Emirates Visa For Greece Passport Holder Living In Greece

List of Documents Required for Emirates Visa from Greece

While Applying for the Emirates Visa Application Keep the following documents ready.

  • Passport Bio Page Scan Copy
  • 1 Passport Size Photograph
  • Hotel/Relative Booking Details
  • Flight Booking Both Sided

Emirate Visa Check list

  • Passport must have 6 month validity
  • Passport must have atleast 4 blank pages
Select Type of Visa No. of Entry Visa Requirement Visa Validity Stay Validity Processing Time Processing Fee Visa Fee
30 Days Single Entry Required 60 Days 30 Days 3 - 4 Days 26.0USD 140.0USD
14 Days Single Entry Required 58 Days 14 Days 3 - 4 Days 26.0USD 130.0USD
30 Days Multiple Entry Required 60 Days 30 Days 3 - 4 Days 26.0USD 405.0USD
60 Days Single Entry Required 60 Days 60 Days 3 - 4 Days 26.0USD 400.0USD
60 Days Multiple Entry Required 60 Days 60 Days 3 - 4 Days 26.0USD 690.0USD
60 Days Inside A2A Visa Extension Single Entry Required 60 Days 60 Days 3 - 4 Days 26.0USD 550.0USD
30 Days Inside A2A Visa Extension Single Entry Required 30 Days 30 Days 3 - 4 Days 26.0USD 450.0USD
30 DAYS GCC RESIDENT VISA Single Entry Required 30 Days 30 Days 2 - 3 Days 26.0USD 120.0USD
Select Type of Visa No. of Entry Visa Requirement Visa Validity Stay Validity Processing Time Processing Fee Visa Fee
Select Type of Visa No. of Entry Visa Requirement Visa Validity Stay Validity Processing Time Processing Fee Visa Fee
48 Hours Single Entry Required 30 Days 48 Hours 3 - 4 Days 26.0USD 110.0USD
96 Hours Single Entry Required 30 Days 96 Hours 3 - 4 Days 26.0USD 125.0USD
Select Type of Visa No. of Entry Visa Requirement Visa Validity Stay Validity Processing Time Processing Fee Visa Fee

Emirates Visa for Greek Citizens in 2024: Essentials Guide

Greek nationals can quickly obtain a visa for the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which offers a world of possibilities for exploring this alluring Middle Eastern location. The Emirates Visa for Greek Citizens in 2024 makes it simple to visit the UAE's famous sites, cultural treasures, and breathtaking landscapes. Greek nationals can fully immerse themselves in the rich and varied experiences that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) offers, from the breathtaking skyscrapers of Dubai to the cultural legacy of Abu Dhabi. The UAE Dubai visa for Greeks opens the door to a memorable trip in this remarkable nation, whether indulging in opulent shopping, exhilarating desert safaris, or simply unwinding on pristine beaches.

Simple steps to get an Emirates visa from Greece 

  1. Choose from the website's home page the country you are residing in and the country you have citizenship.
  2. Note the visas available and the checklist of documents required for visa application. Gather the scanned copies of the documents to upload.
  3. Choose the preferred visa.
  4. Fill out the application form by entering your personal and travel information.
  5. Upload scanned copies of your documents.
  6. Apply.
  7. Choose the service type during the checkout (please note that express processing comes with additional service charges).
  8. Pay the visa fee.

Apply at Emirates Visa Online with the advantage of following the "Status of their visa application." The application ID sent via the acknowledgement message should be used when tracking your visa.

Documents Needed For Greek Citizens To Applying for A Visa

The following are typically the required documentation and UAE Dubai visa requirements for Greek citizens:

  • Passport: Your passport should be valid for at least six months from your intended entry date into the UAE. A clear scan of the passport's biographical page is usually required.
  • Passport Photo: Recent passport-sized photographs that meet the UAE's photo specifications. These are often required to be in colour with a white background.
  • Visa Application Form: The complete online UAE visa application form. This form is usually found on our official "Emirates Visa Online" website.
  • Flight Itinerary: A copy of your itinerary indicates your intended travel dates to and from the UAE.
  • Accommodation Details: Proof of your accommodation arrangements in the Emirates, such as hotel reservations. This confirms your place of stay during your visit.
  • Proof of Financial Means: Documents to show that you have adequate assets to cover your expenses during your visit to the UAE. This could include bank statements, pay stubs and others.
  • Invitation Letter (if applicable): If you're visiting friends or family in the UAE, an invitation letter from your host might be required. For business purposes, an invitation from the inviting company may be necessary.

