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can i exit emirates with an expired emirates visa

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Ever since the onset of the infamous COVID-19 pandemic, the world is on a standstill. Tourists all around the world are stuck at their desired tourist destinations. This lockdown is taking a toll on the travellers, as they can’t do anything in spite of their Emirates Visa getting expired.

After several months of lockdown, the travel industry has suffered greatly. All the tourist destinations are shut and not accepting anyone across borders. The Emirates is one of the first countries, who opened doors for all those who wish to explore its grand beauty. For that, you can Apply Emirates Visa Online.

But there are yet certain things which are completely in clear to the world who are wanting to get out of the Emirates and reach their homelands, one of them is “Can I exit Emirates with an expired Emirates Visa?”. As Visas are expiring, it is getting tough for people to commute back to their homelands, making this situation a lot more confusing.

This blog aims to clear this confusion of the reads. It will help the readers by informing them about the actuality and also make the readers aware of the latest updates about Visas amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic.


  • COVID-19 and the Emirates
  • Expired Emirates Visa
  • Deadline extension to leave the Emirates
  • Latest Visa Updates (effective since 11th July 2020)
  • Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 and the Emirates

Due to COVID-19, the entire world suffered majorly. A lot of major and minor businesses had to be shut. The travel industry was completely dead until a few destinations opened their services up. For all those who love to travel, there is a new opportunity. One of the first destinations to open up is the Emirates. Embracing all its travellers, the Emirates proves to back the economy when in need.

The Emirates has started to welcome its tourists since 7th July. Many restrictions have been pulled off which lead to resume the new normal. There are reopening of spas, massage centres, indoor theme parks etc. The Emirates which is otherwise marked as a jackpot of activities is now open and available for its locals, residents and tourists. Such a grand opening in such trying times leaves us in the hope of gaining back the new routine, where travelling was just a hobby and now it’s just a necessity. Also, Allows you to Apply Emirates Visa Online at Emirates Visa Online by filling the Emirates Visa Application Form.

Expired Emirates Visa

Had it been some other time, the traveller would’ve been heavily charged with a fine for overstaying in an expired Emirates Visa. But since the COVID-19 times, things have changed to a greater extent. The Emirates have come up with several Visa related policies, which not only help the residents and employees settled and working with them but also the tourists who are visiting and exploring the country.

Several new policies including Emirates Visa extension and Emirates Visa renewal of the Visas or allowing to leave the country with an expired Visa have come up, which helps build and restore humanity in a certain manner. Those who have an expired  Visa can both renew and extend it living in the country itself. The previous restrictions of leaving the country to issue another Visa and all the complicated procedures are now on hold.

To get your Visa extended after its expiration, the Emirates immigration authorities, have given the benefit to its current inhabitants of a grace period, wherein the applicant will get a grace period of a month to either renew, extend or leave the country.

Deadline extension to leave the Emirates

The extended deadline to exit the Emirates has been extended to 17th November 2020. Those who have violated the stay granted by the Emirates Immigration authorities have been exempted from paying fines for the Visas which have expired since the 1st March 2020.

On the 16th July 2020, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship stated that the grace period allotted to those, is renewable for a month, after this renewal the tourist or visit visa holder needs to exit the Emirates in case he is unable to change his/her Visa status. Followed by those who intend to overstay the grace period will have to face fines.

Latest Visa Updates (effective since 11th July 2020)

Following are some of the new amendments regarding Emirates ID and Visas which were effective since the 11th July 2020 by the Emirates Government:

  • Extension of the validity of the residence Visa until the end of December 2020 that was expired in the month of March 2020 for both the residents living inside and outside the Emirates and cancelling the previous decisions.
  • Extension of the validity of tourist visas and entry permits of foreign visitors to the Emirates until the end of December 2020 that was expired in the early month of March 2020.
  • Extend the validity of Emirates ID until the end of December and cancel the previous decision of it.
  • To renew the documents and Emirates ID, three months were granted to citizens, GCC’s citizens and residents living in the Emirates.  


Frequently Asked Questions

No, Emirates transit visa can not be extended and no grace period is given to passengers. Therefore, visitors traveling to UAE with transit visas are recommended to leave the country before 48 hours or 96 hours according to their visa validity.

No, visitors leaving the country need to submit a valid passport in UAE. So the authority can stamp exit visas on a visitor's valid passport. If you find out that your passport is invalid then you should renew it before leaving UAE. 

Yes, after the end of the Emirates tourist visa or visit visa. It is possible to extend the validity of the Emirates visa during the validity of the visa. You have to apply for an extension of the Emirates tourist visa before the expiry date. You can visit the Emirates visa online, and apply for 30 days extension of all kinds of short-term Emirates tourist visas. If you have 5 years visit visa then you can apply for 90 days Emirates tourist visa extension. 

After the expiry of the Emirates residency visa, a 30 days grace period is given. Residents staying in UAE with this visa can renew their residency visa, or they have to leave the country. After the 30 days Grace period, you have to pay AED 125 from the first day. AED 25 us added for the consecutive day after the first day. 

During the 10 days grace period of an expired visit visa or expired tourist visa there is no requirement to pay a fine. Visitors overstaying in UAE after 10 days is considered as overstay and you need to pay fines and penalties. For the first overstay after 10 days, you need to pay AED 200. You need to pay AED 100 for each consecutive day in UAE. You have to pay extra service fees that are AED 100.

10 days grace period is given to the visa on arrival visitor issued for 30 days. And for visitors who have issued UAE visas online through e-services. If you are having multiple entries visa for 90 days acquired at the airport. Then also 10 days grace period is given to leave UAE after the expiry of the UAE visit visa.

You have to leave the United Arab Emirates before the end of the validity of the Dubai tourist visa. Check the expiry date on the United Arab Emirates visa. And plan a tour in UAE accordingly. If due to certain circumstances you are not able to leave. Then after getting approval for UAE tourist visa extension. It is possible to stay without leaving the country with an extended UAE tourist visa.

No, the immigration department is pretty lenient and understand that due to certain circumstances visitor didn't able to leave the country. The UAE government does not black visitors and tourists who overstay just have to fine. Unless and until any foreign national has overstayed in the United Arab Emirates for a very long period. If there is not any kind of criminal background, crime, or offensive background. 

Yes, if the overstay in the United Arab Emirates was not lengthy. UAE government gives 10 days grace period to leave the country after the expiry of a tourist visa. But this period is only provided to a few foreign nationals depending on the visa type they are carrying. Otherwise, according to the immigration department of the United Arab Emirates. You must have a valid document while exiting the country after spending vacation or visiting purpose in UAE.

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