa Online.

Dubai is located directly within the Arabian Desert, and approximately 80 percent of its land is covered by desert. However, this does not stop tourists from having fun. It is no wonder that Dubai is the first choice for all those who have adventure in their blood and want to get drenched in desert adventure tourism. Let us dive deep to see what Dubai has in store for us.  

What Draws Visitors To Dubai Desert Adventure?  

Many tourists visit Dubai for the beach and desert safaris. If you are willing to try something exciting in Dubai, a dhow cruise or a Desert safari are both excellent choices. While watching the stars at night, sitting in a boat over the crystal clear water in the dunes of the Arabian Desert is so much more relaxing. Or go on a safari through the vast deserts to see camels, ostriches, and other wildlife.  

How Can You Enhance Your Dubai Desert Adventure Experience?  

In Dubai's desert, you can partake in various unusual activities. However, you must book the desert safari in Dubai through a reputable and local tour operator. Depending on your age and medical condition, you can choose between dune bashing and camel riding. If thrills and adventure are not your things, you can go camel riding, which is a slow activity in which you can marvel at the sight of Dubai's fantastic desert landscape. Dune Bashing is going to be a thrilling experience for anyone who loves driving. In fact, dune-bashing is a core part of any desert safari in Dubai

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Here is a List of Some Exciting Dubai Desert Adventure

1. Dune Bashing

In Dubai, dune bashing entails driving at varying speeds over sand dunes. Because the sand's surface constantly shifts, it takes a special skill and a special type of vehicle to navigate the terrain - usually a sports utility vehicle (SUV). Expect a stop to let the air out of your tyres, as lowering the pressure gives the vehicle more traction against the moving sand.   

What to expect on a dune-bashing trip in Dubai?  

Typically, these Dubai desert tour experiences begin with a pick-up from your hotel or homestay, followed by a 45-minute to an hour-long drive out to a sparse desert landscape with no city noises to obscure your hearing or towering buildings to block your view. The dune-bashing portion of the trip lasts about an hour and is a bumpy and thrilling ride. As they perform their stunts, the vehicles travel in convoy and stay close together. Suppose you are a person who loves thrills. In that case, you will enjoy the slipping and sliding, skidding and spinning, all punctuated by sporadic seat-gripping and varying decibel levels of screaming and shouting. And sand, oh, so much sand!    

What to wear while doing dune-bashing?   

Dress comfortably because the sand will inevitably get into everything. Using a hat or scarf to conceal your hair, pants, and a light shirt or t-shirt is necessary. Wear sneakers and socks to protect the feet.  Wear sunglasses if you wear contact lenses because small grains of sand can easily get into your eyes when you are outside the vehicle. With no running water nearby, eye drops will not suffice to clear them.  

Some popular spots for dune-bashing

  • Bidayer- Because the dunes are simple for novice and less experienced drivers to maneuver, this area, also known as "Big Red" because of its red sand, is the most well-liked for Dubai dune bashing. From Dubai's city center, it takes about 45 minutes.  
  • Liwa desert- The most challenging place to dune-bash is in the Liwa Desert, the largest desert on the Arabian Peninsula. The majority of dune-bashing stunt festivals take place here, and this is where the experts congregate.  

2. Sand Boarding

Why snowboard in the mountains covered in snow when you can do it on the dunes instead? Yes, this exciting activity is crucial to the Dubai desert adventure's dune bashing. The popularity of this extreme board sport among tourists has increased. Will you cross a dune instead? Yes, this exciting activity is crucial to the Dubai desert adventure's dune bashing.

The popularity of this extreme board sport among tourists has increased. You will cross a dune while standing on a board and riding up and down. You can also enjoy this activity while lying on your belly or back in addition to standing on the board with or without a strap.    

3. Biking

In Dubai's deserts, riding a quad bike is a fantastic way to have an amazing time. It is enjoyable, especially if you have to do it in Dubai's desert. The best part is that riding a quad bike requires no special abilities. Additionally, you would be able to see the desert in the morning. You can adjust the morning safari with a quad biking tour to meet your needs. Quad biking and dune bashing are the two main activities on this tour.

You can avail all such experiences by visiting Dubai. Book your Emirates Visa Online now!! The best place to enjoy world-class attractions, indulge in luxury shopping and embrace adventure in Dubai. There are numerous ways to take part in a desert adventure. The above-mentioned desert adventures are the perfect choice options if you are looking for an inexpensive adventure.   

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Dubai is exciting for anyone who wants to have fun and explore different activities. For an evening of entertainment and dining, venture into the desert outside Dubai. After a thrilling dune-bashing ride behind the wheel of an experienced driver, hop on your quad bike for an exhilarating adventure. Experience the Bedouin camp's traditional Arab music and dancing. while you partake in other activities like a hookah or camel riding. Along with tea, coffee, and other sips of beverage, a full dinner buffet is a cherry on top of the cake. To have lifetime experiences like this- visit Dubai and book your own Emirates Visa Online.  

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