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Know How to Apply Emirates Visa and their Types

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The United Arab Emirates is a popular tourist destination that hosts travellers all year round. It is said that if beauty had an address, the middle eastern nations and the Emirates are an example. Explore UAE today and be mesmerized by its beauty. UAE has been a tourist hotspot for several years and has seen tremendous growth in the number of interested visitors. One question that concerns every tourist is, "Where do I apply for a visa from?" Emirates Visa Online is a convenient answer to your questions. Emirates Apply for Visa through us and quit worrying about waiting in long queues with no certainty of obtaining a visa.

Emirates Visa Online was brought into existence with the sole purpose of providing the most lavish comforts to our clients. Our portal is easy to access and very feasible to use. With us, you can be assured that you shall not have to look elsewhere to acquire a visa.

Grab your visa and have a tranquil experience! From taking care of all your Emirates visa to making your visa available to you at the desired time, we also have an excellent team of visa experts who ascertain that your visa approval occurs smoothly. With us by your side, you need not worry about anything. Know the process about on how to Apply Emirates Visa:

The process to Apply for an Emirates Visa:

Fly to the guilt-free paradise of the globe by obtaining your visa from Emirates Visa Online.

Follow these simple steps to apply for an Emirates Visa

  1. Choose your "Citizenship" and "Living in" country from the drop-down menu provided on the home page.
  2. Next, click on "Apply Emirates Visa."
  3. On the next page, select the type of visa you wish to acquire and click "Proceed to apply".
  4. Fill in the application form with the relevant details asked
  5. Attach the necessary documents mentioned in the application form.
  6. Choose the visa processing timeframe that is most suitable for you.
  7. Make the payment via any of the payment gateways provided by us.

Types of Emirates Visas Provided by Us:

1. Business Visa

Business visas are Visas issued by a country's government authority to those voyagers that wish to conduct business within the country. A business visa can be used when you intend to attend meetings and conferences or finalize deals and explore further opportunities.

  • 14 Days Single Entry Business Visa

14-day single entry: If you need to visit an Emirate for a relatively short period, either for business or conference purposes, this 14-day visa is the best for you. It is to be noted that with this visa, you can only enter the Emirate once and will have to reapply for a visa if you leave, and even if you leave before 14 days, you must reapply for a visa.

Validity: This visa has a validity of 58 days and a stay validity of 14 days.

2. Tourist Visa

For travellers who intend to visit the country for vacation or long-duration stays in the country, a tourist visa is issued. Tourist visas to the Emirates can be classified into 30-day, 60 day, and 90-day based on their validity and single entry and multiple entries based on the number of times you can enter the country with a visa

  • 30 Day visa:

30-day single entry visa: If you visit any Emirate for family get-togethers, a relaxing vacation, or a fun-filled holiday with your friends, this 30-day single entry is precisely what you need. However, it must be noted that if you leave the country before your visa expires, you cannot re-enter the Emirate with the same visa since it provides only a single entry.

Validity: This visa has a validity of 60 days and a stay validity of 30 days.

  • 30 Day Multiple Entry Visa:

If your purpose of visit to the Emirates requires you to enter and leave the country multiple times, then you must apply for a 30 day multiple entry visa. This visa is best for business purposes that require your presence on and off. With this visa, you can re-enter the Emirate after leaving as long as you return within 30 days.

Validity: This visa has a validity of 60 days and a stay validity of 30 days.

  • 60 Day visa:

60-day single entry visa: A 60-day single entry visa is very similar to a 30 day single entry visa except for the validity, which differs. With this visa, you are allowed to enter the country premises only once and even if you depart before its expiry, you shall have to reapply for a new visa to enter again. This visa is best for an extended vacation in the Emirate to explore all aspects.

Validity: This visa has a visa validity of 60 days and a stay validity of 60 days.

  • 60 Day Multiple Entry Visa:

60 Day multiple entry visa: You must apply for a 60 day multiple entry visa if your visit to UAE is for a purpose that necessitates several entries and exits. If you leave UAE and return within 60 days, you can enter again with this visa.

Validity: This visa has a visa validity of 60 days and a stay validity of 60 days.

3. Transit Visa

What is a transit visa?

Emirates Apply Transit Visa Online is issued to travellers who have a layover in the UAE while travelling to their destination country. It is only needed if your layover is for more than 8 hours. A transit visa is necessary to pass your immigration check.

  • 48 Hour single entry visa

48-hour single entry visa: For instance, when you travel to a country but have a flight layover in UAE, you must apply for a transit visa. If your layover ranges from anywhere between 8 to 48 hours, then the 48-hour transit visa is the best choice. Additionally, you can use this visa for business meetings that only require your attendance for 2 days.