Emirates Visa Prices And Services For Greek Nationals 

Do you intend to travel to the fascinating country of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as a Greek citizen? Look no further as we explore the full range of UAE visa costs and services designed to satisfy your travel requirements. Learn about the ease of applying for an Emirates visa online for Greece, which provides a simple method to start your journey to the UAE. This book opens the door to a hassle-free travelling experience, explaining everything from the Dubai visa price for Greek nationals to the numerous available visa alternatives. Knowing the nuances of visa procedures and services, whether your dreams are of mesmerising skylines or alluring cultural riches, is essential. Join us as we examine the crucial details to guarantee that your experience in the UAE is met with ease and enthusiasm. With a visa to the Emirates from Greece, you may open the door to the captivating landscapes and experiences of the United Arab Emirates.

Emirates Visa Price For Greek Citizens 2024

Depending on the kind and length of the visa, the cost for the United Arab Emirates and Dubai varies. The "Emirates Visa Fee for Greek Citizens 2024" is a thorough guide to comprehending the visa fees and costs for Greeks travelling to the Emirates. Learn the most recent details on UAE visa fees for Greek citizens, investigate the Dubai Visa cost from Greece, and investigate the elements that affect overall costs. This guide will provide valuable details about the price and requirements for obtaining an Emirates visa, whether you're arranging a holiday or a business trip. Keep up with current events and make wise decisions about your UAE trip plans. Please remember that these sums are estimations and could fluctuate depending on country regulations.

30-Days Single Entry 166.0 USD
30-Days Multiple Entry 431.0 USD
60-Days Single Entry 426.0 USD
60-Days Multiple Entry 716.0 USD
14-Days Single Entry 156.0 USD
30-Days Inside Airport to Airport Visa Extension Single Entry 476.0 USD
60-Days Inside Airport to Airport Visa Extension Single Entry 576.0 USD
30-Days GCC Resident Visa 146.0 USD
48-Hours Transit Visa 136.0 USD
96-Hours Transit Visa 151.0 USD

Emirates Visa Services For Greek Citizens 

Greek nationals can apply for a visa more easily thanks to the Emirates' practical e-visa services. Greek travellers can apply for their UAE visa online through the e-visa system, saving time and effort. Discover the simplified e-visa services created to make your trip to the UAE easier.

  • Normal UAE e-visa service 

For Greek travellers who desire to receive their Emirates e-Tourist visa within three working days, this is typically the most straightforward and well-liked UAE visa service alternative. 

  • Urgent UAE e-visa service 

In some unusual circumstances, Greek nationals needing their Emirates e Visa within 02 business days may choose this UAE visa service option.

  • Emergency UAE e-visa service 

Customers from Greece who require an electronic visa for dubai from greece within one business day have the fastest and most expensive alternative through the Emirates.

Emirates Visit Visa Conditions For Greek Citizens  

Greek nationals who wish to visit the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will likely need to obtain a visa. Verifying with Emirates Visa Online for the most current and recent information is crucial since individual visa conditions and requirements can change. Here are some typical circumstances that could be relevant, though:

