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UAE has emerged as a perfect travel destination for people all around the world. The insane country with insanely enormous buildings, natural beauty, as well as unique culture attracts tourists from around the globe. to travel to this place means holding a visa and if application of a visa is considered then there is no better option than an emirates visa in three easy steps via Emirates Visa Online

If you are someone who loves traveling, UAE may be the choice you need to make. To get into UAE you need to acquire a visa, although, several countries do enjoy the visa on arrival policy; it is a clever move to apply beforehand for that, in order to avoid long queues at the immigration. 

Due to so many different types of visas, it must be difficult for some people to choose the one of their choice. Hence, it would be a smart move to decide this beforehand, and thus save time and effort.


14 days tourist visa

This type of visa is issued for tourism purpose and is valid for 30 days; the stay period is of 14 days and not more.

30 days tourist visa

This is the most common type of visa for tourism purpose which is valid for 60 days, and the stay period is 30 days.

90 days tourist visa

This is an ideal visa choice for travelers who wish to stay in the country for long term. The validity of this visa is for 58 days and the stay period is 90 days, and not more. You can also opt between single and multiple entry options. 

If you are someone who needs to make frequent entries in the period of 90 days, then opting for multiple entry would be the right choice.

Emirates Transit Visa

If you have a stop in the emirates for more than 8 hours, you are eligible to get a transit visa. 

Transit visas can be issued for 48 hours, or 96 hours and can be named as 48 hours Dubai transit visa and 96 hours Dubai transit visa.


To avail of the 48 hours transit visa you need to apply in advance through your airline. The validity of the visa is 48 hours.


The transit visa for 96 hours is granted to the passenger who want to enjoy the country for 4 days. You must apply for this visa beforehand, through your airline. The validity of this visa is for 96 hours.


  • A valid passport.
  • A complete application form.
  • Passport size photograph meeting the standards.
  • The purpose of your visit in the Cover letter.
  • Confirmed round flight tickets.
  • A copy of your bank statement, as a proof to your financial state while being in the country.
  • Confirmed hotel booking and itinerary.



Fill out the application form providing all the correct details. 

TIP: Make sure that all the information provided by you is correct. If anything suspicious is found by the ministry, your visa application could be rejected or even, terminated. 


After filling out the application, you should complete the payment using a valid payment method. The fee for emirates visa is mentioned below:

  1. STANDARD: For standard processing, the price ranges from $130-$750, depending upon the visa type.
  2. EMERGENCY: For emergency processing, the price that you have to pay is $200.


After all the above procedures are done, you will receive your e visa within the stipulated date on your given email id. 


Frequently Asked Questions

No, the Emirates e-visa is only sent to the applicant's e-mail ID. And the approved visa is only sent after proper processing by the immigration authorities of UAE.

No, the travelers are not permitted if they did apply for an Emirates visa but they faced rejection. They should apply for an Emirates visa again as the authority in Dubai would not allow to visit the country. 

The visitors who are from the country which are eligible then they can visit Abu Dhabi or other Emirates in UAE without Emirates e-visa. Visitors who are eligible to submit an Emirates visit visa or tourist visa at the Abu Dhabi international airport also do not require an advance visa. But still, in both cases, a passport, health certificate, COVID vaccination certificate, RT PCR report, and bank statement are required.

Yes, the simplest way to extend the stay in the United Arab Emirates without leaving is the extension. The tourist visa extension permits the tourists to extend their stay in the country for one month or 2 months. All types of UAE electronic tourist visas are extendable for up to 30 days. The good part is tourists can extend their tourist visas in UAE without leaving constantly two times. The extension of tourist visas done twice will allow tourists to stay in UAE for 60 days. The five-year visa which is a multiple entries permit can directly be extended for three months and the total duration of stay can be 180 days.

Tourists can apply for an Emirates e-visa in just three steps. Just open the visa application website "Emirates Visa Online" to get the visa without any chaos. Select the type of visa from 30 days, 14 days, 90 days, or 5 years. Fill out the application form for the selected Emirates e-visa carefully after that attest the scanned photograph of relevant documents. Payout the fee via debit card or credit card for selected Emirates e-visa. 

The entry requirement is the different documents needed to gain entry to Dubai legally. Tourists who are eligible for Emirates e-visa can apply I'm few simple steps. Tourists holding passports of UAE visa-free countries can visit for tourism and there is no requirement of a visa. Others entering the United Arab Emirates for any purpose, or short stay, or long stay should get one. The other entry requirement for tourists is the 6-month valid passport of their country to visit Dubai. Travel itinerary in which tourist is asked to share the purpose of visit, the general outline of their travel itinerary, and the duration of stay in Dubai. Return flight tickets should be valid and confirmed so tourist can leave UAE before their visa validity end. 

The requirements for the United Arab Emirates e-visa is the mandatory step after filling out of application completely. To get the visa approval of the Emirates within 4 days applicant should attach the document. Upload your face photograph taken against a white background which can be captured using the PC or mobile camera. For the online application of Emirates e-visa or the online visa send the clear bio page as well as the last page of the passport. Share the flight ticket information, confirmation code, and date of arrival if you have booked the online tickets. The application of children under 18 years has to submit with their valid passport and birth certificate (English or Arabic only).

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