Validity: This visa has a validity of 30 days and a stay validity of 48 hours.

  • 96-hour transit visa

96-hour single entry visa: If your flight to your destination country is in a maximum of 96 hours (4 days) and you happen to spend some time in the Emirates exploring its richness, then this 96-hour transit visa is precisely what you must opt for.

Validity: This visa has a validity of 30 days and a stay validity of 96 hours.

Please Note: When applying for a visa, you must specify the purpose of your visit and the duration of your stay and provide documents supporting the same.

4. Visa extension

If you fail to fulfil your visit's purposes or wish to spend a few more days in UAE, you can apply for UAE visa emirates for a visa extension at any given point. A visa extension will add to the validity of your visa based on the extension validity you choose. It is crucial to note that to be eligible to apply for a visa extension, you must be present in the country; if you have already departed, you do not qualify for a visa extension process.

  • 30 Day Visa Extension

30-day visa extension: If you wish to remain in UAE for one month (30 days), you must apply for a 30-day visa extension service. This will add another extra 30 days to your visa's initial expiry.

Validity: This has a visa validity of 30 days and a stay validity of 30 days.

  • 60 Day Visa extension

60 Day Visa Extension- This visa was launched on 1st November 2022 by the government of UAE in replacement of the 90-day visa extension. You can seek a 60-day visa extension service if you plan to stay in UAE for longer than 30 days. This will extend the initial expiration of your visa by another 60 days.

Validity: This has a visa validity of 60 days and a stay validity of 60 days

  • 90 Day Visa Extension

90 day visa extension: You will need to apply for a 90-day visa extension if you believe your trip should be longer than 30 days or if any other circumstance makes it necessary for you to remain in the UAE after your first visa expires. You could stay for an additional 90 days under this extension.

Note: Staying in the country premises beyond the validity of your visa is considered a visa overstay, and any individual who has overstayed his visa must pay a fine. To avoid this, you must either get a visa extension or exit the country by the last day of your visa termination.



Frequently Asked Questions

No, the Emirates e-visa is only sent to the applicant's e-mail ID. And the approved visa is only sent after proper processing by the immigration authorities of UAE.

No, the travelers are not permitted if they did apply for an Emirates visa but they faced rejection. They should apply for an Emirates visa again as the authority in Dubai would not allow to visit the country. 

The visitors who are from the country which are eligible then they can visit Abu Dhabi or other Emirates in UAE without Emirates e-visa. Visitors who are eligible to submit an Emirates visit visa or tourist visa at the Abu Dhabi international airport also do not require an advance visa. But still, in both cases, a passport, health certificate, COVID vaccination certificate, RT PCR report, and bank statement are required.

Yes, the simplest way to extend the stay in the United Arab Emirates without leaving is the extension. The tourist visa extension permits the tourists to extend their stay in the country for one month or 2 months. All types of UAE electronic tourist visas are extendable for up to 30 days. The good part is tourists can extend their tourist visas in UAE without leaving constantly two times. The extension of tourist visas done twice will allow tourists to stay in UAE for 60 days. The five-year visa which is a multiple entries permit can directly be extended for three months and the total duration of stay can be 180 days.

Tourists can apply for an Emirates e-visa in just three steps. Just open the visa application website "Emirates Visa Online" to get the visa without any chaos. Select the type of visa from 30 days, 14 days, 90 days, or 5 years. Fill out the application form for the selected Emirates e-visa carefully after that attest the scanned photograph of relevant documents. Payout the fee via debit card or credit card for selected Emirates e-visa. 

The entry requirement is the different documents needed to gain entry to Dubai legally. Tourists who are eligible for Emirates e-visa can apply I'm few simple steps. Tourists holding passports of UAE visa-free countries can visit for tourism and there is no requirement of a visa. Others entering the United Arab Emirates for any purpose, or short stay, or long stay should get one. The other entry requirement for tourists is the 6-month valid passport of their country to visit Dubai. Travel itinerary in which tourist is asked to share the purpose of visit, the general outline of their travel itinerary, and the duration of stay in Dubai. Return flight tickets should be valid and confirmed so tourist can leave UAE before their visa validity end. 

The requirements for the United Arab Emirates e-visa is the mandatory step after filling out of application completely. To get the visa approval of the Emirates within 4 days applicant should attach the document. Upload your face photograph taken against a white background which can be captured using the PC or mobile camera. For the online application of Emirates e-visa or the online visa send the clear bio page as well as the last page of the passport. Share the flight ticket information, confirmation code, and date of arrival if you have booked the online tickets. The application of children under 18 years has to submit with their valid passport and birth certificate (English or Arabic only).

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