  • Variety of Visa Types: The Emirates provides a range of visa options to accommodate different purposes, such as transit visas, business visas, and tourist visas. Depending on the particular visa category you are seeking for, the conditions can change.
  • Sponsorship Requirement: In most cases, securing an Emirates visa necessitates having a sponsor within the Emirates, which can be a family member, friend, or a UAE-based company. Sponsors typically need to furnish specific documents and assume financial responsibilities during your stay.
  • Application Process: To apply for an Emirates visa, including a UAE Dubai visa application in Greece, A completed visa application form and a passport with at least six months left on its validity are often required, proof of sufficient funds, passport-sized photos, proof of travel arrangements like flight tickets, evidence of accommodation in the UAE, and evidence that you have enough money to cover your stay.
  • Security Deposit Consideration: Depending on the type of visa, you might need to leave a refundable security deposit before leaving the UAE. The type of visa you have and your nationality may have an effect on the deposit amount.
  • Duration of Stay: The type of visa issued determines how long you can stay in the UAE. Business visas may have varying validity lengths, while tourist visas normally allow stays of between 30 and 60 days.
  • Extension or Renewal Options: If you want to extend your stay in the Emirates, you might want to think about applying for a visa extension or renewal through the GDRFA of the emirate. Remember that these requests are pending approval and can necessitate fulfilling particular requirements and paying applicable costs.

Best Time To Visit

The best months to visit the UAE are October and February. A light jacket or sweater is required due to the cool climate at this time of year. Schedule your vacation for March or April, when the weather is beautiful, if you wish to go to the beaches. From June through September, hot and muggy conditions are typical; this is also when summer sales at stores are most prevalent, and beach diving is at its height.

Overstaying Fines For Greek Nationals  

The UAE has special fines for Greek citizens who overstay their visas. The UAE's overstay penalties may vary for Greek citizens depending on the visa type and the overstay length. The penalty for overstaying a UAE visa is typically determined daily. The penalty for overstaying a UAE visa is typically determined daily. For the first day of an overstay, the daily fines might be between AED 200 and AED 300, and they can rise with each additional day. 

It's crucial to be aware that staying longer than is permitted can have extra repercussions, including entry prohibitions, restrictions on getting future visas, and possibly even legal problems.


Finally, Greek nationals interested in travelling to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) should know the conditions and possibilities for a UAE Dubai Visa for Greek Passport Holders. Although there are visa-free entry and visa-on-arrival options for brief stays, securing a suitable visa in advance for lengthy stays, employment, or other particular objectives is advised. United Arab Emirates (UAE) offers a selection of visa types, including work, business, and tourist visas. The requirements and application processes for each kind differ, as does the process for applying for an Emirates visa application in Greece. Before making travel arrangements, Greek nationals must remain current on the most recent visa requirements by visiting Emirates Visa Online. Apply for an Emirates visa easily and start your adventure to the UAE.

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Frequently Asked Question - Emirates Visa

  1. Go to Emirates Visa Online
  2. Select your living country and citizenship country
  3. Choose the required visa type
  4. Fill out the application form and upload the documents
  5. Pay the visa fee.

No, your passport should have at least 6 months of validity when applying for an Emirates visa.

Once you submit your visa application, you will receive an acknowledgement message with an application ID. Click on "Emirates Visa Status" in the top right corner of the website and enter your application ID to check the status of your visa.

You will have to pay a fine for every day that you overstay with an Emirates visa.

There isn't any additional services required. These are the following requirements when applying for an Emirates visa:

  1. A scanned copy of your passport bio page
  2. A passport size photo
  3. Hotel or related booking details
  4. Flight booking details.

Greek nationals who want to visit the United Arab Emirates (UAE) can do so using a variety of visas. The various kinds of visas issued by the Emirates include:

  • Tourist Visa: Visitors to the UAE for tourism and recreation, including a UAE Tourist visa for Greek Citizens, are eligible for this visa. It can be extended for 30 days, with a normal validity of 30 days.
  • Visit Visa: The visit visa, including the Dubai visit visa from Greece, is appropriate for people travelling to the UAE to see family or friends. It can be extended for 30 days after its initial 30-day validity period.
  • Transit Visa: If you have a layover in the UAE and plan to stay for a short period (up to 96 hours), you can apply for a transit visa. It allows you to explore the Country during your transit. 
  • Business Visa: This visa is for individuals travelling to the UAE for business-related activities such as meetings, conferences, or negotiations. The validity and duration of the business visa can vary based on the specific purpose and requirements. 
  • Employment Visa: If you have secured a job in the Emirates, your employer can sponsor your employment visa, including a Dubai work visa for Greek Citizens. This type of visa, known as an Emirates job with visa sponsorship for Greece, allows you to live and work in the UAE for the duration specified on the visa. Employment visas are typically valid for a few years and can be renewed by your employer before they expire. The Emirates work visa price in Greece can vary based on the type and duration of the visa; check with Emiratesvisaonline for accurate and up-to-date information. Emiratesvisaonline offers visa services and is a valuable resource for exploring potential Emirates jobs for Greeks.
  • Student Visa: Students accepted into educational institutions in the UAE may submit a student visa application. This visa allows them to live and pursue their education in the UAE.
  • Residence Visa: Residence visas are granted to individuals who plan to reside in the UAE for an extended period, whether for employment, investment, or other purposes. Make wise selections regarding your travels to the UAE by staying informed. These numbers, however, are approximations and are subject to alter in terms of the country.

