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Travelling to Dubai on another flight than Emirates airlines and having a doubt whether can non-Emirates passengers apply Emirates Visa in Dubai International Airport? Then you might want to know whether you are eligible for this or not this can be done once you get your information through Emirates Visa Online. With premium services to help its passengers, Emiratesvisaonline always aims it to make it easier for the foreigner to travel to Emirates. Due to this now even you can travel without having to worry about things like the application of an Emirates Visa or whether you will be eligible or not.


  • Getting a visa from Dubai International Airport
  • List of visa on arrival eligible countries
  • Application of visa on arrival
  • FAQs

Getting a visa from Dubai International Airport

One thing that you need to know is that no matter which airline you take you need to check whether you are from a visa on arrival eligible country or not. This is only criteria that you need to check for in order to know whether you are eligible for a visa on arrival at Dubai International Airport or not. Also if you have no idea whether you are eligible for a visa on arrival then all you need to do is check the list given below in order to know whether you are eligible or not to take one.

List of visa on arrival eligible countries

The following are the countries who are eligible for the Emirates Visa on arrival facility once reaching the Emirates:

Andorra Australia Brunei Canada
Hong Kong Ireland Kazakhstan Malaysia
Mauritius Monaco New Zealand San Marino
Singapore United Kingdom United States Vatican city


All of the citizens who belong to the list of countries as given above can travel to the Emirates and take a visa on arrival which will be valid for 30 days. There are other countries as well, who can stay for about 90 days after entry and the countries that can do so can be given as follows:

  • Bahamas
  • Costa Rica
  • El Salvador
  • Maldives
  • South Korea

These citizens can stay for 9 days after obtaining a visa on arrival at the Dubai International Airport. Indian citizens will also be eligible to do so provided that the person is a visa holder of either United States or are residents of the European Union can get a visa on arrival that will be eligible for not more than 14 days.

Application of visa on arrival

The application for a visa on arrival is much harder than you might have thought. This because not only do you have to take all of your documents to the airport but you will also have to wait for quite a long time in order for your visa to be issued. This also includes that you will have to carry all these documents along with you when you travel all the way to the Emirates. This is why the application of a visa on arrival can be quite hard. Waiting in the airport after a long journey can be even more exhausting and hence to ease your application process all you can do is apply fr one form Emiratesvisaonline.


Frequently Asked Questions

Foreign nationals who have applied for UAE visas from the airport need to wait until approval from an immigration officer. Applicants also have to stand in the queue at Dubai immigration for applying. 

Yes, the UAE government does provide 90 days and 180 days visas on arrival to visitors under certain conditions. If a visitor is eligible for 90 days visa or 180 days visa from the UAE airport. Mexican nationals can obtain 180 days valid visa from UAE airport. The visa obtained by Mexican nationals will also be the multiple visit visa.

Tourists need to submit valid passports which have 6-month validity for Emirates visa on arrival. The copy and original must be submitted with the application. Tourists need to provide details about the reason for travel to the United Arab Emirates. Travel itinerary of UAE, duration of stay, and passport size photograph for UAE visa application. Evidence of sufficient funds for stay and accommodation details of tourists in UAE.

Foreign nationals eligible for visas on arrival can obtain visas after landing at the Dubai international airport. Passengers need to go to the immigration desk at the Dubai international airport. Then collect and fill the details correctly in the UAE visa application form. Passengers have to provide evidence and necessary documents for verification at the Dubai entry points. A fee is not needed as a UAE visa on arrival is free of cost. 

The cost for the application of a visa on arrival from Dubai international airport is free for foreign nationals. No fee is charged for a UAE visa obtained from the airport. Therefore, even the non-passengers of Emirates online do not have to pay visa fees for application.

Yes, you can visit Abu Dhabi if you have applied for a UAE visa from the Dubai international airport. Abu Dhabi is one of the main tourist attractions where you can visit the popular Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center. To buy luxurious or even affordable product tourist can visit Marina mall. Adventure seekers and thrill lovers can visit the Ferrari World located inside Abu Dhabi. Emirates building, art museum, Corniche, and Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Yes, a UAE visa on arrival is issued to tourists but only if they are citizens of the eligible nation. Tourists need to submit applications, travel documents, and photographs according to the requirement for a UAE visa. The GCC countries traveling to the Emirates do not have to obtain visas even at the airport. The UAE government permits many countries to obtain a tourist visa for UAE from the airport.

Yes, you can obtain an Emirates visa from Dubai airport if you hold an Andorra passport. The visa on arrival received by the Andorra national from the airport stays valid for up to 30 days. It is also extendable if Andorra nationals follow the procedure of visa extension.

Indian citizens can not obtain an Emirates visa from Dubai international airport. They need to take an advanced online UAE visa before entering the Dubai international airport. The only exception is made when Indian nationals hold valid residency in the United States. If Indian nationals fulfill this criterion, then a stay of 14 days is permitted in UAE.

If you have applied for an Emirates visa from Dubai international airport. Then stay will only last until the validity of the individual's Emirates visa on arrival. The stay varies for different countries and foreign national. The stay can be as short as 14 days for some expatriates. The allowed stay in UAE can also be 30 days, 90 days, and 180 days according to the nationality.

If you want to know the eligibility for a UAE visa on arrival. Then, the UAE official website of immigration states all the nationals who can obtain UAE visas after reaching Dubai international airport. You should also check the documents needed for a UAE visa from the airport.

The US nationals visiting UAE are eligible for obtaining visas directly from the airport. They do not need to take advance visas for the United Arab Emirates. US travelers who are not flying through Emirates airlines are also eligible for visas on arrival. The stay in UAE will last for one month for US nationals. For a longer stay inside the country, they can contact the UAE immigration department for an extension.

The visa on arrival for Dubai is the entry permit provided to the eligible foreign national willing to pass through immigration points. In other words, a visa on arrival can be defined as the visa issued after reaching the airport or entry points of the United Arab Emirates.

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