It's important to note that each type of visa has specific requirements, application procedures, and eligibility criteria.

The Emirates urgent visa for Greek citizens offers a streamlined solution for travellers needing swift visa processing. Designed to cater to unforeseen circumstances and urgent travel plans, the Emirates urgent visa ensures a rapid turnaround time. This service, also called the Emirates emergency visa, provides an efficient way to obtain a visa when time is of the essence. Travelers can apply for this expedited option to address sudden travel needs, such as family emergencies or business obligations. The Emirates urgent visa service is an invaluable resource for those requiring immediate entry into the UAE, providing a seamless and efficient process to accommodate last-minute travel requirements. Whether for personal or professional reasons, the Emirates urgent visa facilitates travel efficiently and conveniently, ensuring that travellers can swiftly embark on their journey.

For Greek citizens applying for an Emirates visa through Emiratesvisaonline, generally required documents include a scanned copy of the passport's bio page, a passport-sized photo with a white background, a confirmed flight itinerary, proof of accommodation (such as a hotel reservation), evidence of financial means (like bank statements), and a completed visa application form.

The cost of a flight ticket from Greece to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), including Dubai, can vary widely based on several factors, such as the time of booking, the airline you choose, the class of travel, the time of year, and availability.

A rough estimate for a round-trip flight ticket from Athens International Airport in Greece to Dubai International Airport in the UAE could start from around €300 to €1,200 or more for economy class tickets.

A non-stop flight from Athens International Airport in Greece to Dubai International Airport in the UAE could have a flight duration of approximately 4 to 5 hours.

However, many flights between Greece and the UAE may involve one or more layovers, which can significantly extend the travel time. Layover durations can vary, and the total travel time can range from around 7 to 15 hours or more, depending on the layover locations and the airline you choose.

Yes, Greek citizens need a visa to Dubai.

Overstaying an Emirates e-visa as a Greek citizens results in accruing daily fines, potential deportation, and legal consequences. It's crucial to adhere to visa validity to avoid these penalties. If facing such a situation, contact authorities or your consulate promptly.

It can vary based on the terms and conditions of the specific service provider. Generally, once a visa application is approved and processed, the visa processing fees are non-refundable, even if you change your mind or your travel plans change.

An online e-visa for Emirates is generally intended for short-term visits such as tourism or business meetings. It might not grant the right to work in the Emirates. If a Greek citizen intends to work in the Emirates, they typically need a proper employment visa, which an employer in Dubai sponsors. If you apply with our website, then your sponsor will be Emiratesevisaonline.


  • We have a 100% Visa Approval Ratio which is the highest rate across all the travel agencies, making us more reliable.
  • We process all the visa applications within just 24-48 working hours and hence providing a speedy visa service.
  • We also work on holidays, that is, on Fridays and Saturdays whereas most of the travel agencies do not provide support on the weekend.
  • An email notification regarding each and every step of the process that your visa is going through will be sent over to you via email.
  • If you apply with us then you need not have any other sponsor. We stand as your sponsor and you will get your visa without having to go through any hassle.
  • We dont need your hotel booking reservation for visa processing. Once your visa gets approved then you can book and share the information with us.
  • No need for both sided confirm flight ticket in order to book your visa. You can book your flight once your visa gets approved and the same can be shared with us.
  • An overall easy and comfortable process.